Regardless of the circumstances: trends in web design and development of adaptive selling sites

As time goes on, there are more and more sites, the number of web resources appearing per unit of time is growing, respectively, new trends in web design are appearing more and more often.

A timer, a counter “number of downloads”, a zigzag cutting the screen, hinting at the end of one block, a background video, instead of a static picture — trends in website development regularly throw up new “tricks” and many developers try to cram them into customer sites.

Why do these and similar trends in website development have no place in the CIS web development market and what trend should you pay attention to now?

Goals of the selling site

The goal in product sales? It is logical to assume this from the name, but this is not always the case. The purpose of the selling site is for the user to perform a targeted action. This can be a subscription to a newsletter, buying a ticket, applying for a consultation, filling out a basket, and in general anything that is included in the company’s sales strategy.

The conversion of visitors to leads is the goal of the selling site.

How are the goals of the selling site achieved?

Many people believe that the current web design trends mentioned above will help them achieve the goal of the selling site. When I open the links from the search results for the query “buy a coat Kiev”, as a rule, the desire to buy a coat disappears.

They offer to call me back in 30 seconds, they offer to see what they usually buy there with a coat, they don’t let me understand that I got where I wanted to go in the first 3-5 seconds of viewing the site.
They showed me everything, but not what I really need as a buyer. And I don’t need that much:

  • Good suggestion
  • A clear explanation of what you are selling, which I will not find anywhere else
  • Value Promise
  • Time limit or quantity limit

A great recipe for achieving the goals of a selling site.

I will give a good example from the strategy of the work of modern media. One media outlet makes a throw-in, writes news sucked out of a finger. The throw-in is picked up by the second media, referring to the first. The stuffing of the second media is picked up by several more services and so on, and you won’t understand where the news came from. Revelations appear, but the stuffing has already grown from a snowball into an avalanche and has reached a wide audience, where some will believe the exposure, some will not believe it.

A famous studio is developing a web resource with pop-up buttons and text blocks, with a video sequence on the background of the text, with cool animation when the user clicks on the page. With creativity. It turns out really beautiful. Competing studios see this and do the same to their clients. Over time, customers see such sites and ask them to do the same, and for many developers, the client’s word is the law. This is how web design trends worked today.

I don’t want to say that all the newfangled “pop-up chips” on websites are a 100% worthless trend. They take place in many web resources. But not in the selling sites.

The main concern of the developer of the selling site is to make it as convenient as possible for the user to convert.

The main trends of web design for selling sites: the development of clear, convenient and simple resources where the user will not have questions: “Yes, where can I find out about the product and how to buy it at all?”


If you are making a website for web designers or other IT specialists, it can and should be creative, complex and beautiful.

Web design: a trend

The ground for smartphones began to be prepared in 2001. In the middle of 2007, a person has already begun to pamper his fingers with a touch tap. Nowadays, if you don’t have a smartphone, then something is wrong with you. Nowadays, a greater number of transitions to the site, even in the most serious niches like accounting and legal services, occur from a mobile device.

Website optimization for mobile devices — shouldn’t this be the main trend of web design for the CIS this year?

They order from mobile phones and through a non-adaptive website

Indeed, if the goal of the selling site is achieved in the right way, the user will be converted from a mobile device, even if your site is not optimized for this device. You will always have time to order a mobile version of the site, won’t you?

So everything happens until a competitor appears with the same correct offer and a mobile version of the site 😉

You can wait for this, or you can become this very emerging competitor.

Google loves responsive websites

This is so, you have much more chances to advance in SEO if the site is equally user-friendly on any device.

The reason here is not only that the site has a mobile version, but also that the user spends more time on the page, it is more convenient for him to interact with the content of the resource. The search engine sees this and the site’s rating is growing.

Then why are half of the sites not adaptive?

We are talking about small and medium-sized businesses*

There are objective reasons. Development of a mobile version of the site:

  • More expensive
  • Longer
  • Not all niches in the CIS need it yet

There are reasons why it is still possible to sell normally without having an adaptive website. For example, you have a loyal audience and they don’t care what kind of website you have, they are interested in your product.

Nevertheless, I am sure that soon the trends of web design will make non-adaptive sites sink into oblivion.

Conclusion and the main trend in the development of selling sites for the coming years

The plan for the current year: “To make a mobile version of the site.” It’s cool if such thoughts appear after reading this material. But an adaptive website for all devices is not the main trend in development.

The main trend of web design and development of adaptive websites:


So far, opening the TOP 10 sites from the search results, I see enough jambs, both in mobile and desktop versions, to tell everyone I know: “Now the main trend in development is usability!”

Think, for what purpose does the user come to your resource? How can you help him achieve his goal?

What is the first thing the user needs to show in order for him to want to become your client?

What are you doing that no one else is doing? Why do I need to buy from you?

Very often, creativity is embedded in the selling site and distracts the user from the essence of the offer. Because there is no essence there. You don’t have to do that. You can pack everything, you can always find advantages, benefits and create value for the buyer from them.

Let your selling site achieve its goal more often!

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