How to kill a coach’s shit in yourself, or the 7 sins of a consultant

7 approaches that make any consultation ineffective

Every specialist who is pumped to a certain level is faced with a situation when he is asked for advice.

The online education and consulting market is growing rapidly. Entrepreneurs have finally begun to understand that in order to pump their business, you need to contact specialized specialists. They will help build the process and save time and money.

But along with the growing demand for consulting services, a large number of psesvdoexperts and govnokouchers appeared on the market.

Those who have watched 2-3 pirate training sessions and proudly put on a label — “expert”, can be calculated in 5 minutes of conversation.

But what to do with the average? With those who look confident enough and convince well, but in the process of work turns out to be a weak specialist.

For 5 years of work of my digital agency, I have formulated typical situations, how you can screw up a consultation. They will help you distinguish a real specialist from a dummy. And if you sell your consultations yourself, it will be a great checklist for you to check how good you are.

So, the 7 sins of the consultant:

Getting ready is for beginners. Even if you wake me up, I’ll still tell you everything cool.

Of course, it’s cool that you have experience, qualifications and the ability to react quickly. But if you want to give the client an effective solution that will work for him, and not some standard scheme, you need to prepare!

For example, a couple of days before the consultation, I always first call the client for 15 minutes and ask him about a dozen questions that give me the opportunity to understand his problem. Understand how his business processes work, what tools he uses, where his weaknesses and strengths are.

Yes, of course you can do everything in one session. Interview and immediately give the necessary solutions. If you are a cool specialist, then your recommendations will fall by 70-75% and will give a good effect. But we’re talking about the most effective solution here. Preparation will give you the opportunity to increase the percentage of usefulness to 100%

To understand the subtleties? Who needs it? The main thing is to show the result.

When we dive into the client’s business, look at it from all sides, evaluate the available resources, how the processes are debugged, study the target audience, etc., we have a complete picture. This allows us to give more accurate recommendations and build a strategy for several steps ahead.

For example. We collaborated with a beauty salon that sells expensive cosmetics Ingrid Millet. They were just entering the market with it and did not know how best to make a launch.

The product line is small, has a lot of advantages, the target audience is narrow. It seems that the solution is obvious — you need to make a cool landing page and configure traffic for it. Yes, that’s right. But we went a little further. When we started to draw up a portrait of the client, we realized that it would be difficult for most women to decide on the purchase of goods right away.

The product is of high quality, but it is not represented in the country, there is little information about it, there is no trust, and the price is at the level of top products from well-known competitors.

It was necessary to create a trusting mood among the consumer.

And we made an offer on the website — to sign up for a free 20-minute consultation with a professional cosmetologist.

You won’t surprise anyone with a lead magnet now, but in 2015 it worked very cool and the client received more than a hundred applications in the first month.

Women received recommendations from a cosmetologist, performed them for a short period of time and were very satisfied with the result. Of course, during this time they gained trust and at the next contact with the cosmetologist, they were happy to buy his products.

Would the client get the result if he sold his product “head-on”?

Yes, of course.

There were about 20 sales in the first month. And this is not a bad result.

But by introducing such a “warming up of the audience”, we received an additional 50 sales.

Dive deeper, don’t be lazy!

I don’t really care who’s on the other end of the line. I’m the expert.

Undoubtedly, you have been consulted. You are acting from the position of a senior. Your opinion is listened to, your advice is appreciated. What difference does it make what a client is?

In fact, understanding the client gives many advantages.

What is his character like? What values? How does he communicate? How does he joke, or react to humor?

My mentor, Alexander Khakimov, in his book “The Evolution of Consciousness” writes: “According to your desires, you can understand his level, his meaning of life. Just ask the person, “What do you want in life? What do you want to enjoy? Do you want to be happy? And you will understand who you are talking to. The level of desires is the level of consciousness”

— But why would I do that?

Everything is simple. This will help to better understand the client, choose the right wording and behavior to convey the necessary information to him. I’m not interested in just giving advice, taking money and forgetting about the person. I sincerely want to help him. So that he would use my recommendations. To get a cool result. If your motives coincide, you need to find a “key” to him so that he wants to implement everything that you advised him.

In general, it doesn’t matter how I look, the main thing is my advice and information.

