Creating a chatbot in social networks for sales. 5 convenient services

Creating chatbots in social networks: optimize your sales with the help of convenient services

Chatbots have become insanely popular in the last couple of years. These smart electronic applications maintain an active dialogue with customers, answering their standard questions – this is quite enough for initial maintenance. Creating a chatbot helps out a lot where you need to accept a payment, give a simple consultation – in a word, replace a person when solving the same type (template) tasks. Chatbots do not get sick, do not sleep, do not go on maternity leave and do not ask for a salary. And with proper integration, they also increase conversion. Very convenient!

Types of chatbots

Depending on the complexity of business tasks, two types of chatbots are used in online sales:

  • Simple ones. Very laconic robots are hard workers. Their communication skills are limited to 5-7 standard phrases.
  • Complex. Robots are intellectuals, they are able to analyze user questions and, focusing on keywords, substitute relevant phrases. Often, the user does not even suspect that he is conducting a dialogue with a chatbot.

What services exist for creating applications in social networks?

Robochat: Smart free

Cost: free of charge
Demo version: not provided

Robochat is a great solution for those who want to create an intelligent chat for free. This is a good, easy–to-use constructor with additional features for building autoworks in social networks – in addition to dialogs, you can set up mass mailing to subscribers of the group.

Robochat belongs to the family of intelligent robots: it can analyze the texts of received messages, competently reacts to keywords and selects the appropriate response phrase from the settings algorithm. One such chatbot will be able to serve communities in several social networks at once: VKontakte, Telegram, Facebook*.

Features of the service:

  • The chatbot starts acting only in response to a certain visitor’s action: sending a document or a multimedia file.
  • The service can be tricky and allows you to use gray methods: Robochat is aware of the ban on spam to NON-subscribers of the group, but at your own risk you can still do it. However, then don’t be surprised if a ban arrives one day.
  • You can configure the “Random Response” function.
  • Robochat is an ideal option for creating a chain of questions and answers.
  • The service is also convenient because it is able to collect information about the participants of the dialogue.

Creating a chatbot in Robochat allows you to do without the services of a programmer, and create an advanced chat, even if you don’t understand anything about the layout.

BotVK: for use and creativity

Cost: from 100 rubles/month.
Demo version: 3 days

This cool and very useful sales tool will greatly relieve the hands and brains of your managers. BotVK will serve customers as well as a person: it will form an individual discount on the go, tell you what is happening with the order. Generates a support ticket using special commands.

Developers are willing to support creativity and help create non-standard teams and chats. This can also be done with your own hands (with some intellectual effort).

Features of the service:

  • The robot is easy to learn and is able to adapt to the phrases of a person sitting “on the other side of the screen”.
  • The bot is able to create entertaining content. Just add a photo editor or customize the sending of jokes. The main thing is that not only you and your spouse like these jokes, but they are also fun for users.
  • If your subscribers are nerds and nerds with a technical dictionary in their hands, connect a Wikipedia search engine or a calculator. By the way, everyone will like the calculator in general – users like to play with buttons.
  • For those who like to be active on the Internet, create events, entertainment communities or mini-shops. Shopping and online communication replace trips to shops and hangouts for tired ordinary people.

The service works only in VKontakte. You will not be able to create a chat for free.

Chatfuel: for a healthy business appetite

Price: from $15/month.
Demo version: no
Free package: yes

A powerful service for serious brands, working in close tandem with Facebook* Messenger. Powerful analytics is bolted to the service. And Chatfuel easily withstands a large simultaneous load.

The main “but” is that this service is completely English-speaking. But even if you “do not speak English”, this resource is so simple that you will understand it intuitively. By the way, you will not be left to the mercy of fate: every owner of a brand-new chatbot is waiting for a surprise – a template of a ready-made dialog box for communicating with a client.

By the way, small and medium-sized businesses can also take advantage of the friendly invitation of developers. While your company is just gaining momentum, the possibilities of a free tariff are quite enough for full-fledged work.

Features of the service:

  • It functions exclusively on Facebook*.
  • If you want to fasten an already working page, technical problems may arise.
  • The bot recognizes natural speech and can self-learn.
  • You can create complex algorithm trees: each answer from one group, in turn, leads to another group of answers.
  • It is possible to fasten the “Call” button directly in the chat window.
  • It is easy to plan and carry out mailing lists on the subscription database.

Botsify: enrich the lead base

Tariff: $10-50/month.
Free package: up to one hundred chats

Another intelligent robot with a good set of functions. This miracle of the modern IT industry recognizes natural speech by the keywords specified in the algorithm.

This bot does nothing for nothing, altruism towards customers is completely alien to it. Communicating, he painstakingly scoops out the contacts of all new users, confidently and inevitably enriching your lead base.

If you are puzzled by creating a chat for a website, Botsify is a great option. The robot sends out messages and news of your site to the contact database. In the paid version, the bot can be integrated into the site, enriching the interface of the Internet resource. By the way, any interactive service increases the importance of the site in the eyes of search engines, so chats on websites are a very useful thing.

Features of the service:

  • Notifies the admin of the group about the visitor’s desire to receive a full-fledged consultation of a live specialist.
  • Analytics and the ability to receive feedback from the user are attached to the service.
  • There is a built-in feedback form constructor.
  • The limit in the free tariff is up to 100 unique chats.

The disadvantage of Botsify is a fancy interface, which is not easy to understand, so you will have to work hard to create this chatbot.

ManyChat: a “grocery” robot for Facebook*

Cost: free of charge
Demo version: None

The “grocery” robot is convenient for promoting products on Facebook*. Not only is its interface understandable even to a child, the developers have created detailed instructions in video format.

To create a chatbot in ManyChat, you need to dig into the settings, but it’s definitely worth it.

Features of the service:

  • The developers pleased the users with a detailed video instruction.
  • The program is activated in just three minutes. It is enough to allow the connection of Facebook* Messenger and … send a message to your own personal account.
  • Any chat participant automatically becomes your subscriber.
  • You can set up a mailing list according to a specific schedule.

ManyChat is exclusively devoted to Facebook* and does not work with other social networks.

P.S. When connecting a chatbot, do not forget to enable the “Allow messages” function in the page settings. Without such permission, the chatbot will not be able to act.

*Facebook is a banned social network in Russia

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