How is Pinterest useful for business?

“Mommy Forum”, this is how this resource was born. Today there is an opportunity to create a page for business, which is what the developers are calling for with different slogans a la: “Create a brand! Boost sales. speed up traffic”, etc. Basically, the rule here is held by graphics, which users can share, repost on Twitter and Facebook. How can Pinterest be useful for business? Museums, travel agencies, businesses related to needlework, fashion, cooking and the like can play a profitable role here.

Pinterest is like a white refrigerator on which we hang magnets from a new journey. Looking at them, memories come to us and we come back again. Using Pinterest, we can also paste a “magnet” in the form of a visualization made, and the incoming guest will consider it and be interested.

Promotion in Pinterest can be based on the creation of groups on topics and the publication of images in them. Users will comment and mark the material as liked and go to the sites of the sources of these images.

Let’s look at what benefits you can get using Pinterest for business:

  1. Traffic. The network is large (more than 25 million unique visits per month)
  2. It is possible to insert a pin button on your website (analogous to a Pinterest repost) and each click on the button will contain a backlink. It is useful to attract traffic, SEO has almost no effect
  3. There is an opportunity to reach the target audience through thematic pins or boards
  4. You can increase the audience, “virus”; pins by sending them by email and making a repost to another social network.

As you can see, using pinterest promotion to attract new customers and develop our own business, we can achieve high results. However, it is necessary to know how to properly use this social network to achieve maximum effect.

  • Do not spam and fill up your subscribers with 40-50 images, uploading them immediately in a crowd
  • , name new pins, giving the opportunity to help subscribers start a dialogue, ask questions
  • Do not be lazy to like the images of your subscribers, they will be pleased, they can also reciprocate
  • In order for your images to appear in the internal search, be sure to use #hashtags.

Use only high-quality images in the post, otherwise they will only repel subscribers.

There are prospects in using Pinterest for business. Using our recommendations, you have a good opportunity to declare yourself in the right place, to the right people

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