What is Artifact? The new AI app from the creators of Instagram*

Artificial intelligence has arrived with the purpose of optimizing and making some tasks much simpler, even automating them without the need for human intervention. With this objective in mind, different types of applications have been emerging, Artifact being one of the most striking and attractive of the moment. But what is Artifact and what is it for? We explain it below.

What is Artifact and what is it for?

Artifact is an application equipped with artificial intelligence available for Android and iOS that comes from the creators of Instagram*. When the founders of Instagram* left the company after it was acquired by Facebook*, they started working on a new application, Artifact.

Что такое Artifact? Новое приложение с искусственным интеллектом от создателей Instagram What is Artifact? The new AI app from the creators of Instagram

This app uses AI to learn about users’ interests, thus being able to generate a fully personalized news feed and content. This means that the more the app is used, the more information the app will have and the more fine-tuned and personalized the algorithm will be. In addition, Artifact also allows interaction with other users through comments and direct messages, making it a social network.

How the artificially intelligent Artifact application works

Artifact was designed with the idea of being the next step in the evolution of social networks. Unlike other social media, which show content from friends or content based on the people you follow, in this case it will show content that the algorithm considers interesting based on the history of each user. To make this possible, Artifact uses artificial intelligence, which is responsible for analyzing and learning what type of content is interesting for each user.

Until relatively recently, Artifact was only available to a few users with an invitation and there was a waiting list to gain access. It is now possible to both download and use it without prior registration, although the user must select ten areas of interest, from which Artifact will start to display content. Afterwards, the artificial intelligence engine will be able to improve the user’s feed based on what they read and offer them content that is of interest to them. This means that the more the app is used and the more interaction there is with your content, the more data the social network’s algorithm will have about your interests.

How to use Artifact to discover marketing news

After downloading the app, Artifact asks the user to choose ten topics or areas of interest. This will serve as a basis for the social network to offer content to the user, but then the artificial intelligence engine will be profiling their interests, always based on their actions and learning from them, to offer news and content that are even more adjusted and accurate. In other words, the more the user interacts with the application, the more information Artifact will have about what interests the user and what he/she wants to read. However, to obtain personalized content, the algorithm mode must be selected within the application itself. Otherwise, the content will appear organized by topics, which will be just those that have been initially chosen.

Artifact also has some features that allow you to further adjust the type of content you want to see, since it is possible to mark articles with positive or negative points so that the application displays more or less content related to that topic. The app can also synchronize with the contacts agenda to know what type of content is popular among them.

In addition to all this, Artifact has a list of verified media in order to offer quality and contrasted content to its users. It is not an immovable list, since as sources are verified, it will grow to provide more. In addition, the same application has a Headlines section with the option to contrast data and avoid bias.

All this means that if the idea is to obtain through Artifact updated information related to marketing, it will be enough to specify those areas that interest us within the sector. From that moment on, the application will display content related to the topic and will refine the feed based on our interactions with the articles.

How to download the Artifact application

Artifact can be downloaded for free through Google Play, for Android devices; and the App Store, for iOS. At the moment it is only available in English, although its creators are working on it both to improve it and to support as many languages as possible.

We can conclude, then, that Artifact is a social network that, as described and seen so far, aims to be a kind of Google News, with the only difference that the creators incorporate some features of social networks, such as the ability to comment or send private messages. In addition, and although it has yet to be confirmed, everything seems to indicate that in the future users will also be able to publish their own content. However, we will have to wait for this. In addition, it remains to be seen how Artifact verifies the quality and veracity of the content published by users or whether it will be separated in some way from that which comes from verified sources.

*Instagram and Facebook are banned social networks in the Russian Federation

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