Recently, there are more and more “experts” who teach successful success, and in the background — cheap wallpaper and underwear on a clothesline.

Kamon, guys.

Well, that’s not good at all.

It is important to consider all the details!

Appearance is one of the key factors of perception. Be you at least three times a cool specialist, but if you are in a crumpled T—shirt, with a disheveled hairstyle and a grandmother’s sideboard in the frame – do not count on success.

The Vedas say: “As for wealth (samriddhi), shabby and dirty clothes or a mess in the house defile a rich man, but are acceptable to a poor man.”

So, look neat, stylish, remove everything from the background and you will be like a handsome man.

I conduct all consultations “under tracing paper” and do not bother at all

I have a step-by-step plan for the consultation, prepared phrases, why change something?

The fact that you have a script is great. This gives you the opportunity to set the tone of the conversation, keep the rhythm and make the consultation holistic, not blurry.

But the main thing here is not to overdo it.

It’s not worth scratching everyone under one comb. Believe me, people feel if you speak with memorized template phrases, or give general advice.

If a person has paid you for an individual consultation, he expects a personal approach. Therefore, it is important to prepare.

Then you have time to find the tools or tips that are right for that person. Tell me why you advise him to do this. That this is relevant only for his case and give arguments why this is so.

If your client is very sociable and likes to talk, there is no need to interrupt him, listen to him. It will also be very personal. Do not be afraid to move away from the standard scheme of consultation, always leave room for improvisation.

Show a personal and exclusive approach.

What will happen after the consultation is no longer my problem.

My task is to give the client knowledge, advice, tools. And whether he will use them, what results he will achieve — it does not concern me. I’ve done my job. Yes, let it be selfish, but what am I supposed to worry about all my clients now?

Of course, you will not be able to achieve such a result when all your clients will follow your advice. And you certainly shouldn’t criticize them for it, put pressure on them and be intrusive. This is the other extreme. But it is very important to show interest in their success.

I don’t know about you, but personally I get great pleasure when my client implements my recommendations and succeeds. Really. This feeling is much cooler than the money he paid for working with me. Moreover, this is another case of yours that will help you grow as a specialist.

OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO WORRY about each of your clients.

You are responsible for everything that you advised him. You have to be close to him and connect at any moment to correct him, suggest something, maybe change something. Yes, it’s more like mentoring. But I didn’t say that it’s worth doing all this for free. Use your mind. You should not chase money and evaluate every minute of your involvement in the process, do part of the work selflessly (about this in the next paragraph), people feel and appreciate it. Such a client will become a regular and will bring his friends.

And tell me after that that I don’t care what happens to them at all.

No money, no love. Any work must be paid for.

Don’t think about it, I’m not going to call for philanthropy. To conduct a high-quality consultation, you need to spend your time, effort, energy. You need to progress as a specialist, regularly study and improve your qualifications. And of course your work should be paid.

This point is that we should not turn into misers who put money at the forefront. Situations are different. I am very lucky, there are many people in my life who help selflessly.

When I opened my marketing agency in 2014, I was faced with a huge number of questions. At that moment, one wonderful person appeared in my life, Andrey. We didn’t know him personally. We crossed paths in one project and our communication was limited to one phone call and a few phrases on Skype. But he already had his own agency and had a cool expertise in website development and lead generation. And so, at some point, he helped me and gave me good advice on how best to deal with one of my first clients. And then, throughout the year, Andrey gave me dozens of valuable tips, always shared his knowledge and taught me cool tricks. He spent a lot of his time on a man he had never even seen in person. And at the same time he didn’t want to take a penny.

I once asked: “Andrey, how can I thank you?”, to which he replied: “You know, I sincerely believe in the cycle of goodness. If you want to do something for me, just share your knowledge selflessly with someone else.”

I’ve been doing that ever since. And it’s really cool. There are situations when helping a person, you get much more than money. And the laws of the universe are the same, your earned good karma will not go away from you 🙂

And another rule that is important to cultivate is to always give more than you promise.

You can devote a little more time to the client, you can give some valuable bonus, you can help in some way. It doesn’t matter. But by doing so, you will be surprised how much this simple rule can improve the attitude of your customers.

I am convinced that if you take into account these 7 mistakes and never repeat them, your consultations will be in demand. All your clients will be satisfied and will definitely advise you as a cool specialist.

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