The impact of Artificial Intelligence on mailing companies

Artificial Intelligence. Email marketing. These two concepts contrast in terms of history, because while the first one has practically just arrived to our ears, the second technique is one of the oldest in the world of communication.

And although the saying that opposites attract is a cliché, in this case it works. With this post I want to clarify the impact of Artificial Intelligence on mailing companies.

Benefits of implementing Artificial Intelligence in mailing companies

First of all, I think that the most relevant thing you should know to be clear about the impact of marketing intelligence on email marketing are the benefits resulting from its synergy. Here they are!

  • It saves costs: data analysis becomes an automated process, avoiding that one person is dedicated only to this function. Thus, the team only has to review the data quickly and focus on actions that add value.
  • Optimize the work process: new technologies are perfect for streamlining the different stages of your campaigns.
  • Improve time management: by not having to spend your time sending thousands of emails, as they can be scheduled, you will have the option to be more productive… or take a break!
  • Immediacy: with Artificial Intelligence all mailings, data and registrations are done much faster.
  • Improves the opening rate: it is the main objective when sending mailings and at the same time one of the main advantages of the implementation of artificial intelligence by companies. It allows you to know:
    • the most attractive elements of your newsletter
    • the best time to send them
  • Segmentation: in the same line, its reports give rise to a much more careful segmentation, since its scope at the time of analysis is deeper.
  • More detailed statistics: having the service of a mailing company that works with artificial intelligence is synonymous with having much more complete statistics in all fields.
  • Flexibility: the features of artificial intelligence are really flexible and can benefit you in different fields of email marketing, ranging from the planned distribution of emails to the detection of increased activity in a newsletter.
  • Security and reliability: surely it is not the first time you hear that man is the only animal that stumbles twice with the same stone, as you surely have not heard that about machines. Well, that’s what it’s all about: being sure and not making mistakes.

Intelligent functionalities that mailing companies have opted for

So far I have only talked about benefits, about how artificial intelligence improves a mailing company. I think the time has come to show why, and what better way than to exemplify some of the intelligent functionalities.

Automated Sending

Automated sending may be familiar to you, as it is not new, but its new features are. The latest version of this tool makes it much more practical than the original.

What you can do from now on with automated sending is to make multiple sequences of emails happen according to the behavior of your customers. That is to say, from a previous configuration, one email or another is sent depending on the user’s reaction.

Keep in mind that you can set the waiting time between the reaction to an email and the sending of the next one. It is important that you consider in which situation it will be better to wait or to be instantaneous.

If it sounds complicated, the reality is that it is a very intuitive and visual process thanks to its tree diagram, which makes it both more schematic and simple.

So, with all these facilities, it is only up to you to make the right decisions so that the rest will follow its course.

Predictive delivery

But not all the limelight of the new intelligent features goes to automated sending 2.0. Another new feature, or the one that can be considered as pure innovation, is predictive sending.

As its name suggests, this feature created by mailing companies uses artificial intelligence to predict when it is best to distribute an email.

Thus, based on algorithms, it calculates the ideal scenario for each subscriber or group of subscribers with the idea of increasing the chances that they will open the mailing.

Its benefits include an improvement in the open rate, which is, after all, its main objective, greater personalization and segmentation, and an increase in the field of customer loyalty.


It wasn’t dead, it was in the workshop. Some of you may be familiar with the Heatmap service. For those who don’t, it’s a heatmap that shows which parts of a newsletter have had more or less activity.

The new Heatmaps show you in a very visual, precise and clear way which areas of your newsletter receive more or less clicks thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

After data collection, this heat map is created, highlighting the range of user activity with shades of red to green. Unlike a traffic light, the redder the newsletter, the better.

You should consider that the Heatmap will not only give you the opportunity to enhance your successes, but also to improve your mistakes. This formula should also be applied to every aspect of your statistics report.

Sending at intervals

Another feature I didn’t want to leave out is interval sending. Although this one has not received as much attention as the previous 3, it is a very useful service for managing your emails.

Mailing companies have developed a feature that has been requested for a long time: the fact of being able to send small doses of mass mailings. Thanks to interval sending, it is now possible to manage a large volume of mailings in a simple way.

On the other hand, another of the most valued actions it offers you is to divide your mailings into stages or number of mailings, as well as to set a certain frequency.

If you have a large portfolio of contacts, send a lot of mailings or need to make certain divisions, this tool is ideal.

The best time to jump on the bandwagon

Considering that 58% of employees use mailing companies as their primary means of communication to contact brands (according to Adobe), it seems to me that we can dispense with justifying the use of email marketing.

What I would like to emphasize is that we are in the best moment to use the incorporation of artificial intelligence to mailing companies. This will allow you to have a differential value with your competition, since it is not yet very well established, and at the same time it will improve your services.

In addition, I believe that it is essential to have this type of technology in a scenario in which this type of technique is just beginning to gain importance. There will be an increasing number of AI-optimized tools. Be quick and adapt as soon as possible to achieve better results.

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