Digital marketing agency, dedicated to maximizing sales

We are an agency specialized in Digital Marketing, in constant growth and innovation. Our main objective is to promote the image of your company on the internet, through different online strategies that we carry out after exhaustive analysis of your brand and the target of your potential customers.

We design, create, and elaborate your web pages. We manage and grow your social networks. We maximize your digital image.

Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency
Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency
Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency
Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency
Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency
Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency
Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency

360º services at KRAB Marketing Agency

As an Digital marketing and web development agency, we conceptualize and develop design and strategy to offer our clients the best services.

Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency

Web development and design

We are a digital marketing agency, we develop, design, plan sites and online platforms, we also use the latest technologies and market trends.

Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing

We are passionate about digital marketing. We conduct SEO positioning campaigns, search engine advertising (contextual advertising) and social media advertising (SMM). In addition, we create and manage effective social media marketing campaigns and promotional email newsletters.


There is always a place for smart digital solutions in business.

You just need to know how to implement them correctly.

We are doing exactly that very successfully. Both with small and large companies. In ten years, we learned to always put quality as a top priority in relations with our clients.

This is our peculiarity and we are not going to change it.

KRAB Marketing Agency is


Crabs tend to be fast-moving guys. One of the key principles of our agency is holding to deadlines. We carefully plan everything and divide the work into stages aligned with strict deadlines. We place a lot of care in making sure your project is on time.

360° VIEW

The crab’s main advantage is its ability to see full 360°. You can’t hide anything from us. If you think you don’t have any unique advantages – we’ll find them, pack them up nicely, and broadcast them to the whole market. This allows us to be forward-thinking during advertising campaign planning and to be able to implement modern digital marketing trends.


Unlike other crustaceans, the crab never turns its back. Moving sideways at worst, always trying to face challenges head-on, while never turning back. That way we always find the best solutions. Our solutions sometimes seem non-standard, but rest assured that giving up or resolving just a part of the equation is not what we do.


Crab’s main weapon. Capturing your target audience is the main goal of all the solutions and tools we create. No one will be left indifferent to your project, whether it is web product development, customer flow customization, or building internet sales from scratch.


Just like the crab we can pivot fast. We have the flexibility to successfully meet any challenges by adapting to the customer’s needs.

 KRAB Marketing Agency