What are leads and lead generation?

Who is the lead generator?

In most cases, the term “lead generation” refers to the process of converting web page visitors into potential buyers. Accordingly, the lead generator can be called this very page. It is also called a lead magnet, and a lead generator is called a person who brings leads into the business. In this article we will deal with these and some other similar terms.

Lead and lead generation

It is easy for a modern businessman who uses the Internet in an attempt to understand the topic of lead generation to get confused. Leads are called both transitions to the site, and users who have filled the basket, and the community in a network game. There is one correct definition, in our opinion:

Lead contact of a potential client

We are engaged in sales via the Internet, we have a landing page with all the information about the product, there is a feedback form that the visitor uses, the contact has come, the lead has been received. Very briefly, you have just familiarized yourself with the lead generation process.

Lead generation tools

What do we need to get the data of a potential client? The term “lead generation” has gained popularity thanks to the Internet, so we will look through the prism of Internet marketing.

Web resource

Landing page, online store, multi-page website, trading platform — to get contacts, we need a website where a visitor can convert to a lead using the feedback form.


Our web resource must have visitors. There can be many tools here: social networks, banner, teaser networks, contextual advertising. It all depends on the goals and concept of the project, geotargeting, budgets and the skills of the lead manager.


For effective lead generation, just a page on the Internet and traffic from any network is not enough. We will need the best page, which is developed based on the analysis of the project audience, competitor analysis, business niche, the market as a whole and the business itself, where leads will be generated. Traffic should be configured in the same way.

In this article, we will not delve into the strategy of project promotion. After all, most often it is more interesting for a businessman to order a turnkey lead generation.

Turnkey lead generation

This is a variant of cooperation in which the lead generation agency:

  • Analyzes the client’s business
  • Conducts audience analysis
  • Studies competitors
  • Develops a lead generation strategy
  • Creates a web resource
  • Configures traffic
  • Gets Leads
  • Monitors, analyzes, refines

The customer can only choose a competent agency with which he can work on comfortable terms, and there can be many conditions and all are different.

Today we can find a lot of USPS for lead generation, it makes no sense to describe them all. Let’s consider a couple of the most classic options for business interaction with a lead manager.

Payment for leads

This is when the contractor tells the customer: “I will give you 100 leads a month for the price of $10 apiece.”
And that’s it, the customer doesn’t know anything about websites, traffic sources, strategies. There is a price for the lead, these same leads are also present, everything is simple.

At the same time, there may be a lot of options for agreements between the lead manager and the customer. The site and advertising campaigns can be transmitted or not. The performer can work on an advance payment: “I want to receive an advance payment for 100 leads and I undertake to bring them within such and such a time.” Whatever contract we have concluded, we are working on it.

Important! Note:

A competent lead generation agency will never start work so immediately, so simply. And the lead manager will never tell you the exact price of one lead during the first conversation. If something like this happens, then this is a reason to think about the correctness of the choice of the performer. An intelligent lead generator will conduct several stages of a briefing with the customer, learn everything possible and impossible about the customer’s business, about the market, about competitors, conduct testing and only then will talk about concluding a contract.

Lead generation with pay-per-setup

A more popular option is where the customer participates in all stages of website development and pays for development, not for leads. Similarly with traffic: payment for setting up and running advertising campaigns. So the customer is the owner of both the site and advertising campaigns, has access to them.

The note from the previous paragraph here remains valid.

The key to successful turnkey lead generation

Let’s say you tried to generate contacts of potential customers yourself and failed.

Then you decided to contact a marketing agency. Few people talk about this, but even in this case there are chances to merge budgets without getting an adequate number of leads…

We have prepared 5 tips to avoid this.

Choose the right contractor

Price and timing are important criteria. But, we believe that the presence of successful cases is a much more important reason to contact this or that agency. Experience, knowledge of the topic, what you will or will not see in communication, competence — it is better to choose according to these parameters.

If the choice was made correctly, then why distrust?

The briefing stage is held for a reason. This is the right time for both the contractor and the customer to ask all the questions that they have. The performer is not convinced — ask questions. Once you have already made a choice, trust. Getting into each text, offering edits in the design that do not affect the essence in any way, but take time, you complicate the work of both sides.

A contractor, he is like a doctor, like a priest…

I mean, if you have valuable information, share it. You will be asked about competitors, product features and audience. Do not think: “I’m paying you, so do your research and analysis.” You and the performer work for a common result — profit for your business.

The first failure should not lead to the cutting of the ends

From the first transitions to the site, an uncountable number of applications will not fall into your CRM system, so it may well be. The best thing to do is to analyze, think about the reasons for the failure, fix it and test it again.

Success should not lead to standing still

Let’s say that from the first transitions of the application, everyone goes and goes, they are not going to stop. This is not a reason to ignore other traffic sources. These promotion channels are extremely fickle, you always need to try something new, play on trends, and not miss opportunities.

Order lead generation

Now that we have decided what lead generation is and you think that this is exactly what your business needs, we suggest you learn about how we, at KRAB Marketing Agency, connect lead generation to business 😉

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