The website is from the web studio VS are on the constructor VS are freelancing

Make a landing page with your own hands on the designer, or order on a freelance basis, or contact the studio: what should I do?

Any project starts with setting a goal. Any project should have a planned budget. Often this data is enough to select a developer. If the project budget is less than $1000, then it is hardly worth looking for a website from a web studio. Similarly, if we are talking about the development of an online store with advanced functionality, then it hardly makes sense to look for a landing page designer.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the pros and cons of creating a website on several popular designers, compare this method with finding performers for a project on freelance exchanges and with ordering in a web studio.

Briefly about 3 ways to create a landing page

Create a landing page on the constructor yourself

The landing page designer, websites (and stores too) is a service that allows the user to “assemble” a web resource without knowledge of design and code, as the advertising of the best landing designers promises to everyone.

We will not make a rating of landing page designers, we are interested in more practical questions.

Is it possible to upload your design or will you have to use templates, is it possible to upload a website and upload it to your hosting, is it possible to connect payment systems, etc. A separate constructor has its own capabilities, which we will discuss in detail below.

Freelance, landing pages: is it possible to find an intelligent developer?

Going to the freelance exchange for a landing page, a store and any other web resource involves the following:

  • The customer goes to the freelance exchange
  • Finds performers for individual stages of his project
  • And de facto acts as a project manager

We will make a small review of freelance exchanges, highlight the criteria for selecting performers, and talk about customer-performer communication.

Website from the web studio

The customer finds a web studio, gives the project and waits for the results.

Today, many entrepreneurs associate this approach with the strategy of “we apply when we don’t feel sorry for money.” Let’s stop at this mistake and look in detail at what exactly the landing page of the web studio is better than the product of designers and freelancers.

Website on the designer VS freelance VS from the web studio

To compare, let’s look at each method in more detail.

3 examples of designers where you can create a landing page for free

(Or paid… Depends on the project goals)

For obvious reasons, which we will not name in order not to offend anyone, the demand for an online landing page designer is now quite large. And there is a lot to choose from now. It is difficult to find a modern marketer who does not know the phrase “competitive advantage”, respectively, even the designers of single-screen landing pages have different functionality. For convenience, we will take only 3 illustrative examples, on which we will get acquainted with the creation of websites with our own hands closer.


“The best landing page designer” — this opinion can be found in almost every TOP 10 landing page designers. What is there here that no one else has?

The first thing I want to mention is the blog. And everything in it is made according to the latest content marketing: useful, readable. There is an opportunity to watch training videos. You can get into the help and find answers to questions about the meaning of being about functionality. Roughly speaking, it’s really possible to make a business card website, blog, landing page on a Tilde, even if you are a cat…

There are three tariffs to choose from. The first one is as free as it is useless for business tasks. But, for example, if you are tired of the moqups interface, then you can make prototypes on the Tilde. The second, “Personal”, where you can link the domain, and more opportunities are given in working with templates. The third, “Business”, which turns Tilda into a landing page constructor with the ability to download a website. This tariff opens all doors. There is even an integration plugin with WordPress.

The site is made immediately adaptive for all devices. The work is done relatively quickly. Counters and metrics are added without any problems, easy integration with many services, and even your html code can be integrated.


The main purpose is to create landing pages. But there is also an opportunity to rivet a one-page store.

The main difference from the previous example is that LPgenerator positions itself as a lead generation system. And there really is an abundance of tools for mining and processing contacts of potential customers:

  • Connecting email and SMS marketing systems
  • Connecting telephony
  • CRM system
  • Many, many functions for working with leads…

But our task is to get these leads, which is why we need a cool landing page. What do they offer us for this?

And here we see little difference from Tilda. Except that the code cannot be unloaded.

The essence is simple: we are given the opportunity to create sections on an empty page and fill them with content. Title, picture, video, form, text of various formats, payment acceptance, etc. You can fill the section with all this good. (This is how almost every website builder and landing page works)

There are a large number of templates, you can make your own, you can upload your design in different formats.

For the nth number of shekels, the support team is ready to develop a unique element for the page for us.

Flexbe: website and landing page builder

All the same sections that we can fill with content. Templates and design options differ. This example is a simple landing page constructor, not oversaturated with functionality.

In general, this example is the simplest solution for creating a landing page, which can then be transferred to your hosting.

There is no blog here, but there are instructions, the interface is not overloaded with a lot of elements, intuitively, everything can be quickly understood.

