How to rock content marketing in a niche that “doesn’t like to joke”?

Content marketing for harsh Chelyabinsk…

Agree, not every business “knows how to joke”. How do you like the theme of metal rolling? Potency? A divorce lawyer? Meanwhile, scaling to the Internet, you simply have to captivate the visitor of the resource. How to organize content marketing so that both the business and the potential client are satisfied?

In this article, we will talk about the techniques of generating ideas, as well as reveal the main secrets of successful brand promotion on the Web.

Game methods of generating ideas

Imagine that you are a participant in a professional industry conference. And you have to make a report. Among the invited guests are not only pros-crackers, but also potential customers. You need to charm them (the program is a minimum!) and take away from competitors (a million-dollar program!).

Think about what will be interesting and understandable to an inexperienced listener? What topic will cause a glint of understanding in his longing eyes?

Perhaps it will be news or achievements in the industry. Difficult tasks that your team has dealt with beautifully with the left hand. Yes, even naked statistics will appeal to the visitor no less than a stripper in a rabbit costume, if you add piquant facts, stories, hint at secret know-how.

Captivate the visitor with your enthusiasm, adjust content marketing to the interests of the pros, and also publish articles that are understandable to beginners. Improvise. Be brave. The public is impressed by a non-standard approach!

Knowledge as a great way to… sales

You, as a professional, certainly have such information that a simple amateur or beginner does not have. Share your important discoveries with the people. Bring benefits! People like to be aware of new products and know something that is not yet known to others.

Educational Content Marketing Ideas are a great opportunity:

  • entertain your reader;
  • train him on your product;
  • prove to him that you are a cool expert;
  • to build up from competitors.

And, finally, to educate loyal customers – after all, they are more willing to buy from those they trust, right?

The “attractive bait” technique

What is the most interesting thing for a person? — He himself and his benefits.

What is a person most afraid of? — Something to lose or miss something valuable.

Emphasize your UTP. Tell the user how your product or service will save his pocket from financial losses. It will help protect health or even life. It will protect you from trouble. Will bring profit. Implements ambitions.

The topic of fears and benefits is one of the most rated on the Internet.

The “prove your competence” technique

Good content marketing does not just eat up the budget, it always works for the future. First you invest in the brand name, and then your resource starts to “sponsor” you.

Most of all, the client appreciates taking care of his beloved. Be competent, solve his problem, and he’s yours. Moreover, it is now voluntary (and free!) an agent who enthusiastically recommends your services to his friends.

Expertise in the issue is worth a lot: the richest brands dictate the conditions in the industry and collect the fat cream from the wallets of customers who trust them. Tell the visitor of your Internet resource how you solve the problems of people like him. But when a potential customer is ready to buy, he will order a service / product from someone he is used to trust – that is, from you.

Ideal content marketing is not only a big name and brand awareness, but also active sales, including.

The main platforms for the implementation of your brilliant content ideas

However, strong content marketing is not everything. Where to post your brilliant articles?

The sales funnel may consist of different Internet sites. Here are the main ones:

  1. The blog. In a blog, you can publish literally anything. Remember that both search engines and people like consistency, originality. Therefore, stick to your style, and also post content consistently and according to plan. Let’s say you publish a fresh article on Monday. On Tuesday – a quote from the leader of the niche. On Wednesday – news or a selection of interesting facts.
  2. Social network. Communities, groups, advertising on social networks allow you to increase the reach of the audience – interested, hot, as ready as possible to consume your content. Content marketing in social networks includes texts, videos, photos, drawings, audio recordings, infographics. The peculiarity of the texts is conciseness, light style, maximum benefit for the reader. Aerobatics is sharing your content, because reposts are a free source of traffic earned by someone else’s hands.
  3. The email newsletter may announce your new blog posts or contain advertising content. You can also send full-fledged articles in emails. Make a mailing plan and combine these techniques.

Surprisingly, the same target audience in the same niche may prefer different content. To understand what your subscribers like, track their activity, test publications and channels. Based on this analytics, hone your content marketing to increase traffic and sales.

The saga of the articles…

Yes, you probably don’t know how to write articles. But! Most often, every novice Internet entrepreneur is a multitouch. He has to do everything: articles, advertising, SEO keys, editing, testing. And this approach makes sense if…

Of course, you can entrust your content marketing to an agency and relieve this unbearable burden from fragile shoulders. But we recommend that you still try each type of work – then you will be able to consciously control the performers and be aware of all the events in your Internet business.

The best Internet entrepreneurs started their journey from the basics and were just multi-stepers!

Thus, starting from scratch on the Internet, you invest in your professional skills and entrepreneurial intelligence. All these rules also apply to articles – write naturally, put yourself in the reader’s place. Very soon you will sharpen your pen and find a common language with the target audience.

Connect your offline team

Specialists who communicate with potential clients are especially valuable. What questions do they ask your employees most often? What are the claims of successful buyers? And, conversely, what are they thanking for? Feel free to transform user interests into topics for publications.

Or, say, a mechanic in your car service can “work on camera”, as a result of which you will post a video on your blog about how cool your specialists are troubleshooting. Interestingly, the video format allows you to make even the driest text digestible: so, the analytics read out by a charming manager will be listened to, but they will not read the same text.

By the way, the offline team’s approach is beyond the power of any content marketing agency. Take advantage of unique opportunities – it’s both cheap and angry.

Be purposeful!

Get ready for the fact that the first results will have to wait a little. Content promotion is a somewhat inert process. To fill and rock your Internet resource, you need to work hard. But then, when the system is debugged, the number of subscribers will steadily grow in a certain progression. You no longer have to invite participants manually — they themselves will subscribe to your public through reposts and likes of friends.

Have a dialogue with subscribers: comments, questions, suggested topics are an invaluable thing. This is the content generated by the target audience. In no case do not close the opportunity to comment on the page!

As you can see, it is not so difficult to achieve healthy popularity in the industry, even if your business “does not like to joke”. Hone your promotion skills, look for fresh ideas for content marketing. Keep subscribers active, and success will not keep you waiting!

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