Do you need customer reviews on your website

How to get customer reviews that will add credibility to the brand

According to statistics, before making a purchase, more than 2/3 of consumers use the information found on the Internet. Of these, approximately the same proportion makes a purchase after reading reviews about a company or a specific product on a social network.

The conclusion from this can be made simple: effectively using customer comments, you can significantly improve the quality of service and better take into account their new emerging needs.

Customer reviews contribute to the emergence of trust in the brand. For the audience, the words spoken about your company by others will have more weight than your story about yourself.

The feedback that arises from working with customer reviews helps to find out whether their expectations of your product are justified, whether they are satisfied with its quality, what they offer to improve.

It is not uncommon for comments to be published, filling the content of the site, and many users share them in social networks. The collected customer reviews show your attention to their opinions, suggestions, thereby contributing to an increase in their number. Based on the last 27,000 conducted according to surveys, customers who left their feedback after making a purchase, make at least one more and for about the same amount throughout the year.

What do positive and negative reviews depend on?

Many users often do not leave comments, considering it difficult or simply do not like to do it. But if a customer has questions during the checkout process, having received exhaustive answers to them, he will most likely write a few words of thanks.

But most often, reviews on the site may be caused by customer dissatisfaction with the service, the quality of goods or services. Negative reviews are, as a rule, of two types:

  • The buyer’s negative reaction to the company’s mistake, the delay in delivery or ordering, the poor quality of the product. In this case, a good answer will be the fastest solution to the problems that caused such an attitude of the customer.
  • Sometimes the posts are ordered by competitors trying to blacken the reputation of the company. In this case, it is recommended to give constructive, truthful advice, showing the groundlessness of such accusations.

The good news is that you can benefit from negative reviews. In this case, your company has the opportunity to turn the situation around, correct its mistakes and, ultimately, satisfy the consumer.

How to get comments

It is always good to keep in touch with the client, and it is better when it is not a casual dialogue, but regular communication. Reviews about the company or the quality of the product are obtained in two main ways:

  • passive, when the user himself writes a comment without your influence;
  • and active when you create conditions that cause a desire or need to write to you.

Passive method

One of the most common passive methods is filling out a certain form on the site. For example, on the pages of companies providing various kinds of services, such an option may look like a key in the “About” or “Contacts” section. But, as a rule, without additional bonuses, such forms are filled out poorly.

The importance of the feedback form on the site is useful for many reasons:

  1. Customers see that the company listens to their opinions and wishes. But we should not forget that emerging issues cannot be ignored for a long time.
  2. Using such a form can significantly reduce the number of negative statements on other company resources.
  3. Reviews on a site with a social media login field can be a good way to contact the user directly. But you need to be careful and attentive so that your reputation does not suffer at the same time — try to react quickly and neutralize the spread of possible negative statements, their active discussion on the network.
  4. The ability to communicate with your page helps to analyze and store all incoming customer reviews, which allows you to widely monitor the collected information, clearly and promptly respond to every situation.

It should be borne in mind that users who fill out such forms without bonuses and tips provided are likely to leave a negative or neutral post.

The above method is intended primarily to resolve difficult and uncomfortable situations, to maintain a good style of your company.

Active method

Now a few words about the active type of feedback collection. In this case, you make an effort to enter into a dialogue with the client:

  • Offer bonuses for feedback, a prize for participating in the contest for the best comment, discounts, and so on.
  • Always contact the client with a request to evaluate the quality of service, the convenience of the site, the operation of the application.
  • After the delivery of the goods, ask for the opinion of the buyer, giving him enough time after receiving the order.
  • Send questionnaires via e-mail newsletter.

The received customer reviews can and should be used to promote the site and your product, increase sales:

  • send subscribers positive comments, encouraging them to buy;
  • add a module with reviews to the main page – this will interest a potential buyer, encourage him to share his experience too.
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