How to make a beautiful email for mailing by email

How to create a mailing letter: the main problems

Our topic for today: email design. It is important that this correct design works and brings results. The design is not something that the recipient will immediately see and appreciate. In order for the efforts to develop a well-written letter with a competent design to pay off, the message must be delivered to the target audience and must be open. Only after these two points are resolved, you can think about how to make a beautiful letter for mailing.

Deliverability: how to create a newsletter with minimal spam?

I’ll tell you with an example Getresponse

Here the recipe is quite simple. The service is paid and you definitely won’t have to regret the purchase. Getrick is called by many email marketing pioneers “the service that guarantees the highest deliverability in the Inbox today.” And so it has been for many years.

The larger the base, the more the subscription costs. We buy the right tariff, go to the tech support chat and ask how we can reduce the spam rating to zero. Getresponse’s support is fast, intelligent, the issue will be resolved in 20 minutes.

A few brief recommendations that reduce the spam rating:

  1. Do not send to a database that has not subscribed to your newsletter. Dante would have had at least one more circle of hell if he had been born in the 80s
  2. Send on behalf of the corporate mailbox ( )
  3. DON’T DO THIS IN the header
  4. Question marks, exclamation marks (and other signs too) in the title provoke a spam rating
  5. Different languages in the title provoke even more
  6. The account from which emails with a large hit in spam are regularly sent out regularly increases the spam rating
  7. This is only part of the nuances, different email mailing services have their own “spam cockroaches”, so be sure to knock on the support

Heading: how do I create a mailing list that will be read?

In the mail client, you can see: from whom the letter is, the title of the letter. Two factors affect the openability: the sender’s authority and what he wrote there in the header of his message.

The situation with authority is more or less unambiguous. Briefly about how to make a beautiful mailing letter with a good title:

  • Know the audience. This is a 90% success rate. You need to know fears, dreams, hobbies, needs, daily routine, age, hobbies, work… Well, you understand, you need to know the audience. This will not make the headlines themselves, but it will become much easier and faster to come up with them.
  • Stand out from competing messages. Both direct and indirect. Knowing the audience, you know who else it is subscribed to. Subscribe to competitors, look at their email newsletter design and content, analyze and stand out.
  • Test and experiment. Conduct A\ B tests, analyze the openability of previous letters, compare the numbers with the letters in the header and draw conclusions.
  • Don’t repeat yourself. We found a cool header structure — use it several times, but do not take it as a basis. Identical emails (here the same design of emails), even with different words, will simply stop opening over time.

How to make a beautiful email for mailing: 6 web tricks

Now that we are confident in the deliverability and openability of our letter, it makes sense to work hard and make sure that it is read to the end.

Contrary to the myths that email marketing is no longer a cake, does not work, is outdated, there are players who try and get results. And there are those who send dull letters on a white background and complain about the order of things. To prevent your messages from being instantly sent to the trash, use designer chips!

Engaging design of email newsletters with elaborated color

Movies, photos, graphics — there are some works that are just interesting to watch. Some of them are made like this by accident, and some on purpose. You can and should think about how to make a beautiful letter that will be pleasant to look at.

To do this, you need to deal with such a thing as the theory of color perception. By using this technique correctly, you will capture the attention of readers and influence their attitude to your business.

No one has been interested in the white design of an email for a long time, and inept work with color more often “tears out the eye” than intrigues. Find some of your own color styles and use them in the newsletter.

One letter, one font, one client out of many possible

There are enough fonts and you don’t have to use just one for the whole letter. This also does not mean that you need to write every sentence in a new font. You’ve definitely seen examples of email newsletters with a bunch of fonts. You don’t have to do that.

The best option: different fonts for paragraphs and headings

You are again given the opportunity to conduct a series of experiments and find the “right” combination of fonts. Some individual words or phrases can even be highlighted in a different text color. In this case, you will get a letter that will hold the reader’s attention several times more strongly.

Beautiful letter design as part of your website

When the design of the letter coincides with the overall style of the site, it immediately increases the user’s trust in the brand. Yes, it is possible to make changes, but it is better to take the color scheme, the main font and the way the text is located from the page where the reader of the letter will get to.

Example. Mercedes-Benz creates a luxury atmosphere using dark tones on its web resource. And all their mailings are made similarly.

Rules for the design of an email: minimalistic design

Less water, more business talk and now you have already attracted attention! Especially now, when ordinary users live in a powerful information field.

Embody this truism in the design of letters. Down with unnecessary distractions. There is an empty space and you don’t know what to put there? Don’t bet anything. Use 2-3 colors, but no more. Make the design interesting, but not so that it takes more attention than the very essence of the letter.
Many, thinking about how to create a beautiful letter for mailing, Google: “How to combine 5 colors correctly.” When the secret is to use only 2 shades liberally.

If there is a desire to be creative, then give up simple links in the text and replace them with buttons. This is just the element that can be made noticeable, bold, and shouting: “Come on, click on me!”

Beautiful design of letters with gifs

An effective sales tool, after webinars and phone calls, is a video. But not all services allow you to insert a video clip into the body of the letter. And putting links to videos from other resources is not very competent, because the user is lazy and you don’t need to demand extra actions from him.

How to make a beautiful letter? GIFs come to the rescue, adding the effect of surprise and attractiveness to your messages. They are convenient to work with, they are much smaller in size than the video.

Short animations are noticeable in the text, they increase reader engagement, have a positive effect on conversion. But here, too, you need to know the measure.

How to make a beautiful email for mailing with personalization

In the last paragraph, let’s go back to the first two, which are not really about design. What is good about an impersonal email newsletter on your database? Nothing.

An easy way to show your subscriber base how respectful you are to them is to personalize your messages. Thus, you show that you do not treat your database as a list of wallets, but see personalities in them.

A simple request by name in the header is enough and it becomes more difficult not to open the newsletter.

However, there is a minus. You will have to manually edit the database. After all, when subscribing, people often write all sorts of different things in the name line… Bubochka, Huligan777, Vano, Tatiana, Yuri Vasilyevich, etc. How to write a beautiful letter if it starts with the words: “Torpeda, hello!” It is better to edit such “names” so that personalization does not do more harm than good.

Use these simple techniques and get cool conversions! Remember that no one knows your customers better than you. It is you who understand best how to design an email beautifully for your customers.. And the task of contractors is to provide you with different options to choose from.

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