How to attract more money and customers than competitors

How to attract more money and customers than competitors

Of course, the topic is bottomless and you can’t get off with one post here…

But today I want to share three fundamental tips that will make your product more successful and more purchasable. To a greater extent, they relate to the niche of providing services. But to everyone who sells products, they are also suitable and can be successfully implemented.

Premium price for premium service = big profit

Everything is simple. Don’t build a business that will compete with other players on price. The dumping path is utopian. You don’t want to become a supplier with the lowest costs, because you will need to save on quality. This is a battle you will never win. Plus, lower prices lead to attracting problem customers.

Think of your business as a boutique agency. You provide top quality services to certain customers who love and appreciate your product. You hire only the best contractors, provide the best support and use the best technology.

People are happy to pay more to get the best service, which will be reliable, stable and hassle-free. You provide quality and make their lives easier.

Don’t be tempted to lower the price to get a customer.

The path to dominance lies through niche

Another key difference is the narrow specialization. You position your offer as something unique, focused on specific needs in the market.

For example, you can provide a wide range of legal services and then you will have to compete with dozens of giants. And when they ask you: “What are you better for?” – it will be difficult to argue.

It is better to go in one direction.

For example, legal services for non-residents (invitation, residence permit, employment permit). Or assistance in registering a company.

It will be much easier for you to become one of the best if the segment is narrow.

Your job is to learn the most about your market and turn your product into a narrow niche. And then make sure that all your marketing materials reinforce this specialization.

Smart Marketing

Another advantage to strive for is effective marketing.

Every time we start working with a new client, we analyze his market and competitors. We have analyzed more than a hundred different niches and directions. And do you know what unites them all?

95% of market players have very weak marketing.

Almost every niche has 1-2 cool players, a couple of mediocre ones and that’s it.

The rest are amorphous products without any signs of positioning and branding.

Study and use the capabilities of proven Internet marketing strategies and methods. Even simple things like good copywriting, compelling examples, and personalization presented on your site can make a huge difference.

Yes, it will take time and resources, but smart marketing is a powerful tool. Most people are too lazy or not far-sighted.

But it’s not about you, is it?

Since you are reading this text, it means that you are striving to develop your business and master new tools for effective promotion 🙂

Most likely, after reading this material, you will think: “Nothing new.”

But think about it, and which of these do you use? If all three points – I guarantee that you have a successful project. And if not – so maybe it’s time to move on to action?

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