8 mistakes that do not allow to increase sales in the online store

How to increase sales in an online store?

There are many ways to increase sales in the online store, which we constantly recommend and implement in the resources of our customers.

  • Search engine optimization to increase traffic
  • Optimization of contextual advertising to improve the quality of paid traffic
  • Constant work on the usability of the site
  • Analysis of user behavior
  • Identification of the main (and non-main) user requests
  • Implementation of functions that contribute to the satisfaction of these very requests
  • And many more interesting things

It makes sense to study and apply all this when there are no major e-commerce errors in the store, which will be discussed further.

Make sure that your resource does not have these flaws or use our experience to eliminate them.

How to increase the sales volume of an online store when it is “slow”?

When the interlocutor is extremely slow in conducting a dialogue, we want to finish the discussion as soon as possible, this is natural. The same pattern is present in the behavior of users of the online store. There are persistent buyers who will fight with their clicks and 10-20 second waits with a leisurely store, but you can not count on 95% of the remaining customers.

Data from Kissmetrics (an analytical platform for Internet business) suggests that 40% of visitors lead their mouse cursors to the red cross if the site page has not loaded in 3 (THREE!) seconds.

The last nail is driven in by the fact that search engines will not leave a place in the top of the issuance of “brakes”. Even if the pages are optimized by a seoshnik with 9 dan in optimization.

If your online store can’t boast of high page loading speed, Google PageSpeed Insights is your best friend for the near future. Find out how fast your website is working. If necessary, contact a white magician web programmer who knows how to enable CSS and Javascript compression.…

How to increase sales through the maze online store?

The more complicated the structure of the resource, the longer the user will search for the product, the more he will look at the goods, the higher the chance of what? Shopping? Or that he will be afraid if there is no minotaur here and will run away?
Trying to supposedly help the user and provide him with more categories, subcategories, and sub-categories, it will only confuse him and, for sure, scare him away.

If you want to increase sales in an online store, make the process of searching and buying goods linear, as simple and fast as possible. Add a product search, add an online chat. The more convenient it is to buy, the more new and repeated sales will become.

How can you never increase sales in an online store without a mobile version?

It’s simple, you don’t need to deal with the mobile version of the site. As a result, you will get:

  • The loss of more than 50% of the audience from mobile phones (and the figure continues to grow)
  • Not the best attitude of search engines to your resource
  • Plus, the contempt of competitors is a bonus

Of course, you need to develop a mobile version of a web resource. Your site should open correctly on mobile phones with different screen sizes. It should open quickly and have a clear structure.

Mistakes in sales: too laconic seller

Logically, a seller in an offline store is good when he says not a little, not a lot, but clearly, clearly and to the point.

There is no sales consultant in the online store who will approach the buyer and help him sort out the choice of goods. This function is performed by the product description.

Let’s look at a good example, Amazon. Here in the description of the goods we see:

  • Name, price, delivery date
  • What is bought together with this product
  • Lots of cool photos
  • What do those who have already bought this product buy
  • Size, weight, how to use
  • Listing who this product is for and benefits
  • What to buy after this product
  • FAQ
  • Reviews and ratings

Comprehensive product information. All this is also structured and convenient for viewing and buying.

Give your customers maximum information about the product. This way you will avoid a lot of headaches in order processing, satisfy the user’s request, and, accordingly, increase the conversion of visitors into buyers.

The main mistakes of sales: too talkative seller

The second extreme, which should also be avoided.

There is a buyer who has enough n-th amount of information about the product to place an order. But n+1 information will scare him away. Each seller faces this and begins to look for a unique approach to individual customers. But we don’t have such a function in the product description, what should we do?

It’s simple: give as much information as necessary for the purchase. In a clear structure and without confusion. If the picture shows black jeans, then do not write in the description that they have a greenish-bluish tint.

Let’s give the information sequentially. And don’t overdo it.

Remember, inaccuracy in the product description = buyer’s doubts.

Errors on the website: inquisitive order form

No one likes to tell strangers about themselves, it’s not a secret. Similarly, no one likes to fill out order forms with dozens of fields.

Do you remember how you were walking down the street, you wanted coffee / tea, you went to the stall, ordered, and the seller asked you your name, email, phone number, additional phone number, the name of your favorite musician and additional information? Exactly, there was no such thing. So don’t do that either.

The order form is not your field for marketing research. Collect only the information that is needed for payment. Everything else (even the data for delivery) — when placing an order, i.e. after payment. After payment, it is much more difficult for the client to refuse your services.

Site owners’ mistakes: stealth

It will not be possible to increase sales in the online store 100% due to secrecy. Dishonesty, exaggerations, embellishments can also be added here.

For example, your product may not be liked by everyone, you may not have 100% positive reviews. There is not a single movie with a 100% rating, there are people who don’t like BMW not only because of the price, etc.

Your task is to build a trusting relationship with customers. Eliminate all their doubts and make it easy for them to buy from you.

  • What if I don’t like the product?
  • What if marriage?
  • Is there a guarantee?
  • How do I return the purchase in this case?

Find the doubts of your audience and eliminate them even before they appear.

Killer Discounts

A lot of books have been written about how to increase sales in an online store through promotions, discounts and bonuses, but they are all outdated. Today, few users are on sale. Simply because this phenomenon turned out to be temporary.

Yes, you need to set deadlines. Yes, there is a time and place for discounts and promotions. But all this needs to be done very carefully.

  • The action must have a reason
  • Deadlines
  • Clear sense why it is beneficial to the buyer
  • Why we need to act now
  • Do not overdo it with the frequency of shares and with their simultaneous number

It is clear that the shares are launched with the expectation of a large number of sales with a smaller margin. There is a product, it is profitable to sell it; when launching the promotion, you need to sell 100 units of this product to make the business pay off. By launching an incomprehensible promotion, you risk selling 5 units instead of a hundred and going into negative territory.

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