How to create a logo and how it affects sales

Today we will talk about an element of corporate style that 99% of companies have, about how to create a logo.

We at KRAB Marketing Agency are convinced that logo development is a very important component of a company’s successful promotion on the market. It reflects the “face” and features of the owner, conveys the desired meaning and contributes to the positioning and effective conduct of advertising campaigns. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the issue of its creation responsibly.

Modern logos should have a number of qualities:

  1. Unique
  2. Original
  3. Memorable
  4. Concise
  5. Functional
  6. Associative
  7. Expressive

The presence of the above-mentioned characteristics of the logo always creates a good basis for the promotion of the company. Also, it is important to understand that at the initial stage it is not the logo that makes its owner famous. The presence of demand for the company’s services, the demand for goods (services) and quality service over time bring the logo owner popularity. And only after the formation of recognition, the corporate identity and logo begin to work for the owner and bring him profit.

Stages of logo creation

Market research and target audience

How to create a logo without analyzing the people for whom it is created? Logo development always begins with an analysis of the company, types of activities, advantages, differences, market features and competitors. Therefore, it is important to conduct a thorough study in which to identify the main competitive advantages, the specifics of services (goods), determine the target audience and create avatars of customers. It’s also great to collect information about competitors and analyze logos of companies that operate in similar segments.

Based on the collected information, it is possible to determine what will be depicted on it. Perhaps some features of the company, service or target audience. There are also outlines for choosing a color and style.

Creating sketches

The logo design can be very diverse – from a detailed corporate character to a concise image of the first letter of the company, or two thin lines. The most important thing is that it should be original, attractive and memorable. Also, it is important to keep in mind that all elements should be readable and look equally good on both a colored and b/w background. This will allow it to be used harmoniously when applied to various surfaces, corporate elements and in advertising campaigns. At KRAB Marketing Agency, we create several visual concepts at once, so that later we can analyze them and choose the most suitable one.

Choosing the best concept and making changes to it

To select the appropriate option, we check the sketches for compliance with the company’s activities, for uniqueness and for the main characteristics (simplicity, memorability, functionality, etc.). Also, it is important to assemble a small focus group and conduct a survey to analyze whether the audience perceives the logo correctly, whether it creates a positive associative series, what emotions it causes etc.

During the verification process, the most suitable version of the sketch is selected and finalized. Sometimes it happens that you need to go back to the first or second stage. For example, the designer may like the sketch, but the customer does not. Therefore, we have to start all over again (:

Presentation and implementation of the finished logo

When we figured out how to create a logo, after all the edits were made, the created logo is ready for registration and implementation.  Now it can be used in all corporate identity media (website, business cards, souvenir, advertising, brochures, etc.).

Do not underestimate the importance of the logo. It is not so important whether you are preparing a business logo or working on the logo of a musical group. And it’s okay if the process of creating it takes, as you think, a lot of time. After all, only a cool logo is able to work for the company, attract customers, help in the promotion of goods and services and stand out from competitors. Believe me, at first you invest time and money in it, but then, for many years of the company’s life, it will work for you.

 KRAB Marketing Agency