7 myths about content marketing

Today’s post is my answer to the abundance of materials with screaming headlines: “How to earn $ 1 million on a blog in 4 weeks”, or “The secret of how to get 10,000 subscribers a day”.

If you didn’t kill anyone at the same time, or didn’t rob, then in no way! But let’s figure it out.

You can get a ton of subscribers in one night

I’m sorry, but this is unrealistic. Content marketing takes time, effort and patience. But if you care about your personal brand, audience and content + are ready to keep working hard, everything will definitely develop. It’s just a matter of persevering with the right behavior.

Cool content can only be written by writers

If you are a little Leo Tolstoy, or Dostoevsky – this will certainly help. But your qualifications, knowledge and experience in the chosen industry are more important. Just leave your fears behind and start writing. Over time, this skill will be honed.

The main thing is to generate as much content as possible

There was such a time. But it’s gone. Google’s algorithms and the importance of behavioral factors confirm this. Now the essence and quality are more important. Your key goal is to give the audience high–quality and reliable knowledge so that they enjoy the content, tell others and come back in the future.

The one where I can compete with them

There are authors in your niche who have thousands of subscribers and it seems to you that no one will pay attention to you?

Don’t worry. There is such a thing in any sphere. Believe me, it doesn’t change anything.

Roll up your sleeves and go ahead to look for cool topics and interesting forms of submission. It is important to remember that among its 100,000 subscribers there may be only 1-2% of the really engaged audience of potential customers. Work on quality, not quantity, increase the percentage of target readers and you can get the same result with 5-10 thousand subscribers.

Good content will be promoted by itself

Do you seriously think that it’s enough just to write a masterpiece, Google will pick it up and bring it to everyone? Come on. We need to work hard. Connect to the maximum social networks, forums, niche sites and other habitats of your target audience. And, yes, somewhere you will need to pay something. Somewhere for influencers, somewhere for Facebook and Google. This is normal for a start.

Content marketing is a temporary phenomenon that will soon die

I first heard this statement about 15 years ago. Since then, probably, even those who spoke it have died… And content marketing is rapidly gaining popularity. Yes, it is changing, new formats are appearing, but it is only growing. It’s like saying that the popularity of the Internet, social networks, messengers and Google is falling. Look at the numbers.

You only need to publish content on your platforms
The only people who matter to me are visitors to my website, blog, social networks and channels. So there is nothing to scatter traffic.

In fact, this way you limit yourself very much. Publish your best content in external sources, thematic portals and guest sites. So you will increase your authority and experience. Attract new visitors to your blog and help Google promote your resource.

I hope these 7 shattered myths will inspire you to finally sit down at the keyboard and start sharing what you do best. Be ready for a long but very interesting journey. See you soon.

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