It is possible to add your own code with the desired widget. You can integrate the site with CRM systems.

This concludes our TOP landing page designers and summarizes the results.

Landing page constructor online: who is it for?

When there are few budgets, but the project needs to be done

Admittedly, not many businesses will say that they did not have such a situation. Indeed, you can create a landing page on the constructor with a budget of 30-50 dollars. Yes, for this you will have to act as a designer, invest a lot of time. Well, not exactly a professional site works better than none.

When there is no high quality bar, and there is enough free time

In this case, it makes sense to find the best landing page designer, to understand the copywriting, design and functionality of the platform by creating a landing page yourself, from scratch, almost for free. And use the free budget, for example, to advertise a landing page.

Niche Test

We will focus on this point below, but it’s no secret that ordering the development of a website in a studio or on a freelance basis will take more time than developing on a designer. For a quick test of the UTP, in this our review of landing page designers to help, you can use one of the platforms above.

When there is a loyal base

For an illustrative example, let’s take infobusiness. Let’s say there is a customer base that regularly receives useful content, participates in free and paid events. If the audience is not spoiled by beautiful and correct landing pages, then roughly speaking, it is not so important to her how to buy, the product itself is more important to her. In this case, make a choice of the landing page designer and get to know him better.

When the emergency

  • Programmer or designer got sick, threw, disappeared
  • Deadlines are not planned and it is urgent to make a website
  • Hosting dropped
  • etc.

“Come on, all of them, I’ll make a landing page on the constructor!” — this may be the right decision. A lifesaver when you urgently need a simple website.

Free landing page constructor

Suitable only for prototyping. Make a landing page for free — let go of this thought if you are not a layout designer, copywriter, marketer, project and designer in one person 😉

The constructor for creating a landing page: the disadvantages that you will 100% encounter

  • You won’t make the website you want. There is a similar, digestible option, but not the one you imagined.
  • In most cases, you will not be able to make the site that you really need. The right option is to develop a project promotion strategy and develop tools for it. In the case of constructors, you will have to choose from the available tools and the rule from the previous paragraph works here.
  • You will have to invest your personal time. Yes, you will be promised that you will do everything in 10 minutes, but this is not so… You will also have to spend time and find which landing page constructor is better, which one is more convenient for you to work with.
  • You will not escape the template. Even when creating your own template on the constructor, it will still remain a template. Perhaps earlier, when users were not as spoiled by landing pages as they are now, this would not have been a minus. But today, when you go to any site from the constructor, you will think: “I have already seen this element somewhere.” It always looks cheap.
  • It will not be possible to make special forms with unique functionality and design. We’ll have to choose from the standard ones. You can order your form from the service itself, but it only sounds simple by ear, in fact it is a long and nervous process.
  • You are highly dependent on the platform on which you make the site. Even completely depend on it.
  • Although designers offer tools for SEO promotion, this process will take much longer and more difficult than in the case of a website from a freelancer or in a studio.
  • If you want to get a large amount of data from end-to-end site analytics, you will either have to dance with a “tambourine”, or be content with the data provided by the platform.

Landing page. Freelance

Let’s say a customer wants to create a freelance landing page. This method assumes that the customer finds:

  • A copywriter who writes the text for the landing page and develops the structure
  • A designer who competently and beautifully turns a prototype into a website layout
  • A layout designer and a programmer (often the same person) who makes a full-fledged Internet resource out of a layout
  • Performer(lei) to promote the landing page. In this article we will not write about them, we will focus on development.

Freelance Exchanges

There are many of them and each has its own specifics. Exchange of illustrators (illustrators), copywriters (Advego, Etxt, ), etc.

The largest and most popular freelance exchanges where you can find a performer for a variety of projects: , — if you want to order a landing page in a Ukrainian web studio or from a freelancer.

In general, it is clear that a freelancer can be found many places. Our questions: how to choose a performer, how much will it cost, the timing of the entire project and how will it be better than a site on the same constructor?

How to choose a freelancer to develop a landing page?

Let there be a lot of freelance exchanges, there are only a few ways to find a performer. And often they are all present on every exchange.

Publication of the project. Describe the task, expect feedback, communicate with candidates. As a rule, it’s free.

Arrange a contest. Describe the task, list the prize fund to the exchange, expect the work done, choose the best one. A faster and easier way, but less popular, because there will be fewer performers and you will have to make a very detailed TOR.

