The best artificial intelligence tools for any CEO

Unlike other professional positions that can benefit directly from AI tools, such as designers or copywriters, there are currently no AI platforms that have been created for the purpose of helping a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) to perform his or her day-to-day tasks. However, that does not mean that these top executives cannot benefit from this technology in their work, far from it. Below we would like to introduce you to some Artificial Intelligence tools for a CEO that, although they have not been created for this specific professional, they can be useful in the functions he/she performs.

How can a CEO benefit from ChatGPT?

Of course, we had to start by recommending the use of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s specialized dialog chatbot that is able to hold conversations almost as if it were a human. ChatGPT can offer both creative and informative texts, as well as answer users’ questions, doubts or needs in a very human way.

But how can a CEO use this AI in his work? Well, in different ways. Here are some of them:

  • Writing emails and speeches: if copywriters and content writers already use ChatGPT to inspire their articles or copy, why can’t CEOs do the same? As a CEO you will have noticed that writing emails and speeches is a regular and time-consuming task. With ChatGPT those hours can be reduced, making the process more streamlined, and this platform can even be a place of inspiration when you don’t know what tone to give to your message or what to say.
  • Organize trips: many CEOs of companies have to make business trips, which must be well prepared and follow a very specific and organized plan. If we give ChatGPT all the information and characteristics of the trip, such as duration or budget, this Artificial Intelligence tool is able to offer an organized plan with the features needed for everything to go perfectly.
  • Day-to-day organization: in the same way that it can help you in the organization and planning of a trip, ChatGPT can also be an inspirational tool when it comes to organizing the day to day. The most important thing to achieve an optimal result with this tool is that you give it as much information as possible and specify what you really want.

CrystalKnows, a step beyond ChatGPT’s copys

ChatGPT can help you with email copywriting, but this AI tool goes one step further in email copywriting by offering email templates based on the personality of each recipient to increase the chances of conversion. In addition, it can provide recommendations on the tone, the type of language or the most appropriate language at all times, among other aspects.

Some of the best AI tools to boost sales


Although Pipedrive is a CRM, it has an integrated sales assistant that can analyze past sales performance and offer advice on what actions to take. In short, it acts as a personal sales mentor that offers personalized recommendations based on your company’s own performance.

Although this is an AI tool created for use by sales teams, company CEOs can also find in it an ally to see how the company’s sales are doing and how they can improve them.


This AI-powered sales assistant uses generative AI algorithms to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s sales.

With this tool, CEOs can stay on top of the sales team’s performance and know what the business trends of the moment are to make smarter, more agile business decisions.

Salesforce Einstein

This is one of the best AI tools for prioritizing and identifying leads as well as sales opportunities. It can even indicate which are the most interesting communication channels based on each customer. This platform, in addition to the CEO, is also interesting and recommended for sales and marketing teams.

The best AI tools for CEOs who want to improve leadership


It is a project management tool aimed at helping teams and their leaders better coordinate their tasks and keep better track of them. This platform uses AI to identify bottlenecks in task completion, assign projects automatically and track progress.


This platform combines project planning, issue tracking and task management tools in one place. In this case, AI is used to automate all these areas, for example, by assigning each team member tasks according to their workload and skills. Best of all, Jira also includes a metrics and data visualization section to help leaders and teams make better project decisions.


TensorFlow is one of the best AI tools for increasing project performance. It is an open source library for AI and machine learning that is very useful for being able to identify patterns and trends among large amounts of data, which is going to enable better decisions.

TensorFlow also includes a section of data analysis and visualization tools that allow team leaders to better understand how everything is going.

AI tools for CEOs that can help with day-to-day tasks

Krisp to improve video calls

As a CEO, you’ll know that since the pandemic, remote meetings have become your bread and butter. To make the best possible impression on your customers and ensure smooth communication, we’d like to recommend this AI tool that will make the background sounds and voices in your virtual meetings disappear forever. The best part? It is compatible with virtually all meeting platforms (online meetings), so you can surely implement it.

Sembly AI, we continue with meetings

If you’re a meeting person, you’ll find this one of the best AI tools for CEOs. Sembly AI is a virtual assistant that can transcribe, record and take notes of every online meeting you do. It uses natural language processing and machine learning technology so that professionals only need to focus on the meeting itself, without worrying about anything else.

One of its most interesting features is that, if you can’t attend a meeting, Sembly can go in your place and take notes so you can later read them and stay up to date.

Can an AI replace the job of a CEO?

Did you know that Chinese company NetDragon Websoft appointed an AI as the organization’s CEO? According to news from Business Insider, Tang Yu, an AI-powered robot, became the CEO of the Hong Kong-based company in August 2022, making her the first to get such a position.

The Asian company’s goal with this change was to improve operational efficiency and transform management. In the words of chairman Dejian Liu: “We believe that AI is the future of business management, and our appointment of Ms. Tang Yu represents our commitment to truly embrace the use of AI to transform the way we operate our business and ultimately drive our future strategic growth.”

Some time later, the company can say that it met both of its objectives and even increased the organization’s share value by 10%.

In short, in just a few months (six to be exact), an AI tool was able to successfully perform CEO tasks, such as assessing risks, making decisions or fostering a more efficient workplace. And all this, working 24 hours a day and without any salary or compensation.

As the news website Hipertextual points out, what value does this have in a world where there are CEOs who earn millions of dollars despite sinking the value of a company’s shares or causing millions of dollars in losses? Do you think that AIs could be the CEOs of the future? Or do you think that, although it is inevitable that these technologies will enter companies, the human presence will always be there and will always be decisive?

We hope that you have found all these recommendations interesting and that you are encouraged to incorporate one, both in your daily life and in that of your company. At the beginning it is normal that there is reluctance to implement this type of platforms in an organization, but although we do not know if these tools will replace human work, what is clear is that they will be an indispensable complement to it.

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