How to choose an Internet marketing contractor

We will tell you without “water”: how to quickly find a competent contractor

Advertising on social networks, contextual advertising, website creation, consultation on the project promotion strategy on the Internet, development of advertising materials, audit of websites, advertising campaigns and similar services — how to choose a contractor among many such offers and not make a mistake?

Often, when an entrepreneur thinks about where to find a contractor, he searches through acquaintances. This is an obvious and correct way, if a friend was rendered a service, if he was satisfied with the result, there is a high probability that they will do everything right for you. And if you don’t find an interested performer “on a sundress”? Or will they mess up with your project, the same thing can also happen? Then you will ask our mutual friend, Google, and you will see a lot of suggestions.

You are a director, a senior manager, a manager, someone who has a task: to find a smart contractor for any Internet marketing service; to make a project on time; and to make everything work correctly. Having found offers that differ little from each other, the question arises in front of you: “How to choose a contractor?”

If everything came together, this article is for you. Here we will tell you how to quickly choose the right Internet marketing contractor that you can rely on.

For convenience, we will take an example of our main specialization — website development. The approach is universal, our tips will help you in choosing a contractor for any project from the niche of Internet promotion and not only.

3 tips on how to choose a contractor to create a website

A competent specialist does not waste your time in his presentation

As in the case of word of mouth, we do not choose a contractor based on his certificates, diplomas, promises and other “water”, we look at the results of his work, first of all. The right contractor understands this. In order not to waste your time and at the same time interest you, the first thing he will show you in his presentation are cases.

Conveniently, you can immediately assess the competence of the contractor, see what he worked with and what results he received. Based on this, it is easier for you to make a decision: whether to watch the presentation further or continue looking for a contractor, because this contractor is not suitable for you.

When we talk about presentation in website creation, we mean Landing Page.

Proof of the veracity of the figures

The time when reviews are automatically believed has passed. Today, they don’t even believe screenshots if there is no link to the source. And this is right, because you can go to the first freelance exchange you come across, where you can find specialists who will write the best reviews, draw interesting figures beautifully, and there is no problem in accurately inserting all this into cases. Many website building contractors do just that. The “gray” way to increase audience confidence, which is no longer working.

You can search for links to sites from the contractor’s cases, you can check the performance of these resources, you can leave a request and wait for it to be processed, you can search for reviews about the contractor company, you can read the company’s blog – all this needs to be viewed and checked. This way you can get a general impression of the company.

What else is worth paying attention to: the contractor’s public on the social network.

This is something like a neutral territory, where any client of the contractor can painlessly write everything he thinks about him.

On the contractor’s page in the social network you will find:

  • The most honest reviews
  • You can go to the page of those who left a review and make sure that this is not a bot
  • If the page is hosted, you can get to know the contractor better through his posts

A great specialist loves his job. How to check it?

The reality is this: someone is forced to do their job, and someone likes to do it. The first majority. But everyone likes to deal with the second.

Let’s take a few services from Internet marketing and look at their example: how to find out that a contractor loves his job.

How to choose an SEO contractor

An SEO specialist who loves his job is a person who works with a large amount of text, but he will not talk to you for a long time. He will ask you for a link to the site, ask about budgets and what goals you want to achieve.

After some time, you will receive several offers with different budgets per month and with the promise to achieve different goals, depending on the size of the budget. You will be given a list of search queries on your topic with promises to take certain positions in a month, 2 months, 6 months.

Run if the CEO doesn’t give you specific budgets and deadlines

How to choose a contractor for contextual advertising

Very often, a contextologist refers to one of two non-verbal “castes”:

  • Marketing specialist. A person who deals with the project comprehensively.
  • Arbitrageur. This is such a specialist in traffic juggling.

In both cases, a contextologist who loves his job is very sorry to “pour” traffic through a “leaky bucket”. Imagine, you need to collect semantics on the topic, write thousands of ads, fill in the advertising cabinet, monitor the whole thing, make adjustments… And at the same time know that there are errors on the landing page that can be easily corrected, but keep silent about it. Who does one have to be to dislike their work so much???

A good contextologist will offer you to make edits to the site. (Yes, maybe you have a perfect website, but, no, it can’t be, well, I’m sorry, it’s true.) He will give advice, insist on their implementation, because he is interested in making his advertising campaign work well.

An ordinary contextologist will not offer you anything that goes beyond setting up contextual advertising

We will not write about bad contextologists here. What if you are a contextologist and we offend you?

We have a separate article about the bad context

How to choose a contractor to create a website

Determine what the contractor is interested in

The point is that a good contractor for website development will never create a website exactly as the customer asks. Paradoxical? No. The customer never knows how to make his website correctly. Adequate customers understand this, which is why they are looking for contractors to create a website.

The customer has a project that the developer looks at and understands from the top of his experience how to make a web resource. This is the right approach to development.

The developer’s interest is not to implement the client’s wishes, but to create a website that will work great. As a bonus, the developer gets aesthetic pleasure 😉

Of course, the client’s goals are taken into account. Therefore, the correct question from the brief for website development is not “what do you want to see on the website”, but “for what purposes do you need a website”.

From the developer’s interest, the following criterion for evaluating a contractor emerges — a good contractor for website development will offer you an integrated approach to the project. Development + maintenance. The support can include anything that helps to achieve the goals of the project: seo, context, offline advertising, revision of site pages, development of sales funnels, connection of crm systems…

Look at the contractor’s marketing

How to choose the right contractor, looking at its marketing? One way is to look closely at the calls on the contractor’s landing page.

Purely from our experience, absolutely all clients are very scrupulous about what we write on their buttons in landing pages. If the landing page for the insulation of apartments with special windows says: “Buy windows” — most likely, the goal of the project is to sell windows. If it is written on the same landing page: “Insulate the apartment” — most likely, the goal is to insulate as many apartments as possible.

We are not talking about the analysis of specific words on landing pages, but about the fact that contractors need to look for this very love of their work in small things. A person who gets delivered when people order his service and then sit contentedly in an insulated room made by his team, well, he will not write “buy windows” on his website.

You can find a lot of such little things.

How do you propose to start cooperation?

A contractor for creating a website with the right interest, who loves his job, can entice you to leave a request with different hooks: bonuses, consultations, promises to do part of the work without prepayment, etc.

You need to pay attention to the first thing that you will be asked in a telephone conversation. A competent developer will not just try to find out everything possible and impossible about your project, but will also scout your global experience in Internet marketing: what was launched, what results were obtained?

Then he will take a short time out and send all his proposals in a beautiful PDF commercial offer.

After that, the main discussion of the project takes place: the front of work, deadlines, budgets.

You will be offered to conclude a contract. Competent contractors do not work without a contract.

Now you know 100% how to find a pro?

Of course not. Using our tips, you will definitely learn how to weed out performers and meet with a much smaller number of incompetent contractors. Nevertheless, we have experience when we redesigned the sites that the client ordered from an eminent studio, which has all 3 punts from our article. Rather, we did not redo the sites, we made new ones, because everything had to be redone there… Why is that? No one knows. In working with people, anything happens.

There are still some rules, and we have described them. We hope it was useful to you. To make a repost of this article in your social networks, this is equivalent to thousands of “thanks” for us 🙂

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