If you want to sell online
If you want to make a cool site
Or maybe a cool sales funnel?
Or, killer email marketing?
And what about lead generation?
If you don't, what is it about?
If you need-need-need-elooo
If you are fond of Pavel Zibrov
If you are a marketer from God
Even if you support Shakhtar
If you are still reading these messages
If you are suffering from disorders
If I did not have you...
If a friend was suddenly
If you love pizza
If you are our secret admirer
If you run marathons
If you're waiting for it to end
If you are an opera singer
If you turn into a flower in a field
If you don't have an aunt
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Kyiv, Ukraine
We are located in Kyiv
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Tell us what you can do and love
to do more than anything.
Perhaps this is just what we need.
We are always glad to see new talents.