Landing page pros and cons

In what situations is it better to use a selling landing page?

Even if you have applied to a good marketing agency, it will be useful for you, as a customer, to learn a few important points about Landing Page. This is necessary in order to understand for sure in which situations to use the site, in which the landing page is selling, and in which both.

Landing Page is a one–page website, the main task of which is to extract contact details of potential customers with their subsequent transfer to sales managers.

You can say even shorter. The ideal landing page should interest the client and get his contact, then only the work of the sales manager remains, and the closing of the transaction.

It is worth mentioning one of the most common mistakes made by customers who expect a sharp increase in sales from using this type of sites. Of course, they can buy from you “head-on”, but it’s better when there is a good warming up of the audience, or a cheaper product than your competitors.

Judge for yourself and evaluate your specific situation, taking into account the pros and cons of a landing page and a multi-page site:

  • The Landing Page conversion from a visitor to a contact is higher than that of a regular site.
  • The landing page has more applications, but fewer are really interested. The site, on the contrary, has fewer applications, but the number of customers can be significantly more.
  • The information on the landing page is presented more concisely and abstractly, on the website – more deeply and expanded.
  • Landing Page is much faster and easier to create than a regular website.
  • An important point is that landing pages are more difficult to promote using SEO.
  • As a rule, the audience has more confidence in a regular website than a Landing Page.

Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of site types in different business areas.

Service sector

In the service sector, landing pages are most often used. This is due to the fact that it is much more convenient for a company providing services to use a resource in the form of a business card. In this case, little content is needed, in extreme cases, you can use a newsletter with useful information and new products. An ideal landing page copes with this task much better than a more cumbersome regular site.

If you provide several services, it is better to make a separate landing page for each. This approach helps to attract potential buyers to your resources more widely.

Wholesale trade

As for wholesale, it is effective to use both options together. by using a landing page and a regular website at the same time, you achieve several goals at once. You accumulate potential customers using the Landing page, and later sales managers will deal with them.

The site, thanks to the content of detailed information about products, a detailed description of positions and pricing policy, can be very useful. The opportunity to accumulate promotional offers, discounts, will attract a lot of potential buyers who are used to looking for profitable options on their own.


When trading at retail, the use of a landing page is ineffective. Because it is very difficult to place a large number of names and characteristics of the goods sold on a single-page website. Moreover, such a sales platform will not be attractive to customers and will not inspire their confidence.

In turn, a regular website, thanks to the ability to place detailed and useful information on each position on it, is the best fit for this.

Once again, we will highlight the main points in which cases it is better to use the Landing Page:

  • You are just starting a company and strive to get started as soon as possible and receive applications from customers.
  • A one-page landing page, the cost of which is low, will allow you to save money at first, without much damage to business development.
  • Even if you are a large company, there is often a situation when it is useful to allocate a separate website with its own separate customer base to the service you provide.
  • Landing Page can be effectively used as a business card of your company with a very important function of capturing contact data of potential customers.
  • The main task of the landing page is to arouse the first interest of customers and leave their contact details to your sales managers. At the initial stage, this moment will be the main one in the work.
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