How to attract customers to the site

Ways to attract customers to the site

Colors. Graphics. The originality of the content. All these elements depend on each other, because together they make your site interesting for potential customers. Unfortunately, you can’t make your website out of two colors, but add a small image somewhere on the side and call it all a super web page. It is quite obvious that each design element can both increase and decrease traffic to the site.

How to determine if your site is repelling potential customers?
Ask yourself the following series of questions and you will be able to find out!

Is your content difficult to read?

When visitors open a website, the factor of convenient reading is important for them, and they appreciate it most of all. Remember that not all visitors are familiar with different technical terms that relate specifically to your topic.

If you still decide to use technical terms, then be sure to explain them in the first mention — this way it will be easier for your readers to understand the essence of the text. And even better, explain everything in such a way as to push the customer to purchase your product or service – what, why, what is needed.

Are the site pages overloaded with ads?

Every day advertising on the Internet annoys more and more users. Your potential customers will not waste their precious time visiting sites where there is a lot of advertising. It is better for most companies to abandon it altogether.

If you save your visitors from the impact of unnecessary ads, most likely they will remain on your site.

Does your page load for more than three seconds?

Any page that takes more than three seconds to load loses almost half of the total site traffic. This means that if your site is slow, then you can lose almost half of your potential customers. Returning to the search engine again, they will find your competitors’ sites there and go to them.

On mobile devices, the page may take longer to load, so the allowed waiting time increases slightly. The percentage of potential customers who have left the site begins to grow only after 5 seconds.

Several ways to make your page load faster:

  • Reduce the size of your images.
  • Remove all unnecessary plugins.
  • Make sure your hosting is good and fast.

Are there too many calls to action on your site?

If you are thinking about how to attract customers to the site, then, of course, you need calls to action. But if there are a lot of them, it’s bad. When visitors feel that they are being “inundated” with offers, they may be confused and will not know what to choose. Or even worse, they may be annoyed by too intrusive calls to buy.

Make the buttons with promotions, lotteries, bonus purchases less intrusive. So that visitors can see them and use them exactly when they are ready for it.

Allow users to participate in promotions in such a way that they don’t have to enter too much personal information. In addition, there should be an opportunity to purchase the product exactly when they want, that is, not immediately.

Do you have videos on your page that start immediately when you open it?

Remember when you visited a website and the video was launched there without you clicking on playback. Were you glad that you were watching a video or hearing its sound without your desire to watch? It will also annoy and even scare away many visitors to your site.

There are different ways to attract customers, and video content will definitely be a great tool. But turn off autoplay. Let your visitors decide whether to watch the video or not.

Is the web design of your website similar to the style of 1999?

Technologies are developing every day, and Internet users have certain requests regarding the websites of different companies. These requirements especially apply to those brands that offer any recognizable goods or services.

If your site is outdated and it is already difficult to navigate there, then it’s time to update its design. You can use the services of a reputable design agency that will help make your website more modern. And then it will be much more convenient for your clients to work with you.

Are you demanding of your visitors?

When you immediately ask your visitors for their personal information as soon as they visit the site, you are almost guaranteed to push them away.

Most often, people just want to find specific information, only then get a service or product. Only after receiving the necessary information, they enter personal data and purchase the product. It is important for you to eliminate any obstacles from the moment of visiting the page to ordering the product, and not create new ones.

You can offer to enter certain data as a kind of call to action, for example, to subscribe.

Are your offers tempting?

“Subscribe to our newsletter and get 20% off all our services.” If you offer to participate in the promotion, then do not put any additional conditions.

One of the most common problems for users is a lot of additional conditions to get an offer. If you do not make a 20% discount until the customer spends $ 1000, then specify this condition immediately! Otherwise, potential customers will simply be disappointed in your site and they will be annoyed that you offered a discount, and then just divorced them.

Is your site overloaded?

If there are too many colors and graphics on your site, then it may seem complicated and cluttered to visitors. In many cases, people will simply leave such a site and go looking for something more convenient and easier.

Maybe this is a subjective factor, but it would be useful to have your site tested by people outside of your company. If they find the site cluttered and difficult to understand, then most likely you will need to revise its design.

Have you used images taken online?

Bad online photos are one of the worst things on a professional–level website. Such images can be identified as spam, and also give the impression that you simply do not have the means to make your own unique product photos and thereby increase traffic to the site.

A good image can highlight the advantages of your company. If you can’t make them yourself, then consider hiring a professional photographer who will take high-quality photos of your office, product or completed projects.

Have you hidden the price of your services?

Many customers pay attention to the price “transparency” of the site. Definitely many of them will prefer the resource where they will immediately be shown all the prices. If you still don’t know how to attract customers to the site, then open the entire price list, dividing the menu into groups and subgroups of products.

If you limit yourself to the ability to download the price list, you will most likely lose some of the potential buyers. It is very inconvenient to look for the cost of one desired product among the mass of other goods and services in a long list.

Obviously, most visitors are just browsing your site, comparing it with other resources. Show them all the pricing information so that they have more reasons to continue the process of purchasing the product. This will allow them to be one step closer to buying than on competitors’ websites without a price list.

Is your site difficult to navigate?

There is nothing more unpleasant than visiting a site where you can’t figure out how to find what you want. One of the most important factors of a successful website is easy navigation.

If it is difficult for you to find the right product — you just close this page. For this reason, convenient navigation is so important.

To make navigation simple, make sure that all buttons, icons and other elements are in their place. The process of selection and acquaintance with your product is logical and easy. Have a few people test it.

If you have a lot of product pages, it would be nice to add a search function to make it easier for customers to find the right product.

Don’t you suggest that visitors independently determine their further actions?

Not every visitor to the site is immediately ready to proceed to the purchase, and those who are already ready should see how to do it.

These can be ordinary buttons with phrases: “call now”, “tell me more” and others. Such phrases will help your visitors understand what to do next.

Add also the possibility of feedback. This may be a small window where a person will need to enter a phone number, or an email address. Even if they are not interested in further purchase of your product, you will receive their mail and will be able to send them information about discounts and special offers.

It also gives you the opportunity to personally communicate with the client, rather than using template phrases for mass mailing.

Is your tone repulsive?

“Our company does not work around the clock, and we are closed on Mondays. I’m sorry.”

This is a clear example of a rude tone. If you are thinking about how to attract customers to the site, and do not care about your visitors, then they are unlikely to want to cooperate with you.

Is your site not adapted for display on mobile devices?

To date, more Google requests are processed from mobile devices than from computers. This means that most of your potential customers are looking for information on the go, so they need access to your site through their smartphone or other mobile device.

The only way out is to adapt your website to a mobile device so that it displays correctly on any screen size and is in any browser. If you don’t have such an adaptation yet, then you will have to spend a little more time and money on its development in order to attract more potential customers.

Are there any similar problems on your site?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you have serious work to do to improve your site. On the other hand, it means that you have enough opportunities to improve your position on the Internet and attract more potential buyers.

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