What is website conversion and how to increase it?

Before we move on to specific tips, let’s figure out what a website conversion is. In simple terms, this ratio: the number of visitors who have taken any action on the site, to the total number of visitors for a certain time period.

For example, how to find out the conversion rate of a site if:

  • We have a single page with a subscription form
  • The only purpose of the site is to collect subscribers to the database
  • 100 people visited the site, of which 50 became subscribers

By simple calculations, we get that our conversion rate is 50%

This site conversion formula is universal, it calculates the average site conversion (the ratio of visitors from all traffic sources to the total number of goals achieved) and conversion for a specific traffic source.

Website conversion always depends on two factors:

  • The quality of the page where the traffic goes
  • Traffic quality

In this article, we will assume that the traffic is configured well. This means that people come to the page who want to buy the product we offer. Today we are talking about increasing the conversion rate of the site due to the quality of the landing page.

important! Speaking globally, the quality of traffic and the page (and, accordingly, the conversion of the site) depends on how cool you have developed a strategy for promoting the project. How deeply have you analyzed the audience, what dreams and fears are typical for the audience. What do the competitors have? What are their pros and cons, how long they call back on the application, how long their banner pursues you on other sites, etc. Globally, the success of the project depends on the strategy. This is a separate big topic, which we will not mention here.

Now let’s move on to the technical side of landing pages and consider 5 mistakes that are best avoided, which you can see from competitors by opening the first 4 advertising links from Adwords

5 typical mistakes on the site that kill its conversion


Western patterns are especially loved by our people 😉

“Let’s take a template, since it exists, it means it works” is the most common misconception.
“You can take a template and make edits there, sharpen it for our target audience” — is it familiar? It is also a sure way to merge budgets.

In general, there is an opinion that if you find a good template, if the word “good” is generally applicable to this case, then the resource for this template will also turn out to be necessarily good. That there are triggers, it’s like David Blaine’s street magic, provides sales on a psychological level.

A template site is better than a site without a structure. That’s for sure. But the template 100% works many times worse than the site developed by “brains”.

Explaining the reason why templates don’t work is quite simple. Each product has its own audience. We at KRAB Marketing Agency, when developing a website, make up a full portrait of her, this is from 20 A4 sheets. All the little things, fears, dreams of the audience, goals, daily routine are prescribed. In the process of this analysis, insights appear: why it is necessary to write this way, and not otherwise. A certain structure appears. And no template will fit it. There is no such template that will take into account all the objections of the people we need.

A good website conversion rate (at least 15% for hot search queries) will never “grow” out of the template. The best way to increase the conversion rate of a website due to a template is to abandon template solutions.

And unfortunately, no matter how much we would like, even if we pay 50% extra, a prototype of a really selling page is being developed for at least a week.

We sell from the first screen

The first screen of the site is not the most difficult, but the most responsible, because it is he who is responsible for the conversion of the site. As a rule, a user who has switched to a site from advertising opens some more competitor sites at the same time. It depends on the first screen whether the user will look at our site or will look at a competitive one. The 3-second rule works here like nowhere else. They didn’t have time to interest in three seconds — write was gone. A site with a high conversion rate is created according to the 3-second rule

What is important?

  • Do not sell on the first screen, do not push the form there, do not agonize over the fact that you need to implement AIDA on the first screen. It will not be possible to sell from one screen if it is not a red brick at retail. It’s better to gather more competitors and think about what needs to be done so that they look at you, and not at them.
  • The purpose of the first screen is to force the user to view all the information.

There are exceptions. For example, you make a resource where traffic will come from cold sources and from the partner network. These people (from the affiliate program) already know about the event, are already ready to buy, they just need one button, they do not need to be “warmed up” by a long landing page. Especially for such, we sell VERY CAREFULLY, very carefully, on the first screen.


Today, so many things have been invented for website development that it is difficult to choose. The secret is that there is no need to choose. A large site conversion is often provided by simplifying the components of the page. The increase in website conversion is associated with improvements in elementary components, less often with the addition of additional elements.

Complex multi-level animation, clever “exclusive” design, etc. it makes sense to do if you sell something to web designers or people interested in fashionable chips in the IT field.
Or, if it is an entertainment portal, a fan club of a popular toy, etc.

If you sell windows, repair apartments, build private houses — let your website be simpler, let it be not a design or a fashionable effect, but the advantages of the product. And the conversion rate of site visitors will be higher.

The presentation of your product should appeal to the target audience. Not to the designer and not even to you.

Schmiggers instead of values

Empty words about the coolness of the product instead of clear promises. So far, no one knows how to increase the conversion of the site due to the cool copyright from the “water”…

A good value proposition consists of quite understandable elements:

  • A title written in the language spoken by the audience (but within grammatical limits), which will make it clear that the purchase of the product is correct. Not a trigger, a valuable promise.
  • What are you selling and under what conditions that no one has such? Write about it in plain text.
  • Bonuses. Are you the fastest or are you cheaper, maybe just better? Let us know about this, too.
  • Images (if the audience likes, then videos) of the product in action.

I can’t think of a deadline, we’ll do without it

It is impossible to talk about what a site conversion is, not to mention the limitation of the offer. Of course, there are niches where it is difficult to give a deadline. It is difficult to explain it, but just to invent it, to suck it out of your finger is too obvious. For example, the service sector. “Order the development of a prototype of the site now, we are making only 10 prototypes” — it is clear to everyone, this restriction is “just like that”.

Nevertheless, we think harder and come up with: “We take 3 projects a month, now there is room for 1 more project.” And having finalized such a proposal, you can make a completely suitable restriction. When we are restricted, we want to get it even more. That’s how the brain works.

Counters. The abundance of pseudo-actions with counters has reduced user confidence in this tool. To date, the advice is simple: do not put a counter if you are not 100% sure about the promotion. Nevertheless, when used correctly, the counters work and bring results.

We chose a coat in an online store, studied the store pages for a week, weighed everything, decided on a model, we call and the seller says: “This model has one piece left and has already been booked”

All. I need exactly this coat!

This factor should complement each advertising offer. But, again, in moderation. Without restrictions, the user has no reason to act right now, you can postpone for later and forget.

Website conversion is not shamanistic, not dancing with a tambourine, but a completely logical concept that has its own laws. Now that you know the steps to increase the conversion of the site, try, implement these 5 points on your resource. If nothing changes, call us, we will conduct a free audit of your marketing.

We don’t have many marketers. Hurry up 😉

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