Vacancy. It’s not free. And it’s not suitable for our topic. But this feature is available on almost all exchanges. Go ahead if you are looking for a performer for a long-term project.

Select a freelancer from the list and start a conversation. Each exchange has a search bar, where we enter: “Landing page design”, “Site layout”, etc. The obvious way is working, but we will focus on the most popular one, the first one.

We choose from those who responded to the project

You have published a project, received feedback, how do I choose an artist now? Let’s look at the steps.

Response text. If you have written a TK for more than 3 words, then in the text of the performer’s response you can see how carefully your TK has been read. Now there is an auto-response function on the exchanges, the template text is visible from the first sentence. I think you understand that you should not choose from those who have the same answer to all projects. But if a freelancer has strongly positioned you with autotext, write him something, then he will at least look at the TK.

Portfolio. Choosing a copywriter or a portfolio designer is the right decision. Ignore questionnaires without work examples! It’s more difficult with a programmer, but there are also reviews.

Reviews. Ignoring performers with a couple of negative reviews is not the best solution, because not all customers shine with adequacy. But if there are more than a couple percent negative reviews, it’s worth thinking about.

Compare examples of the performer’s work and reviews about him with your tasks, often this is enough.

Determine the budget and deadlines, come up with a bonus for meeting deadlines and a penalty for their failure. With this approach, everything should work out well.


A serious freelance exchange has such a function as a “Secure Transaction”. It is called differently everywhere, the essence is the same: the exchange acts as the guarantor of the financial security of the transaction. You reserve the project budget, the contractor gets to work, sends you the result, makes edits, when the work is accepted, receives payment.

It is more expensive, because you will have to pay% to the exchange.

If you work with a freelancer who has an impeccable account, your guarantees are reviews. All freelancers value feedback and make sure that they are left with only positive recommendations.

Cons that you will 100% encounter

  • To order a freelance website so that everything goes without a hitch, without a hitch is a rare case. This is working with people, and with different people. It is extremely difficult to guess the time when each freelancer will have the opportunity to work on your project without interruptions. And those freelancers who know how to work like this, know their worth and are not inferior to a web studio in terms of budgets. Only when working with a web studio, you will spend 100% much less personal time.
  • You will have to act as a project manager, and this is a separate job. It will take more time than in the case of the constructor.
  • The copywriter (or you) does not always develop the structure of the site in the way a designer can implement it. Similarly, the designer will not always make the layout that the programmer makes. Everyone learns from different teachers, and teachers teach in different ways.
  • TK, which needs to be compiled very competently, which requires experience. What you request, you will receive. Roughly speaking, a freelancer is your hands. You will have to do all the work with your head.
  • Freelance website development will cost you more than a designer. If you buy a designer for a year, then it is 5-10 times more expensive. If you buy for a month — every 10-15. And you need to be a very experienced webmaster to make this site 10-15 times more effective than the site on the constructor.
  • The main disadvantage is finding a good freelancer, no matter how banal it sounds. All you need is for the contractor to meet deadlines, be able to do his job so that it is convenient to cooperate with him. These are very difficult to find. If you find “your” freelancer, it will not happen from the first ten projects. Therefore, it is important to immediately consider the situation when the project will be completed after 3-4 rounds of edits, and the deadlines will be stretched at least twice.

Ordering a freelance website is it for whom?

Most of the clients on freelance exchanges are web studios. These guys don’t make “customer mistakes” on freelancing. They have no conscience, there is a clear TOR, specific criteria for the selection of performers.

The second caste of customers are middle managers who face a task for which they need to find a performer and achieve results.

Still others are small businesses. When, overwhelmed with cases, the director got used to doing everything himself, including ordering freelance sites. That’s why he makes the most mistakes.

Landing page. Web Studio

This method assumes that all the work of the project manager from the previous method will be done for you. In addition, there are other advantages, which we will discuss below.

Immediately assume that we will consider the correct operation of the web studio. Now you are in the blog of KRAB Marketing Agency and as you may have guessed, let’s take our web studio as an example.

So how is a landing page from a web studio better than a website on a constructor or from freelancing?

What do you know about your market?

We have no doubt that a lot of things. Perhaps you are even one of those 5% of businessmen who assemble focus groups, conduct surveys and know everything about their audience, even what kind of coffee they prefer in the morning. As our experience shows, the remaining 95% of businesses know that their client is from 20 to 50 years old, and 5-7 well-known companies can be named from competitors. In general, an entrepreneur whose business is going well is quite aware of his audience and competitors, but he does not know 100% everything.

