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Competitor analysis. What to pay attention to and what tools to use

The analysis of competitors’ websites on the shop floor is important information that plays a crucial role in building an advertising campaign. The information received has a serious impact on all subsequent steps.

Based on the experience of your business colleagues, you can clearly see which practical actions at the moment lead to success and which do not.

There are quite a lot of methods that allow you to analyze other people’s sites. In addition, the vast majority of them are completely free. Some of them will be discussed in the article.

Resource traffic analysis

One of the most important criteria to take into account is attendance. To find out the number of visitors to the site you are interested in, you just need to use the Chrome plugin and a few mouse clicks to get all the necessary statistics about users who have visited this page.

You can use the resource . Its advantage is that it is possible to analyze other people’s sites of very different orientation and popularity, even those that do not have a high level of attendance. But it should be borne in mind that this information is very approximate. And as a result, the figures are inflated, sometimes even twice.

After looking at and comparing the data of your main competitors, it is worth highlighting those with the highest traffic. Next, you need to try to find out the reasons that led to such an increase.

Search for pages with the most traffic

As a rule, the pages with the highest traffic are filled with high-quality content. Analyzing the pages of competitors, you need to highlight the topics of posts with the most popularity and use them on your site.

Looking through the resources, you can see that quite a lot of texts are of low quality. And often most of the traffic is actually carried out by 10% to 20% of all pages.

When creating a strategy and your own content plan, you should focus on 50% high-quality content. Thus, half of the content of your site should be of a very high level, informative, interesting and useful.

A well-proven competitor will help you perform an analysis of competitors . There is a free option, it is quite enough to make a competent list of topics for starting an advertising campaign.

Then, as necessary, it is good to use the paid option, which presents wider opportunities.

Analysis of text indicators

Special analyzers are used to identify patterns among high-quality content on a variety of Internet pages. They provide information on the main parameters of the text under consideration. If, for example, you use a service such as (very convenient and completely free), you can determine its quality level without even reading the article.

A couple of moments after entering the text, you will see a complete analysis of the following parameters:

  • The number of characters written with and without spaces.
  • The number and list of words used in the article most often.
  • Water content is the percentage of the content of parasitic words or words that significantly dilute the specifics of the text.
  • Nausea is the percentage of repetitions of words defining the topic, as well as any other, including prepositions.

There are other options and parameters that text analysis services offer. For example, checking for the uniqueness of the post. Articles copied from other sources are not just considered plagiarism, but also significantly worsen the indicators of trust in the site of search engines and users, including.

Direction of movement, transitions

Using referral transitions, you can attract an additional audience to the existing traffic. For commercial projects, this is an increase in the number of leads and sales. For content users, it is a good way to interest and attract a new audience.

A service like Similarweb allows you to see where the links are coming from. The free version of this service identifies the top five resources from which there are transitions. This analysis of other people’s sites allows you to accumulate enough information to attract external sites and increase traffic.

The Social tab allows you to give an idea of which social networks generate the most traffic due to transitions.

Content marketing, unlike the usual sales of the link mass, has long been not only more effective, but also more reliable in terms of the trust of search engines. Special services will help you find and analyze really productive sites for placing links. The cost of services can vary from $ 50 and above, but the result is worth it.

Competitor analysis using the service it will help to collect a database of the best donors for reference construction. High-quality donors are especially important for large business projects, where not the slightest detail should be missed, which contributes to promotion to the Top.

What exactly attracts users in social networks

Advertising on social networks can bring an overwhelming number of potential buyers to the site. A variety of approaches are used for this, including viral ones.

An up-to-date and informative post that takes into account the interests of the target audience, catches the user, causes a desire to share.

Using the service you can find and analyze the most shared pages, as well as the most frequent queries and topics of interest by keywords. Even using a free account, you can get a list of the most popular pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and just any site.

Summing up, it is worth noting that the analysis of competitors not only helps to understand the further strategy of promoting your own resource, but also to do it with minimal costs. The existing experience of business colleagues will help to reduce the time to search for a competent approach in advertising.

The overwhelming number of services can be used for free, or for a limited time. This is especially important at the beginning, when the business is just starting to develop. In the future, you can switch to paid accounts and use even more tools. They will not lose their relevance, even if you are already in the Top. After all, in order to stay afloat, you need to be especially attentive to all the details related to the promotion of your site.

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