How to determine your potential customer’s personality or feelings with AI

Apart from reinforcing and supporting copywriting, content creation, strategy and design processes, Artificial Intelligence applied to marketing can also be of great help when it comes to establishing the feelings of a potential customer, which can help you to better target and segment campaigns, as well as develop a better customer experience, greater personalization and increase loyalty numbers. In this article we want you to learn about this other capability of AI so that you can put it into practice in your business and benefit from it.

How Artificial Intelligence helps to understand potential customers’ feelings

More and more companies are deciding to rely on Artificial Intelligence tools to get to know the potential customer’s personality. This technology is able to identify the feelings of the potential customer through the analysis of large amounts of data, through which it can identify predilections and patterns.

The AI is based on previous data and information that you have collected as a company or that are on the network, so the feelings or intuitions that could previously be part of the process of creating the potential customer, are now reduced to a minimum.

Artificial Intelligence tools to determine the prospect’s personality

Now that you know roughly how Artificial Intelligence applied to lead personality works, we want to show you in depth three AI tools focused on this area. All of them are created to help you get to know the prospect better so that you can offer them what they really need.

Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows is a software capable of identifying a prospect’s personality based on public information that can be found on the Internet. Its main source of data is usually the client’s LinkedIn profile, but it also extracts information from publications or emails.

Once it has detected the prospect’s personality, it gives recommendations to the company on the best ways to interact with that person. Not only that, but with the information it gathers, the Crystal Knows AI is also able to write social media copy, emails and articles, all of which are targeted to that prospect.

Unfortunately, Crystal Knows only works in English, but you can translate its instructions into your language and they will be just as useful.

How does Crystal Knows analyze profiles?

This Artificial Intelligence tool to analyze the potential customer’s personality is based on the DISC theory or methodology to evaluate feelings. This, created by Dr. William Marston, evaluates people’s behavior from four perspectives:

  • Dominance (D): refers to a person’s tendency to be decisive, direct and take action. If a person scores high in this section, the AI will indicate that communication with him or her should be very results-oriented and direct.
  • Influence (I): a person with a high influence is characterized by being persuasive, sociable and communicative. Therefore, it is best to use diplomacy and a harmonious approach when communicating with them.
  • Stability (S): if the AI detects that the person gets a high score in this aspect, he/she is an emotionally stable, kind and patient customer. Being precise and specific in the message is the most successful form of communication in this case.
  • Conscientiousness (C): finally, people with a high conscientiousness are very analytical people who prefer well-founded messages, based on data and containing very precise information.

The most interesting features of Crystal Knows

  • Possibility of integration with HubSpot and Salesforce.
  • Audience segmentation according to different personalities.
  • Personality analysis of both customers and prospects.
  • Recommendations on the most appropriate tone of communication.


The last AI tool for analyzing the feelings of the potential customer that we want to recommend is Xeerpa, a buyer persona generator. This platform analyzes your customers to obtain a very defined and detailed buyer persona profile. With this tool you can say goodbye to surveys, which do not always reflect the reality of the market, and analyze real customer information in real time. Xeerpa can give you more than 400 characteristics for each of your customers and prospects, including favorite brands, interests and affinities, among others.

Benefits of using Xeerpa (and other Artificial Intelligence tools for lead personality analysis)

  • Improved ROI.
  • Decisions based on data, not intuition.
  • Independence from third parties and the possibility of enriching the CRM.
  • Success in the search for new customers.
  • Possibility of keeping your buyer persona updated in a simple click.
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