The 10 best AI tools for art and creativity

Beyond ChatGPT, the Artificial Intelligence tool that can hold conversations and that can be of great help to develop content marketing strategies, we want you to know about other Artificial Intelligence platforms applied to art and creativity that can boost both your brand and personal creations. Write down the ones that interest you the most and try them out.

Canva Magic Write

Canva is a wonderful tool that makes video editing, photography and graphic design available to everyone. Now it has decided to introduce AI as part of its platform with Canva Magic Write, which allows you to generate text with technology from OpenAI (the company that created ChatGPT). In short, it is a tool very similar to conversational AI, but integrated within the Canva platform, so if you are a user of the tool, you will probably be interested in getting to know it to integrate it into your creative processes.

Canva Magic Write - home


DALLE is an Artificial Intelligence model also created by OpenAI that uses machine learning techniques to complete or generate images from written descriptions. DALLE-E 2 is, therefore, the second most improved version of this model.

DALL-E 2 - home

But this tool does not just generate images, but also allows to choose specific visual styles, as well as to modify a photograph previously provided by the user. With this last function, we could ask DALL-E 2 to place the person in the image in a swimming pool, for example, instead of on the beach.

The tool works with a credit system, so it is not totally free like Canva Magic Write, which can be used up to 50 times with the free plan.


Along the lines of image creation, MidJourney is another AI tool that also uses the “text to image” system, i.e. the system of creating images from text.

Like all tools of this type, MidJourney has a particular style that characterizes it, in this case, more realistic and with higher quality than the previous alternative.

MidJourney - home

MidJourney has been available for free on some occasions, but at the time of writing the service is paid.

Of course, as with other similar tools, the more information is offered in the basic text and the more detailed it is, the better the results will be and the more in line they will be with what you are looking for.


Now we change the subject a bit to talk about an AI tool for art and creativity with which you can create realistic avatars, profile pictures and portraits that look like real users.

AvatarAI - home

To achieve this, AvatarAI uses advanced algorithms such as Dreambooth and Stable Diffusion, which also allow the audience to choose from 112 different styles.

Something very interesting is that the images that users upload to the platform are deleted after 24 hours, thus guaranteeing people’s privacy. This is a point that we think is important to mention, since the reluctance that many users have to AI tools is for this reason.


DreamStudio is a tool created by Stability IA with which you can create images. It is available openly and offers a first free trial with which the user is allocated 25 credits that can be spent on about 30 images.

DreamStudio - home

The photographs obtained with this platform can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, as long as they do not include real brands and real people in them.

Just like the tools we have mentioned before, DreamStudio also uses the “text to image” system and has the peculiarity of being very intuitive, so you will not find it difficult to get familiar with it.


Scenario is a totally different tool from the previous ones, since it offers functionalities so that digital game creators can rely on AI during their creative process. The platform is capable of developing the art and creativity section of a video game with high quality and aligning it with the brand’s style.

Scenario - home

In short, if you need unique resources for your game and that these are consistent with the style you have already adopted, this tool will be of great help to your creators, shortening creation times and inspiring the team in their designs.


Lensa is an application that does not create images, but edits with AI the ones provided by the user, being able to apply more effective and advanced filters and editions to the photos. With Lensa you can remove dark circles under your eyes, change the color of your hair and make your eyes bigger.

Lensa - home

In this case, Lensa has a free plan, which allows you to edit three images a day with a limited set of filters, and a paid plan for 6 euros a month or 30 euros a year with unlimited functionality.

And the good thing about Lensa is that, in addition, it has a separate functionality called Magic Avatars that generates avatars from real images of people, a bit in the style of AvatarAI.

Imagine 3D

Imagine 3D is an AI tool for art and creativity very different from the ones we have already introduced you to. Based on prototyping technology, this platform manages to convert text into virtual reality. In other words, Imagine 3D is able to convert the concept you have explained to it from simple descriptions into three dimensions.

Imagine 3D - home

In this way, both people who find it difficult to translate their ideas into a design, as well as those who have no graphic design skills, can begin to bring their inventions to life. Once taken to 3D, this tool allows you to see the design from different angles and improve or modify it with different functionalities.

Many students, artists and designers have already integrated it into their work system to improve their results.


In this case we are talking about a large community of creatives that has a large number of tools to create images based on text. The most interesting thing about this platform is that you can share your creations in the tool itself to inspire other creators.

Phaser - home


And we leave for the end one of the most innovative Artificial Intelligence tools for art and creativity to date. With Synthesia you can create videos in which an avatar moves and speaks in a natural and realistic way.

Synthesia - home

As a user you only need to enter the text you want the avatar to say, select the virtual character and adjust some details to make everything more to your liking.

As you can imagine, using Synthesia can help you to make the production of your videos more economical.

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