How to set up remarketing: 5 working strategies

Remarketing, how is it?

Remarketing (and retargeting to the same place) is the display of advertisements to an audience that has already visited the pages of your site. For example, if you sell smartphones and gadgets, then you can show ads for headphones to everyone who made an order for a smartphone, or launch similar campaigns for other products, depending on how to set up remarketing.

Example: Facebook dynamic remarketing (banned in Russia)

Example: Facebook dynamic remarketing (banned in Russia)

You should know how to set up remarketing

In this article, we will not pay attention to how to set up remarketing technically. We will describe several strategic points that we have successfully implemented into our clients’ advertising campaigns.

The strategy “For everyone indiscriminately!”

The more target segments the remarketing database has (in Russian: the more you have divided the database into “these bought a Samsung smartphone”, “these bought an iPhone x”, etc.), the more your ads will have clickability, rating and the less you can set the price per click.

There are also cases when it is more logical to advertise on everyone who has ever been on your site. For example, you have created a line of products that did not exist before, or have developed a super-offer that applies to all orders, or you have introduced a loyalty program…

The “basket-toss” strategy

If you have an online store or a website where the target action consists of several steps, then in any case you will have users who took the first steps, but did not get to the finish line.

They changed their mind, saw the final price, got discouraged and ran away, or maybe someone distracted them and they forgot about the order, or maybe the light turned off? It doesn’t matter. The fact is that investing money in the pursuit of such customers, thinking about how to set up remarketing, you will remain in the black.

Collect throw baskets in a separate remarketing list, create the right banners for them and go ahead! If you develop a special offer for this case, the numbers will be higher.

An example of a "throw basket": Google Adwords remarketing

An example of a “throw basket”: Google Adwords remarketing

Strategy “Look: that’s how much you will lose in a couple of days”

We humans are very witty, erudite, visionary, especially after the fact. We had, for example, negotiations with a client and when analyzing the conversation we understand: here I would say this and would be a good fellow. This also works with purchases of goods.

Many people will be curious and they will want to know what will end there after some time. Check for yourself, the 100% clickability of such a remarketing campaign will be the highest. Plus, you will remind about the deadline to those customers who have decided to postpone the purchase.

Dry strategy of working with emotions

He is generally an emotional person. Even if you sell nails, your audience is still emotional. It is important to know who your client is and what kind of graphics evokes emotions in him.

“With this bag, all my friends envy me.” “You’re gone, our site misses you.” “Our seminar is not the same without you.” “You can’t just throw the basket.”

Example: retargeting VK for Japanese auto show

The “Crimson Jacket” strategy

You know, the clickability of your banners tends to zero over time. This is logical, because people just get tired of looking at the same pictures, much less clicking on them. Over time, your banners will generally be treated as part of the website design. A sudden and drastic change in the design will contribute to breaking the blind spot!

Example: remarketing in google adwords

But remember, increasing clickability is not equal to increasing targeted visits. Too creative a banner will attract the entire audience, even the one that has already made a decision not in your favor.

What else is important to know about remarketing

  • The most common first reaction in people is “No.” What makes remarketing a constantly relevant tool.
  • It is more interesting for a person to return not to the same site where he has already been, but to the same site plus a bun. Let’s give this bun in the form of a deadline, special offers, bonus, promotions.
  • People are different, but not quite. Segment the remarketing database, make different offers, but don’t get carried away, there is often enough difference in one word on the banner for different segments.
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