Quiz landing: examples and instructions for development

What is a quiz?

Today we will deal with such a useful thing as a quiz landing, but it’s worth starting with what quizzes are, where they are used, what they are capable of.

Quiz (quiz) — test, questionnaire, quiz. The bottom line is that the user is asked to answer a number of questions in order to eventually get something valuable. Recommendation, encouragement, advice, maybe a discount, bonus — depends on the quiz itself and on the imagination of the developer.

In Internet marketing, we can also find examples of selling pages with quizzes. Now, in 2018, there are more and more of them, for which there are reasons.

Now we will take a detailed look at the process of selling through a quiz and how the correct quiz affects the conversion of the landing page.

How does the quiz sell?

It’s easier to feel it than to read about other people’s impressions. A popular (and good) example of a selling quiz is the “How many of Remark are you” test. You can take the test here

Here is my result:

What was that?

12 pretty cool questions, anyway, a couple of them smiled at me. I spent a minute and a half on the test, got pleasant emotions. They said a few words about me (without compliments, which is strange) and recommended a book. Yes, they also slipped me the “share” buttons in the social network. networks that I really want to click on so that everyone knows that I’m a 20-30 percent remark…

I would refer this test to the quiz-landing examples. I went to the site, passed the test, I was offered a book, I can buy it without leaving the site. All elements of the landing page that sells through the quiz are present.

Main advantage: nativity

Let’s not hide it, we users don’t really like watching ads. Especially when we know for sure that we are watching ads.

But there are also cases when we like advertising. This is often the case with native advertising. These are ads that are well integrated into the format and style of the platform on which they are placed. For example, when a video blogger talks about a product in the style of his “stage” image.

Another example: women’s magazines. There’s a full bowl of advertising there! How to pay attention to individual product lines? Here is an example of an Elle magazine that uses quizzes.

This will help me understand myself, help me decide on the ideal fragrance for me, based on my answers to questions, i.e. based on my personality type? Look how much care.

As a reward for passing the test, we receive a couple of compliments, recommendations, and specific advice. They also show us the number of users with the same result, so that we feel among our own. I want to share this with my friends in social networks. networks.

Something else about quizzes

If the example of the Remark inspired you, an idea has dawned on you: “I can also run this on my landing page \website\store!”

If yes, then you will have to get into social networks, enter the word “test” in the search and take a couple of these tests.

You will have to find out what kind of burger you are, what kind of salad you are, who you are from the Marvel universe, what kind of movie and cartoon character you are, find out who you are from Game of Thrones, what vocabulary you have (the most depressing quiz) and what profession you really should have.

Some questions will be interesting, some funny, some will seem funny, but you will understand that it would be better to remove them from this test. And most importantly: you will get insights on how to sell your product through quizzes.

The main components of selling quizzes

The title motivating you to take the test

It is logical that you will sell at the end of the quiz and your task is to make such a quiz that you want to go through to the end. You need to start by getting your quiz to pass at all. The responsibility for this lies with the title and here are some tips on how to come up with such a title:

  • Play on artificial gaps in the user’s knowledge. “Do you really think …”, “Did you know …”, “Find out how much you have …”
  • A person is always interested in comparing himself with his idol. “What kind of artist are you?”
  • I’m sure the future belongs to useful content! “What are your perfect jeans”, “What smartphone do you need”
  • If you have had the joy of “hanging out” on social networks, then you know what authority celebrity quotes have there, for example Jason Statham quotes. Use them in your quiz, there is a high probability that you will not regret it.

What is the % of “interest” in your questions?

What is the difference between a statistical survey and a quiz? The first one does not sell.

You need to come up with interesting questions, show what high-quality humor is, show unconventional thinking, but only in moderation. The user should get his portion of entertainment. Again, the best solution would be to analyze competitors and go through a couple of other people’s quizzes.


You need to make a viral quiz that everyone and everyone will share. This is most easily done through the result that the user receives at the last stage of passing the quiz. Think about the fears and dreams of your target audience, use it and everything should work out!

Who can I sell to through a quiz?

Instagram is a network for hipsters, the “elite” is sitting in FB, Twitter is for rappers, YouTube is for schoolchildren. Are they tests for moms to distract themselves from household chores?

That’s not so. And through a well-designed test, you can sell to any target audience. Below is an example of how we did it when selling real estate.

But let me give you another example of the “diversity” of the audience that passes the quizzes. Do you have over 300 friends on FB? Great, you’re farting! You can clearly see how many (and what) people hang out in all sorts of “I’m a carrot by 37%”. We go to FB, write “test” in the search, look at the publications of friends.

I have about 1100 friends. 300 friends from school and university, the rest are people with whom we are somehow connected through work. These are marketers, managers, our clients are serious uncles and aunts. And imagine, everyone posts on their wall the size of their own vocabulary, IQ test results, similarity with pop culture idols, etc.

Quiz landing pages: case

Initially, we developed a landing page without quizzes. After a while, we added an additional block. The site offered several layout options and we decided to help the audience decide on the choice of layout by asking just THREE questions. And to get an answer with specific numbers, please leave your phone number.

And this quiz immediately raised the number of applications per day by 20% of their total number

It’s in real estate sales. And even in a new building!

In conclusion

Having ordered the development of a quiz or a quiz landing for your product now, in the future you will be able to say with a serious look: “I sold through quizzes even before it became mainstream!”

In any case, now and in the near future, this tool is showing its effectiveness. While the Internet audience has not started to turn away from quizzes the way it is now turning away from counters, it’s time to test and implement quizzes in your business!

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