Effective Content Marketing: the main components of your impressive strategies

The main components of effective promotion

Do you love your target audience? We hope so. Without love for subscribers, any web resource is doomed to dull content marketing. The main components of effective promotion fit into one article. There are about three dozen of them, but they will significantly diversify and promote your resource

Short format content

These are capacious, meaningful phrases or texts that can become a highlight of promotion and decorate your content marketing. You can order such works from freelancers or from a professional advertising agency.


Reflect the essence of the company or product. The purpose of the slogan is to be remembered by the client and arouse interest in the product. The most successful and bright slogans brought millions to their owners. Surely you can remember a couple of such texts right now.

Microposts (tweets)

Very brief and even more cute texts to the ever-hurrying Internet users. The meanings are compressed and fit in 140 characters. It is usually used for news or rich informational posts. They are read while riding the subway (or the boss does not see them).

Push notifications, SMS

Keep your finger on the pulse of the client. Tell him the most important news about products, promotions, interesting offers. Often, messages about sales have a viral effect and massively bring new subscribers who reacted to the repost.


Squeeze out interesting content within the framework of one article. Most often – a selection of annotations of the most popular narrow-thematic materials. Reading digests, the audience understands that you follow the information fashion and, on occasion, you can offer them something valuable.

Digests are loved by users and enliven content marketing great, you can order such a text from a professional journalist, analyst, intelligent freelancer.

Checklists, lists

Not quite short in terms of volume collections, which, on the other hand, contain a concentrate of useful knowledge. There are no spatial descriptions or ranting, the texts are similar to step-by-step instructions. With a minimum of your efforts to create an article, the user will get a lot of benefits and will be happy to share a useful guide.

Long format content

Email messages

They can be both short and long. They warm up a loyal audience, attract new customers. They allow you to have a dialogue with different segments of the target audience. They increase conversions and the clickability of the customer base.

Informational articles

Although now the Internet tends to short texts, long articles have not been canceled. A thoughtful interested reader will read as much as he wants, the main thing is to give him relevant information with notes of uniqueness. Large texts have a positive effect on the site’s reputation in the eyes of search engines.


Content in the format of fascinating life stories. They allow you to reach the emotions, heart and brain of the audience. They inspire, make you rejoice and empathize, forming a humane image of the company, increasing trust and sales.


Business storytelling with a focus on analytics and numbers. Tell visitors your success stories: what task you solved, how and what you achieved. Feel free to share your failures. Sincere content marketing literally cracks the client’s consciousness, proving that they have an honest brand in front of them.


Their difference from large articles is not in length, but in the depth of disclosure of the topic. To write a longrid, it is necessary to conduct a real study, collect unique materials. Grateful readers, exhausted by the same type of articles and unverified facts that fill the Internet, will be yours within 10-20 minutes.


High-quality articles are gladly placed in specialized publications. You will be able to use such content for various purposes: to build trust among customers, as a social proof of your expertise. To promote the name of your brand. For detuning from competitors.

White paper (white book)

A free e-book, most often a lead magnet. Reveals the company as a strong professional. Forms the unconditional trust and respect of the client.

Interactive content

Tests (quizzes)

Contrary to the opinion of some “promoters”, these interactives are of great benefit: they involve the client in interacting with the brand, help to get unique information about the leaders. They give a reason for further communication, but – already by phone. Unobtrusively educate the audience about your product. We wrote more about quizzes earlier.


Communicate with the visitor instead of you. These smart IT consultants are able to learn and respond correctly to questions. Significantly unload the sales department. They create an atmosphere of easy, relaxed and useful dialogue.

Widgets, games

A powerful marketing tool that can tame your visitor and warm him up to the status of a buyer. People willingly go through all kinds of quests, compete for prizes, count on online calculators.


An invaluable method for collecting feedback. Be sure to plan “Your own version”. This way you will get an influx of fresh content ideas and a sincere opinion about your product.