When working with a competent web studio, you will be asked to fill out a brief. The brief can contain up to 100 questions. This is necessary in order for your future Internet marketing contractor to come up with a really cool and effective strategy for promoting the project; already knowing what tools he will use. (Context, social networks, viral advertising, bots, YouTube, affiliate program, email marketing…)

In addition to the brief, we conduct our own market analysis. Based on our experience in promoting online projects, we find the pros and cons of competitors, conduct a large-scale audience analysis.

When working with a web studio, your marketing experience is complemented by the experience of web studio marketers who have launched more than a dozen projects. And literally every element, every pixel of the future page depends on it.

This is what distinguishes the quality of the landing page of a web studio from the product of a designer or freelancers. After all, individual freelancers, as a rule, have no experience of complex project launch. And you, as a customer, do not have the experience of launching a large number of projects from different business niches.

Cross quality system

A competent web studio has its own team. This means that the prototype of the site will not differ much from its layout drawn by the designer, and the programmer will make the landing exactly as it was in the layout.

But the most important point here is that each stage of the project is shown to the entire working group: the project, the designer, the layout designer, the copywriter. If the copywriter missed something, the designer will notice it, etc. Thus, the probability of errors and shortcomings is minimized, and time is saved.

Landing Page Development: an integrated approach

By collaborating with a web studio, as a result, you get a ready-made tool for making money. It is also important that the quality of this tool will be higher than that of a product from a designer or freelancer. Due to the fact that the resource is developed immediately for the way it is advertised. For example, if we know that the main traffic will come from Google AdWords, then we develop the landing page immediately taking into account all the requirements of this advertising channel. At the same time, we do not neglect other components of the page that are necessary for the same targeted advertising in social networks.

Turnkey landing as a result of communication with one person

Oh, what a workout it can be for your nerves when you communicate first with one contractor, then with the second, etc. Everyone needs to chew everything, everyone needs to write TK. Then they will start offering something else, making some edits that are often not needed.…

And in the end, you will inevitably encounter the fact that the layout designer will accuse the designer that the layouts are drawn crookedly. The second one will argue that the layout designer’s hands do not grow from there. And the copywriter in general came up with a structure that cannot be implemented. And then you think: “Maybe it’s not them, but me?”

Cooperating with a web studio for the development of landing pages, you communicate with one representative. All responsibility is on one person. And it saves you a lot of nerves.

You will be offered something that freelancers will not offer

Often a client comes to us with a request for landing and promotion, and leaves with a sales funnel, a chain of letters \ messages or even an online store.

And this is not because he is being “sold”. It’s just that in his case, these tools work much better.

If the web studio sees that a multi-page site is better suited for your project than a landing page, then you will be offered this option. You will be convinced that it will really be better. The difference is that the web studio will have a strategy for promoting the project, freelancers will not have it, the designer definitely does not have it.

A freelancer will not suggest that you change the main vector of the project. He may simply not see it or may be afraid of losing a client.

The right web studio for landing page development: how to find it?

One point is hardly enough for us to answer this question. Therefore, we made a separate article: “How to choose the right contractor for Internet marketing.”

Go to the article

There we analyze in detail how to choose a good performer by the eyes of the criteria for selecting performers for online projects.

Cons landing page from web studio

He is alone, but we will look at him in detail. This is the price. And it is 2 times higher than the price of a freelance landing page.

For example, we. Our average check for Landing Page development is $1000. We work in the segment of the average price on the market.

But how much will you pay on freelancing, achieving the same quality of the landing page?

You prepare a prototype in a superlative degree with a copywriter, you do the same with a designer and a programmer. Any self-respecting freelancer will request an additional budget for more than 2-3 edits. As a result, the deadlines will stretch, and the budget may rise to 800-900 dollars, instead of the standard 400-500.

The website from the web studio is for whom

For those who are used to counting their money and investing wisely. Agree, it would be a shame to invest a considerable budget in a project in which you do not 100% understand all the mechanisms.

For competitive niches. The priority of the web studio is a good case. The web studio she works for is to create a project that will be better than those that are already on the market. To do this, the market must be competitive.

When working with a competent web studio, you will be asked to fill out a brief. The brief can contain up to 100 questions. This is necessary in order for your future Internet marketing contractor to come up with a really cool and effective strategy for promoting the project; already knowing what tools he will use. ((Context, social networks, virtual advertising, bots, YouTube, affiliate program, email marketing…)

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