How to implement crowd marketing in business. Choosing a strategy and the main mistakes

Crowd marketing. What is it and how can it be implemented

Often, when visiting a website, we can see a large number of positive comments about a product or service. This is an example of an advertising campaign within the framework of such a phenomenon as crowd marketing. What is it?

Crowd marketing is a way to attract a target audience with the help of recommendations, comments on a product or service on various websites, forums or blogs. Crowd marketing is somewhat reminiscent of the long-familiar “word of mouth”, but on a different scale.

Do you have your own business and you want to have a large number of orders for goods or services? Crowd marketing will help you realize your desire.

Why use crowd marketing?

Crowd marketing is indispensable for the effective promotion of your business. He will help you:

  • make a full-fledged client out of the lead. A person’s interests control him, so he finds the channel he needs with the right topic for him. In order for a person with similar interests to your business to be able to find out about you, it is worth visiting forums, various sites and groups that touch on the subject of your business. You, as a person who knows a lot about your field, can give valuable advice or share your experience with other people. This way the potential customer will become real much faster;
  • increase the awareness of your activity. Frequent mention of it, various comments, recommendations with the distribution of contact data will help to make your site recognizable. In addition, the site can become more recognizable by sorting sites in search results;
  • keep the negativity to a minimum. You can’t do without negative reviews, but crowd marketing will help reduce their number. With the help of crowd marketing, your brand will be surrounded by a positive atmosphere and good reviews, and there will be much less negativity towards your field of activity;
  • improve the site’s behavioral profile. Good pages with high-quality material deserve crowd links. Such a link takes the user to a site that is there for a certain time, visits it. This improves the behavioral profile of your site;
  • create and increase the dynamics of the site’s link profile. With the help of many links leading to your site, the ranking in search engines increases significantly, which brings an increase in the target audience;
  • promote the site without any fear. You don’t have to worry about the security of your site when using crowd marketing. The natural look of the site eliminates the threat of getting into the search filters.

Now it is necessary to analyze the implementation stage of crowd marketing.

How to implement crowd marketing?

Of the four methods provided below, you can choose any one at your discretion, based on your own capabilities and the scale of the project.

By yourself

Despite the long-term implementation of this method, there are much more advantages in it. With the help of an independent implementation of a crowd marketing campaign, you get irreplaceable knowledge. A large number of sources for learning will make this process easier and faster.

With the help of freelancing

Freelance is a system with which you can order crowd marketing. This method does not require huge investments, but it is time-consuming, which is associated with a small probability of finding a good performer the first time. At the same time, pay your attention to proven exchanges, so you can save your time.

Inhouse team

This method differs from the previous ones with high costs. In addition, the search for competent specialists in their field takes a lot of time. Renting a room for work empties your pockets, and this is without taking into account the payment of wages. Of course, all this will bear fruit, and the high-quality work of specialists will bring success to the team.


In the process of transferring functions to another company, you should know that this method is not cheap. But its huge plus is that you can be sure of the quality of the work done and not worry about the integrity of the project. The advantage of outsourcing is the help of your company in the person of a manager, as well as participation in the formation of TK.

Outsourcing also includes a guarantee for the placement of links. For example, if the team posted a post that was deleted during the warranty period, they will write you a new post at the company’s personal expense. The services may include site diagnostics and its promotion. Take a responsible approach to finding a team for outsourcing. You can order crowd marketing with the help of recommendations from people who have used it for their business.

First, decide what goals you will set and what tasks you want to accomplish using crowd marketing. This will help you easily choose a conscientious performer.

It cannot be said that outsourcing is suitable for any type of business, while many assume that the method is designed exclusively for large businesses. But this is not the case. If you own a medium-sized business, one of the best solutions would be to turn to outsourcing, since creating your own inhouse team in this case is an irrational use of funds.

Important! You should not use crowd marketing in projects such as:

  1. Situational services — in some unexpected situation, a person will not go to the sites and choose a service. For example, a car broke down in the middle of the road, and a tow truck is urgently needed.
  2. Products of frequent consumption — a person himself knows which eggs or which milk he wants to buy.
  3. A low—quality product – crowd marketing will not help here, people will understand that the product is of poor quality and will want to respond to the available comments.

Do not relate to these three points? Let’s move on!

Choosing a strategy

Decide on the final results of your work, so it will be easier to choose a strategy. For each point of application of crowd marketing, which we discussed above, its own strategy is used. That’s what we’ll talk about.


Do you want your company to be recognized and talked about positively? This is the strategy you need. What is its meaning?

Select the desired topic, then create an account from which you will give your assessment as an expert and respond to people’s comments. Simple and effective.

This strategy consists in the fact that you register on a certain forum, under the question of the user, write your point of view as an expert and put a link to your site. The use of such links should not be intrusive and as natural as possible.

Following in the footsteps of competitors

The goal of this strategy is to find a large number of sites where your competitors have posted their links. This can be done with the help of some programs, for example, using the majestic search engine.

This is followed by the formation of lists of links, after which we open each of them and write our comments. The strategy is good because with the help of such actions, the advantage remains with you.

The main goal is to promote the site pages to the TOP. Use the serpstat website to highlight the most popular pages. Then think over the phrase that will be visible when promoting pages and unload those pages that were previously highlighted. Not all pages will have a link, so we leave only sites with links. After that, we add links to the post using a comment. Targeted queries will ensure your position growth.

Promotion with the help of competitors

Find the most famous brands. This can be done using the wordstat Leave your comments and ads for your services on competitors’ websites. What will it give? Audience coverage and site awareness will increase.


Take time to the content of your site, and then choose a forum or social network and regularly share your content, which will increase the reach of the target audience and increase the level of sales.

Behavioral profile

When the audience is properly attracted to your site, users improve its behavioral factor by visiting the page, comments, and interactions with the page.

Creating a positive website reputation

Write approving comments to create a favorable environment on the site. This strategy will significantly reduce the number of negative comments.

Testing the product in the trial version

Find good forums, thematic platforms and post a mini version of the product for its analysis. This way you can understand how much the audience needs this product, and whether people are willing to pay for it or not.

The most common mistakes of crowd marketing. How to avoid?

There may be no errors if the above information is studied carefully. In order to prevent them, it is worth considering a strategy step by step.

Have you set the right goal?

If not, then it may not bring results at all. For example, if you want to reduce the number of negative comments, answer people’s questions, give your expert assessment. Such a goal will solve the problem only with negativity. If you have a different goal, use the strategies above.

Don’t have time for independent training in crowd marketing?

Don’t worry and put it in the hands of professionals. You will be satisfied with the result and free time, which specialists will help you save. If you want to solve problems yourself, follow the recommendations:

  • Think carefully about the text of the comments.
  • Do not use direct advertising, such a comment will be deleted immediately.
  • Follow the theme of the site.
  • Post only useful and necessary information about the product or service.
  • Comments should be plausible.
  • Remember that your main goal is to help users to solve their issue.

After creating a profile, you need to actively develop it, help people with advice and discuss to find out the truth. If you just create a new profile and specify a link to the site in the comment, it will be immediately deleted.

Summing up, let’s repeat. Write high-quality comments, answer people’s questions, get crowd links. Remember that all our advice and your great desire to achieve your goals will help you to conduct high-quality crowd marketing.

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