Trends in advertising for the near future

Technologies are constantly developing, trends in advertising are trying their best to keep up. Having dropped out of Internet marketing for a year, advertisers return with their jaws hanging open from what functions appeared in seemingly familiar advertising cabinets (the real story).

Today we will not talk about specific functions and ways of advertising a product online/offline, but will focus on ideas that will work in advertising campaigns in the coming years.

To begin with, we will consider 3 trends in global advertising that are characteristic of any format of product promotion to the masses. And at the end of the article we will touch on a topic closer to us — trends in the development of online advertising.

Video content

I think all observant entrepreneurs have already mentally put the word “video” in a row with the words “trends, advertising”. Why is that? Why is video so dominant?

There is a simple underlying reason — trust. We humans have been learning for centuries to recognize body language, gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice. And video content gives us the opportunity to show our skills. The text is limited in that it conveys only one meaning. This text can be misinterpreted. Surprisingly, even the simplest and seemingly understandable text can be misinterpreted. And this trait is characteristic of all business niches. The reader’s inattention and his inner beliefs play a role here, literally: I read one thing, but I keep something completely different in my thoughts, and how do I know what will win in the end? Due to the conversion of text into video, this problem is not completely solved, but few people will argue with the fact that the video sells much better than the text of the year.

The second reason why the video sells better. Let’s think: what type of communication is most convenient for the seller to conclude a deal? Personal communication with the client, exactly! What type of communication with the audience via the Internet is closest to personal communication? Live broadcast, webinar. A webinar is like a video, only live. Therefore, the second closest format of communication between the seller and the buyer (after the live broadcast) this is a video. This is followed by telephone conversations, messages to messengers, letters, posts…

Video content sets trends in advertising, it gives the seller the opportunity to interest the buyer in the first 3-5 seconds of communication and is guaranteed to remain in trend in the coming years.

Useful information

And do you remember the times when you open 5 sites from the search results, and there they offer to give utility for subscribing to the newsletter? Now it still works in the CIS, but the trends in the development of the advertising market are merciless and this way of creating a database of contacts will soon become obsolete. Why?

It’s no secret that analyzing the Western market, we can find out what awaits us in the near future.
Trends in advertising that are currently working in the West, which are gradually beginning to manifest themselves in the post-Soviet space:

  • Identify the needs of the target audience
  • Create useful content that meets the needs of the target audience
  • Advertise not a brand, but useful content for the target audience with accurate brand advertising

Since we are talking about trends, let’s take a vape shop for example. Taking into account the latest trends in advertising, we get that it makes sense, in addition to the main requests (“buy a vape”, “buy a liquid for a vape”), to process the request: “How to change the vaporizer on a vape?” We give the audience useful content, to solve the problem we use our product, advertise content.


  • The audience is bigger
  • There are not so many competitors yet
  • Advertising is cheaper
  • Advertising is faster


Already today we can say that the buyer buys mainly via the Internet. Before making a purchase in the store, the buyer will try to collect as much information as possible about the product and the store itself on the Internet.

This means that we, entrepreneurs, are under the gun. There are reviews about our products. If our brand is Googled, these reviews will be found. And if most of the reviews are negative… Well, you understand.

Trends in the global advertising market for honesty. Now brands can’t make empty promises, because it will immediately pop up.

It’s even worse in Runet, because people here are used to not believing advertising. Perhaps the trends of outdoor advertising, full of loud headlines along with the yellow press, are to blame. If they don’t believe honest promises, imagine what will happen if you make an exaggerated promise?

We have analyzed the main trends in advertising that relate not only to the Internet. Now let’s focus on digital promotion and see what’s waiting for us there? And really interesting innovations are waiting for us.

Contextual advertising, relevant to the motives and desires of the user … It’s already scary

Now Google can track your location, can track which sites you have watched, which you watch regularly. Based on this, it will add you to a certain category of interests that a certain advertiser’s ad can tune in to. Current trends in the development of advertising involve collecting as much information about users as possible.

And soon the search engines will become even smarter and will be able to track your DREAMS and GOALS. How do you like that? Advertising based on the user’s wishes — it’s hard to put it in your head right now. But that’s what the big players are working on right now.

Ads with augmented reality

A couple of years ago it seemed impossible, but today the trends in advertising are such that soon you will be able to sit at a new table, drive a new car from your home, wearing a virtual reality helmet.

Now, there are already quite a lot of ads for VR helmets on YouTube, VR letsplays appear, special videos are being made for viewing in VR mode. How far are we from VR advertising and are we far?

In the near future, Google, Bing, Pinterest advertisers will have the opportunity to get data about the visual goals that their audience is looking for. Accordingly, it will be possible to expand your audience by setting up ads in visual search based on the received data. Probably the least creepy trend of our three.

Why do we need this when half of our mobile sites are not optimized?

The first iPhone (iPhone 2g) went on sale in mid-2007 and cost about $ 400. The camera is 2MP, the processor frequency is 400 MHz, 128 MB of RAM. Many years have passed, now you can take for a similar amount some iPhone, Xiaomi, or Meizu models with even cooler characteristics and a lot of bells and whistles, a la fingerprint scanner, etc. (BU or new). Today, people without a smartphone are easier to count on their hands, not on their fingers.

Perhaps now the proposed trends in the development of online advertising sound strange, but we do not know how long it will take until everyone has a VR helmet.

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