3 tips on how to increase site traffic

Tools that can give more traffic to the site

In order to successfully compete with small and medium-sized businesses, it is necessary to harmoniously combine both well-proven old methods that work with no less efficiency today, and the latest Internet marketing trends. About how to increase site traffic using interactive, further in the article.

Live content

As a decade and a half ago, so now the content of the site plays a special role — the information on the pages. It is the quality, juiciness and uniqueness of the content that is of key importance, attracts the audience to further actions.

Valuable, useful and reliable information, not only about a product or service, but also about various practical things – why users visit any site.

How can I increase site traffic with content? If you add different interactive elements, it will make any information even more fascinating and interesting. You can include videos with popular bloggers, conduct video tours in the virtual store of your goods and services, and much more.

Agree that even very necessary information, but boring, will largely lose out to the same, but in combination with gifs, well-edited pictures on the topic.

Interesting informative content, along with video and photo materials that enliven it, will attract an ever wider audience, increase traffic to the site and ensure high places in search engine rankings.


Attractive and thoughtful website design, easy and convenient navigation will facilitate communication with customers:

  • Closely following the news, primarily related to your business, conduct interactive surveys, ask users to express their ideas and suggestions, award bonuses, discounts, electronic certificates, invite customers to participate in various quizzes, contests, role-playing games and a host of other events.
    These steps establish trusting relationships, attracting a new, wider audience, which in turn increases traffic to the site, optimizes ranking.
  • One of the fundamental principles of success is your reputation. Thanks to social networks, it is now possible to achieve popularity and recognition in a short time, but this is not enough.
    Without a good reputation based on an attentive attitude to its consumers, without a constant dialogue with the audience, it is impossible to achieve long-term positive results.
  • An important role in building effective communication is played by an evaluation system, an established support service. It is needed in order to really evaluate work, goods, services.
    But it is the clients who can do it best. Their assessment, reviews, and criticism will allow the company’s management to respond quickly and eliminate possible shortcomings.
  • Questionnaire survey. Not only the question “liked” or “no”, but a well–thought-out questionnaire with a large number of possible answers, fields for comments, questions, user suggestions, plus your quick answers to them are the key to a good reputation of your company.

Each time you receive a completed questionnaire, you will be able to express your gratitude with bonuses, prizes, personalized discount cards.

A grateful attitude to customers contributes to the fact that they willingly recommend your company to their friends and acquaintances, sharing links, leaving positive feedback about your products, services and service on third-party resources.


Speaking about how to increase site traffic, taking into account the criteria that affect reputation, it is impossible not to mention the security factor of users visiting your site.

The level of confidentiality, the protection of information shared by the audience is a crucial moment in the success of your dialogue. If this is not so noticeable in our country, then in the EU zone, according to the adopted regulations on user data protection, Internet resources are switching from the usual HTTP, defined by search engines as an unsafe and unprotected format, to GDPR.

It is important to take this into account not only for firms and enterprises entering the European market with their offer, but also for companies that care about their long-term reputation in any country of the world. Users with great trust and eagerness visit sites that meet new privacy requirements and, on the contrary, close the tab if they receive a warning about the insecurity of the resource.

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