How do I take photos of products and how does this affect sales?

Why care about the quality of product photos?

Imagine yourself in the place of an Internet user who surfs the Internet in search of, for example, soft toys. Another online store, you look at the catalog, find an interesting toy, go to the product page with the desire to passionately examine this soft thing from all angles in a large size without SMS and registration, but you only see grainy and blurred photos in profile and full face… What could be more painful? The good news is that more and more online stores are starting to think about this pain of users and how to take photos of goods correctly.

Today, the user is spoiled so much that even such a simple product as 9-inch nails, he will want to consider in an enlarged size and from different angles. If you do not give such an opportunity on your site, then the user will go to look for a site where such an option is present.

For example, you. 100% you even twist a simple corkscrew in the supermarket in your hands before putting it in the basket. There is nothing new in this, every customer does this, even if he administers an online store. Then why does not every store give you the opportunity to fully see the goods?

If you take a photo of the product from different angles, do not be petty and think about the quality of the photo, add a photo or video in 360 degrees, then the user will have the opportunity to FEEL the product. Good photos intrigue people, cool photos make them buy.

Big players in the Western market, thinking about how to beautifully photograph goods for an online store, organize whole “factories” for the production of photo goods. This is not a joke. This is what will be discussed now with examples and figures.

Quite a bit about the video , our example is number one. This online store sells goods “for home and everyday life” and there is a video on almost every product page. The local marketing chief, Katie McManus, says that after watching the video, the buyer adds the product to the cart 144% more often than if he had not watched the video.

Organizeit pays monthly to the company Invodo for the development and placement of videos. Comparing the subscription fee for videos and the impact of commercials on sales, Katie claims that by investing $ 1, the company returns 10.

For a video presentation, conditionally complex products that need to be properly installed, decomposed, and used are best suited. It is better to shoot and show products with features that are difficult to describe in text or photos.

Katie also talks about a decrease in the percentage of refunds, because after watching the video, the user understands better how and which product is better for him to use.

3 stories how to make a beautiful product photo

How to take a picture of an Amazon product

Example number two (our favorite example), Amazon. This resource is concerned about how to beautifully photograph a product for sale so much that it has acquired buildings with a total area of 12 square kilometers in Brooklyn! The giant photo and video studio provides three clothing stores: Amazon Fashion, Shopbop and MYHABIT.

Never a modest space is divided into 28 parts: photo studios, video studios, design studios, postproduction. And everyone is working to make Amazon’s offerings even more fashionable and unlike competitors.

19,000 images are taken daily, of which more than 2,000 end up on Amazon sites.

The president of Amazon Fashion, Kathy Biudwan, ranks high-quality photos of products among sales partners according to the degree of importance for the company.

Zulily experience or how to take a picture of a product at home

Zulily is an online store of clothes, shoes, household goods for all ages. It is famous for offering high quality goods at a relatively low price.

If the previous example shows that there is no need to be petty, then this one, on the contrary, will show how to take photos of goods at minimal cost.

The Zulily photo studio is part of the office space. More correctly, it is the 35th mini-photo studios designed for a home environment. The company has its own photographers, the models are employees and their children. Why pay more?

DueMaternity: motherhood in 360 degrees

Products for mothers and pregnant women, photos of which can be rotated in any direction with the mouse or screen. For the user, this is like an opportunity to touch the product, albeit virtually. Anything is better than a set of photos from different angles.

DueMaternity has implemented a feature in which the product image will rotate slowly if the user hovers the mouse cursor over the product. According to the director, this dynamic element increased sales by 27%. It’s not hard to believe when even the color of the button on the landing page affects the conversion…

Snap36, a company that knows exactly how to photograph a product for an online store in 360 degrees, claims that a product accompanied by a 360-degree photo is bought 360 times 30% more often. The time that users spend on the site increases by a third. Plus, positive reviews about the product are added, because users get to know it better.

Every year online sellers invest more and more in photo and video presentations of their products, which cannot but please buyers. About how to make a beautiful photo of a product for sale today there are enough materials in the public domain. We hope that we have figured out what this gives the seller today.

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