What is Keytrends and how does it work: generative AI at the service of content creation?

Artificial Intelligence platforms are all the rage, especially those related to content marketing, both written and visual. And no wonder, because they are great allies for companies when preparing advertising campaigns, as they help teams to streamline processes and optimize results. In this context, Keytrends is a content AI tool with a very specific peculiarity that makes it different: it brings together in one place not only writing tools, but also functionalities such as trend detection or SEO analysis, among others. Do you want to know more about it and how it can help you in your content strategy? Here we tell you why it is a good option compared to others.

What is Keytrends and what does it offer?

Keytrends is defined as a content marketing tool that is able to enhance and optimize the content strategy with different functionalities from a single place.

Companies from all sectors can include it in their work processes, but above all it is designed for marketing agencies, media, startups, ecommerce, content writers and freelance SEO professionals. Companies such as PC Componentes have already included it in their strategy.

Why is Keytrends a different tool?

Typically, many content creation AI tools are focused on just that, content generation. However, the goal of Keytrends is to go beyond that by offering functionalities that cover all the needs of each of the phases of content creation. In this way, Keytrends covers not only the writing process, but also the previous research and subsequent measurement. Later on we will specify each and every one of the functionalities it offers.

But Keytrends is also different in two other aspects:

  • Before putting artificial intelligence to work to create content, the tool takes into account user research data to give a unique and different result than any other tool can offer.
  • They use data sources from Google Trends trends, something that other tools do not offer.

All in all, this tool is very interesting because it allows businesses to automate all phases of content strategy.

Is it a generative AI tool?

Yes, Keytrends is a generative AI tool, but it’s not just that. In addition to offering automatically written content, as we have told you, it also has functionalities to refine the previous phases of analysis, as well as the subsequent phases of measurement. Therefore, we could say that it is a much more complete tool than others and more interesting to integrate into your content strategy.

In addition, the tool takes into account a wide variety of data and information when creating content, as well as other functionalities. In this way, the analysis and content obtained will be much more personalized, unique and tailored to the needs of your company.

How does Keytrends help with content strategy?

These are the different benefits that your content strategy can experience by integrating Keytrends in your company:

  1. Unification: with Keytrends you can have everything in the same tool, which will allow you to simplify all phases of your content strategy and not depend on multiple platforms, something that can slow down your processes.
  2. Better positioning of the content: thanks to the fact that the tool’s AI not only writes for you, but also takes into account the audience’s search intention, the SEO will always be present and the texts optimized to be as high as possible in Google.
  3. Intuitive tool: with a simple click you can have in the Keytrends platform an overview that tells you what your industry demands at any given moment, so you can know if you are giving your audience what they need or not.
  4. Increased conversion: because your positioning can be improved with Keytrends, as well as the agility and quality of your content, the chances of your content strategy converting increase.
  5. Publishing agility: according to the company’s own website, you can publish 90% faster using their AI because all phases of the content strategy are automated. This is very important, since publishing regularly and assiduously helps to boost the algorithm of many platforms, being an important factor to better position your brand.
  6. KPI knowledge: measuring the performance of a content strategy is one of the most important parts, as it allows us to know where we have failed in order to improve it. Keytrends measures the conversion and ROI of content, as well as other aspects such as conversion rate, traffic or indexation so you can be aware of whether your campaign has been designed effectively.

What functionalities does it offer?

Throughout this article we have already talked about some of the most important features that Keytrends includes, but now we want to detail clearly what all of them are so that you know in depth everything that this tool can offer you and value if it is worth integrating it into your company or not.

You already know, in general, that Keytrends automates with AI all the phases of your content strategy, but not what it does concretely. Here we reveal it to you.

We live in the information age and one of the keys to make our content interesting and generate visits is to constantly offer our audience valuable and current data that interests them, which is one of the keys to an effective content strategy. It is often difficult to know what interests our target audience at any given moment, as trends are constantly changing nowadays. Keytrends is a great help for that, as it alerts you in real time about the topics that are trending, in addition to offering you interesting keywords for your SEO strategy. You can even create alerts to be among the first in the industry to find out about top topics.

Content creation and management with AI

If you have come this far, you will already know that content creation is one of the main features of Keytrends. But we want to explain it further.

Not only will you be able to create full content, but also elements such as briefs. But the most interesting thing is that in the platform itself you can also perform content management tasks such as assigning topics to your team of writers, scheduling content, approving texts, giving feedback or checking the status of each content. All this will help you to speed up both the writing and planning phases.

At this point, I am sure you are wondering, but will the figure of the copywriter disappear in my company with this type of tool? Today, this type of AI cannot replace the work of a person. Its function is to complement professionals to enhance the quality of their work and streamline processes. But the human touch remains vital.

Measuring content strategy results

In short, Keytrends will let you know if your strategy is profitable or not. You will be able to know what the ROI (Return on Investment) is, as well as the KPI (Quality Indicators) in a simple way. The latter is important to value, since many platforms, although they do the same, expose the results in a complex and difficult to understand way, causing the analysis process to become a challenge instead of a help.

In addition, as we have already mentioned, you will also be able to know if your content is indexed instantly.

Search intent and competition analysis

You no longer need to go to Google to find out what content your direct competition publishes, with Keytrends you can see it without leaving the tool. In addition, it also performs analysis on the user’s search intent.

According to the tool itself, all this can make the whole process 90% faster.

In short, Keytrends is an AI content generation tool, something that many platforms already do, but the most interesting thing it brings is that it goes further by integrating measurement, management and trend search functions. This makes it a different tool with which professionals can feel more comfortable finding in one place everything they need to carry out their content marketing strategy.

We hope that articles like these will be helpful and allow you to discover previously unknown platforms that will take your business to the next level. Don’t forget that AI in the digital marketing world is here to stay and it is vital that you don’t stay on the sidelines, integrating it into your strategies.

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