How one site audit saved the client $20,000

Show me your website and I’ll tell you how much money you’re under-earning

Half a year ago, an entrepreneur approached me (unfortunately, he asked not to be named).

He came on the recommendation of one of our regular customers.

So, the request was like this: there is an operating business providing legal services, there is a website, there is some kind of advertising, but there is no desired flow of customers. The context is set up, we invest in SEO, somehow we are present in the social network. networks … but there is no system, the results are not measured, everything happens “blindly”.

— Egor, I’m tired of running around and useless movements. I have a working website and have about $20,000 of the advertising budget that I want to invest in advertising so that everything finally works.

It would seem that everything is clear, nothing special.

But the situation is quite typical.

Very often, companies look for the root of their problem in advertising campaigns.

Yes, almost always, there are mistakes or failures in these campaigns. It is also true that if we set it up “as it should”, then the result will be better.

But the real problem is often found where it is not sought.

Namely, in the site on which traffic is pouring. 💩

That’s because visually and functionally everything can be fine there. The information is displayed correctly, the functionality is working properly, the design is cute, etc.

But this is only at first glance.


  1. Semantic
  2. Visual
  3. Technical
  4. Conversion
  5. Analytical

So when they tell me: “yes, I have a great website”, in 90% of cases it is only about the visual layer.

Yes, beautiful design, nice design, high—quality photos and videos – it’s cool.

But… This is only 1/5 of success

If you want your site to bring maximum effect, you need to tighten all five points.

Semantic layer

Transmits the main message to the consumer. What are the most attractive features of your business, what are the advantages, differences, unique offers, what are you most strong in. In other words, why does the customer need to buy from you?

This is one of the most important aspects that needs to be carefully worked out. Conduct analytics of your business, competitors, target audience and on this basis create a brand platform that your website will broadcast.

Conversion layer

Increases the percentage of applications and sales left. These are the main chips, tricks and magnets that are aimed at getting as many people as possible to leave their contacts, or perform a targeted action right now. This also includes headlines, triggers, offers, promotions, etc.

Technical layer

This is when everything works like clockwork on your website. It is displayed correctly on all devices and browsers, there are no errors, pages are adapted to all resolutions and load quickly, pictures and all elements are optimized, and Google Search Console has no complaints about you.

Analytical layer

These are your online eyes in interaction with the client.

With their help, you will be able to track all the actions and behavioral factors of the visitor, evaluate the effectiveness of each advertisement, set up personalized advertising … in short, it’s like on-board computers on an airplane. Theoretically, you can take off without them… But damn… This is awesome!

So, before you start traffic to your site, you need to be sure that you have complete order on all five points. Otherwise, every provtyk is another hole in your funnel. The more such holes there are, the more the process of attracting new customers will be like scooping water with a colander.

In other words, the more of your money you will drain.

Therefore, for the last few years we have refused to customize the context, or any other advertising, if the client does not agree to make the necessary edits to his site.


Technical, marketing, search engine, structural, competitive, conversion, usability analysis, etc.

There is also a comprehensive one that includes all of the above.

Which one you need depends on your tasks and budgets.

If you plan to build system marketing, and your monthly advertising budget starts from $ 2,000. in a month, my advice is not to be stingy, take a comprehensive one. It is better to analyze all your business processes and tools as thoroughly as possible. Believe me — it will pay off in the first month.

If you are not ready to allocate such a budget for marketing yet, this does not mean that you do not need to order a comprehensive audit. It will be useful to everyone! Just look at your priorities. If, for example, you plan to invest in SEO, then you definitely need a technical and search engine.

Even if you have modest budgets, or you are just testing your product, you cannot act “blindly”.

Find a professional. Have him do an express audit for you. It will cost you $100. But it will point out the obvious problems and weaknesses of your site. By eliminating them, you won’t mindlessly drain your budgets.

— By the way, what about the client who wanted to invest 20k in advertising?

— He lived happily ever after because he listened to us 👑

But seriously, during the audit, we really found a lot of gross errors, primarily semantic and conversion.

We worked out all 5 levels in detail and only after that we started building a marketing funnel.

The most difficult thing at this stage is to convince the entrepreneur that out of the amount announced, he needs to give half to us to correct mistakes, and not invest in advertising.

But after three months of work, we brought clients in the amount of $ 60,000. gross profit, with an investment in advertising of 18,000 and thus showed a ROMI of 114%

We continue to work and there are all prerequisites to increase the indicators in the next quarter.


  1. Do not fly ahead of the locomotive. Stop draining budgets and saying that context is no longer a cake.
  2. Show your website and your advertising cabinets to professionals, independent experts. Let them give their opinion and recommendations.
  3. Implement them. And you will notice a tangible, and most importantly, a pleasant difference in the result.

Go ahead!

 KRAB Marketing Agency