Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence has been making inroads in many areas of technology in recent years. Now, there are many ways in which we can implement it in our daily lives. And we are already seeing cases where AI is gaining a foothold in digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Many companies are investing heavily in the new technology. Why? Because they sell more. This is reflected in the recent report by the strategic consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which also highlights the increase in sales in all those products and services based on Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Artificial Intelligence will have an impact in the marketing area as it will be able to increase the efficiency of strategies, segment audiences and manage advertising campaigns. Both AI and machine learning will be the most significant data initiatives in the coming years.

A Salesforce survey indicates that 52% of marketers are already using AI, and an additional 28% are planning to incorporate this technology. This represents the largest anticipated growth of any technology marketers are considering, even more than the Internet of Things and marketing automation.

This technology and its functions are going to enable a much broader understanding by companies of consumer tastes, activities or expectations. Knowing our audience in depth will never be easier, segmenting it to the maximum to be able to implement highly personalized advertising campaigns.

So… How can we apply Artificial Intelligence in our marketing strategy?

5 ideas on how Artificial Intelligence will benefit digital marketing

Content creation and generation

Believe it or not, Artificial Intelligence can be useful and efficient in bringing visitors to your website by creating content in certain areas. Although it cannot yet write opinions or advice in a blog, AI can already write news or reports based on data and information.

Many companies are taking advantage of AI to write news or articles. In fact, the Washington Post, with its own technology called Heliograf, has used it on multiple occasions to write instant news stories. “Heliograf is creating a new model for covering local news,” said Jeremy Gilbert, director of strategic initiatives at The Post. ” Now, we’ll be able to cover any local soccer game, giving teams and fans near-instant coverage to read and share data and statistics, with human-featured commentary.”

It will be many years before Artificial Intelligence can communicate like a human being. When we say AI content creation we mean purely statistical data. The idea is not to replace the reporter, but to take away simple data-driven jobs and focus on other types of content. Even if AI is capable of creating content on its own, a final human edit of the content is needed.

Marter recommendations

But in addition to creating content, it is also capable of curating it for users. AI curated content will show related content to users after reading a blog, watching a video or buying an item. It will stop being automation and move to recommending in a more advanced way.

AI will not only consider the user’s history, it will go further: it will study the effect of each recommendation with the user and the user’s reaction. In this way, the algorithms will be able to update future recommendations more accurately in real time. Irrelevant advertising will be minimized and the user will enjoy ads that truly interest him or her. Isn’t that amazing?

This new mechanic avoids recommending products or services that are based only on simple connections between products. In addition, Artificial Intelligence can prepare recommendations for anonymous users by studying the user’s activity on our website, and will use information about other customers with a similar profile.

Artificial Intelligence in email marketing

AI in email marketing helps you get as close as possible to your users through automated and personalized responses. As we have already said, Artificial Intelligence can segment your audience in a more precise way, a step that is prior to the personalization of content for your users.

A study by McKinsey & Company showed that Amazon generated 35% of its revenue from product recommendations on its website and through email marketing strategies. Content personalization is perfect for engaging with your users.

AI uses much more complex algorithms that analyze your customer’s history, activity and preferences in your services. Artificial Intelligence collects data and information to create personalized emails. If the email personalization is optimal, the user will feel that you know him, satisfying his needs to make a purchase.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence studies which are the best times to contact your users, since it collects information about their online activity so that the chances of them reading your offers increase considerably. Each user has a different schedule, and this is the optimal way to contact them when it suits them best.

Advertising campaigns

Artificial Intelligence has algorithms that can predict our customers’ purchase actions and future activities with great accuracy. Having this information at our fingertips is a very powerful tool for our business. Creating an advertising campaign will never be simpler when we know what our customers are looking for.

Being able to advertise a specific product or service that we know a user is really interested in is privileged information. And to achieve this, AI analyzes user information such as interests, demographics and other aspects to learn and detect what will be the best audience for the brand. Target audience research is simplified with AI.

Many large companies enjoy AI because they can afford it, implementing it internally in many departments. But there are already several companies and tools that enable SMEs to enjoy competitiveness in the global market at an affordable price. Claudio Cervantes, CEO of Embellé Paris, said, “Applying AI in our marketing plan basically increased our ROI by 215%.” This is a clear example of how Artificial Intelligence can help your business grow.


More and more companies are having a virtual assistant on their website. For companies, the use of chatbots helps them discover the most frequently asked questions that their users have about a product or service, without the need for human intervention.

The potential customer can have the most human conversation possible with a virtual assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance its features. AI has machine learning to learn and update algorithms to improve over time. So, the more interactions our chatbot makes, the better results it will give us.

Many people don’t enjoy a conversation with a chatbot with automated responses, because if the user has a complex question, the bot won’t be able to give a good answer. But with AI it’s all simpler. The chatbot learns to give more accurate answers thanks to its ability to learn.

It is a tool that will help us to improve our customer service because its answers are immediate. It will also help us to avoid a long process of contact with a potential customer and will carry out repetitive and simpler activities.

In this way, human operators will be able to focus on the most complex and high-value questions, sharing their expertise.

But not everything is rosy. Companies have some challenges when they decide to incorporate Chatbots on their website:

  • Identifying the right situations: in which cases should bots intervene?
  • Defining when and how to hand over the conversation to a human operator: when will a person take over and how?
  • Apply the bot on different platforms: not only have chatbots on our website, but also on social networks and other online platforms.
  • What kind of questions and answers will it have to answer?

What are you waiting for?

The digital marketing of your company will never be easier by applying Artificial Intelligence. It is a giant leap forward in many industries, and now in marketing.

AI is not here to take work away from our marketers or advertisers, but to unleash our potential 100%.

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and is the new face of productivity, efficiency and profitability. We must be able to adapt and join this new technology that represents a new digital era.

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