3 free ways to track calls to the site

There is a part of the audience that does not like to leave a request and wait for a call, does not like to write to an email or messenger, but prefers to take the phone and dial a number. Today it is difficult to imagine a landing page without a mobile phone number. Undoubtedly, there are and will be such landing pages, but a more or less serious project is unlikely to indulge in such an approach. The natural question is: “How to track calls to the site?”

We can put utm tags, we can make a “show number” button, we can set a goal on it and watch conversions. We can watch the session replay. But the button is +1 to the user’s action on the site, respectively, it is more difficult and the conversion will be less, and webvisor is a very long way. So what should we do?

We have prepared three free methods that we use ourselves and which we consider to be the simplest and most working for an entrepreneur.

Where did you find us?

The simplest tracking of calls from advertising: to impose on the operator the obligation to specify exactly how the client chooses the company. It’s free, but there are a number of disadvantages:

  • The operator may forget to ask the client a question
  • The operator may incorrectly record and then give out false data (not because he is a bad person, but because this is a normal human factor, the main task of the operator is not to specify how the client found you, but to sell the product to the client)
  • The client may not answer (“Oh, I don’t remember” or may just not say)
  • The client can give a general answer (“I saw it on YouTube”. And you have 3 campaigns running on YouTube, for example)

But, if you don’t want to bother, but want to get an approximate report on advertising channels, then the method is suitable.

Say: “Cheeese” — and now the bird will fly out

The way to track calls to the site is not for every niche, but it may suit many. For implementation, you need to have:

  • Various promotions
  • Separate landing pages for these promotions

For example, we have launched a campaign on Facebook, Google Adwords and a video campaign on YouTube. For example, we sell jeans.

Then in the first advertising source we say: “Order jeans, get a belt as a gift.” In the second: “Order jeans, get a T-shirt as a gift.” In the third: “Order a T-shirt and belt, get jeans as a gift.”

How much money was spent on each source and how many orders did each source bring?

This method has many modifications. For example, a promo code: “Say the code word, get 10% discount” — we come up with different promo codes for different sources.

Different phone numbers

Similarly to the second method, we take different phone numbers for different landing pages.

And you don’t need to give any discounts 😉

And it will suit any niche.

If you work with an advanced audience and it is fundamentally important to you that the domain has the form domain.ru, and not the domain.com\lp1, etc. then you can configure the substitution of numbers on the page using various scripts.

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