ChatGPT extensions: how they work and which are the best ones

ChatGPT, the chatbot equipped with artificial intelligence specialized in dialogue, has become a very useful marketing tool, especially in content creation, as it is capable of writing an article, translating an article or generating the script for a YouTube video. Its functionalities can also be enhanced with extensions. But how exactly do ChatGPT extensions work and which ones are the best?

What are ChatGPT extensions?

ChatGPT extensions allow you to enhance and extend the functionality of the ChatGPT base model. There are extensions that allow you to obtain more information or to get much more updated or accurate answers when you perform a search, but there are also extensions that allow you to translate from one language to another or to make reservations for hotels, flights or any other type of service. There are even extensions that can be used to solve technical problems by means of precise, step-by-step instructions. These are extensions that add new functionalities to the ChatGPT tool.

Advantages of using ChatGPT extensions

Using ChatGPT extensions has certain advantages, in addition to the fact that they improve and extend the functionalities and can even add specialized and specific functionalities. This means that they could be adapted to the needs of practically any user, since they make it possible to perform additional tasks, such as searching for information, translating, programming or accessing technical support, among many others.

Through ChatGPT extensions it is also possible to achieve a much more complex and sophisticated interaction, thus enhancing the user experience.

Other advantages of ChatGPT extensions are the adaptation to the needs of each user or company and a significant improvement in the efficiency and automation of certain tasks and processes.

ChatGPT is already a very good tool to carry out certain tasks and processes, but with the extensions its capabilities are expanded and improved in a very remarkable way.

How to install ChatGPT extensions

Extensions for ChatGPT, both those developed by the OpenAI team and those developed by third parties, cannot be installed automatically, but you must follow these steps:

  1. Search for the extension. The first step will be to search the OpenAI extension marketplace or other related resources for the extension that can enhance or extend the desired functionality.
  2. Reading the requirements and documentation provided for the extension. It is important to understand the requirements of the extension to be installed, as well as its installation and usage instructions.
  3. Access and configuration. Some extensions require access to external services or databases, in which case the credentials must be configured and the necessary information provided so that it can be used correctly.
  4. Integration in the code. For those cases in which an application is being developed or is interacting with ChatGPT through an API, it is essential to integrate the extension into the code. In this case it will be necessary to follow the instructions provided by the developer, as it may vary from one extension to another.

Although these are the basic steps in any installation, depending on the extension there may be variations, so you should consult with the provider or developer any questions or problems that arise before, during or after installation.

Top 15 ChatGPT extensions

Considering the benefits of ChatGPT extensions, knowing them to know how much you can squeeze out of this tool becomes essential. For this reason, we list the best extensions below:

OpenAI Playground

OpenAI Playground is a ChatGPT extension that acts as an intermediary between OpenAI applications and servers to use GPT-3 in customized queries, allowing it to be used, for example, from the browser itself.

ChatGPT Enhancer

ChatGPT Enhancer allows the ChatGPT response to be known alongside the search results from a search engine such as Google. It also adds some enhancements to the ChatGPT experience, such as the ability to copy responses, highlight a message or adjust the size of a font, among other things.

ChatGPT History

The ChatGPT History extension allows you to save the history of conversations with ChatGPT, allowing you to retrieve past interactions and view the responses you have received. Like any other history, it can be deleted at any time.

ChatGPT – EasyCode

EasyCode’s ChatGPT extension is an easy-to-access AI wizard that supports ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 with the option to switch between them. You can ask ChatGPT questions about parts of your code or allow it to scan all of your code for broader applications.

ChatGPT for Google

This extension shows you the ChatGPT response along with the results obtained with other search engines, such as Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo. You can also start a conversation with ChatGPT immediately after getting an answer.

Sider – ChatGPT Sidebar

Sider is visualized as a ChatGPT sidebar that aims to become your AI assistant on any page. The goal is to accompany you throughout your web browsing.

ChatGPT Translator

ChatGPT Translator is one of the most useful extensions for translation work or even to be able to communicate with people who speak another language. The best of all is that it is able to carry out a translation in a very precise and correct way compared to the usual automatic translators.

ChatGPT Assistant – Autocomplete Prompts

The ChatGPT Assistant – Autocomplete Prompts extension suggests words and phrases during typing to make it much faster for the user to ask a question. It does not offer a list of suggestions, but rather anticipates the typing.

ChatGPT-Augment Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension enhances your chat experience by adding several useful features. With ChatGPT-Augment, you can automatically continue conversations, use macros to expand shorthand, count tokens in real time, restore prompts or delete prompts with a single click.

ChatGPT Voice Input

With the ChatGPT Voice Input extension you can interact with ChatGPT via voice, so there is no need to type. In some cases it speeds up the interaction with the tool.

ChatGPT Merlin

ChatGPT Merlin is an extension that gives ChatGPT access to any browser or web page, which is very useful for getting summaries of articles or content found online, as well as making it much easier to write emails or even HTML code.


TweetGPT is an extension that integrates with Twitter in order to make it easier to create posts or reply to any post or comment quickly and easily.

ChatGPT Writer

Another very useful extension is ChatGPT Writer, which allows you to write texts based on instructions, which can be more or less precise, including tone and voice.

ChatGPT Remail

With ChatGPT Remail you can reply to an e-mail quickly and easily, as it helps you to find the most suitable words to convey an idea, even giving you several options.

ChatGPT YouTube Summary

And finally, ChatGPT YouTube Summary, an extension that allows you to get summaries of any YouTube video.

ChatGPT YouTube Summary

Very useful for summarizing conferences, documentaries or speeches of any kind.

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