Like quizzes, they teach potential leads to your product. Many objections of clients are closed. They work for trust. A smart marketer will definitely sew into the FAQ block selling meanings and even … SEO keys.

The topic of any interactive should be related to your business. Content marketing, the main components of which do not work for sales, is unprofitable and useless.

Journalistic formats

Interview with an expert

Take a video of the conversation with the expert. And it is not necessary to invite big names. A talented district pediatrician will arouse serious interest among young parents. Especially if he talks about the case.

Company News

The client should see that you always have a mover on the resource. The publication of current brand and industry news will allow you to constantly replenish the content of the web resource, without really bothering to come up with topics.

Press releases

Make the media work for you, give them a good reason to publish about the company. It is important that this is a worthwhile article with facts, unique photos, graphics, and so on. Publications in the media will attract new customers, will work perfectly on the brand image.

Press Whales

Detailed and multi-format information about the company will certainly be useful to your partners from the journalistic and blogging fraternity. Here you can safely include texts, graphics, videos, printed and electronic materials, speeches of responsible persons.


Combines different content formats. As a rule, this is a cocktail of graphics, short texts and videos. The presentation increases the awareness of the company. Collects leads. It also happens in electronic form, but the popularity of such content is lower. Always make sure that content marketing and its main components work for your business.

Visual content


Publish brand photos, as well as images from image events. Such photos will not be stolen from you, so they will remain unique forever and will work for brand awareness.


Significantly enhance the text and fill it with vivid meanings. With a certain skill, it is easier to create pictures than professional photos.


Good infographics on the Internet are rare – many owners of web resources save on design. Intelligent graphics will definitely be shared with friends and colleagues. Infographics intelligibly and fresh presents statistics, analytics, information extraction. A good designer will help you develop turnkey graphic content marketing.


As a rule, these are funny animated jokes, a funny piece of a video clip. However, GIFs can show your product in action. Impressive GIFs are actively shared on social networks.


Memorable pictures, videos or GIFs that have captured the imagination of online communities. Meme-based advertising continues to create a viral effect, but in favor of the brand. Adapt ready-made images that people love to fit their needs.


Once a favorite in the United States, content is very popular with us today. A series of illustrations simply and clearly reveal large amounts of information, and so far the unusual format provides a fairly high virality.

Posters, postcards

The main thing is to find the only true message that will arouse the interest of the audience. Posters and postcards entertain, motivate, evoke emotions; often they become offline memes.


Audio clips are good because you can listen to them even while driving a car. Clients gratefully absorb audio publications, enter into dialogues with the guests of the broadcast with pleasure, and as a result become fans of such a convenient web resource. You can develop such turnkey content marketing with the help of contractors, as well as on your own.


Today, a web resource without video content is a moveton that causes bewilderment in the client. Everyone is used to “live” pictures. Literally everything can be driven under this format: a presentation, a review, training videos, cases, and so on.

360’ and VR

Content with immersion in the event is experiencing an incredible boom. Virtual reality gives users a unique experience, which is not always possible to find in reality. Brands that provide visitors with such an opportunity are rewarded with solid coverage, active sharing, and popularity.

User-generated content

A very special category of publications generated by the visitors themselves. It is interesting to the audience by default. Warm up users by actively responding to comments, stimulating likes, reposts, questions, new topics.

5 reasons to make your Content Marketing better

  1. Analytics. Identify the audience segment that you need. Which content does she react to most actively? Which sites does he visit most often? All this is very important.
  2. Strategy development. Define goals for each direction. Select the metrics you will work with. Find your own unique style of publications. Prepare a plan of topics relevant to the interests of users.
  3. Creating publications. Generate content regularly. Remember the style you have chosen. Stick to it on every site where your content will be published – this way you will make your name recognizable.
  4. Promotion of content. Allocate a budget to promote each piece of content. If the publication is not interesting to users, figure out what went wrong and do not repeat such mistakes.
  5. Analytics and testing. Track the reaction of visitors to each post or article, make the content of your resource exceptionally high-quality. Study analytics and trends, test new formats.
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