Optimization for voice search sites, trend, or futility

Voice search for the site. Who needs it and why

The dynamics of the growth of queries using voice search over the past year has increased to 39%, and with a high degree of probability it can be assumed that it will continue this year. About 20% of all search queries are performed using voice dialing. There are at least two reasons why optimization for voice search is so relevant: free hands and time saved. We can pronounce words on average four times faster than typing them on a gadget.

The scope of voice dialing is very different, and continues to expand:

  • Determining and plotting the route of travel.
  • type in the search engine the name of the product, service, service in order to learn more about it.
  • The function of your personal assistant is writing messages, making calls, shopping, planning various tasks, voice search for a site that performs certain tasks within an individual type of activity.
  • Guide and help in performing household tasks with GoogleHome and AmazonEcho.

For example, according to surveys conducted in the USA, about 40% of the adult population regularly use voice dialing, and the percentage of young people is even higher. And if the indicators are lower in our country, nevertheless, the emerging trend can already be traced.

Trends for the next year:

  • The improving quality of query recognition and the associated convenience will contribute to more frequent use of such a service and an increase in the number of users.
  • The number of people using “Smart speakers” and “Virtual Assistant” will increase significantly. Judging by the number of devices sold like GoogleHome and AmazonEcho, last year it was almost 25 million gadgets.
  • Gradually, other large companies will also be connected, for example, Alibaba introduces its voice search for the site – a special assistant designed primarily for shops and hotels.

Content optimization

In voice search, we use the same language as in everyday communication. Therefore, it is good to know how your target audience communicates, what turns of speech and words your potential customers use in the first place.

This can be found out as follows:

  • By following interest groups and specialized forums.
  • Carefully looking through social networks: comments, reviews, questions to call center specialists, sales representatives about what interests users, what problems they want to solve.
  • Using natural keyword selection tools.

Voice Dialing Test

It will be useful to make requests using various voice services and compare the results obtained. This will help you clearly see what valuable and practical information your competitors give out to the questions asked, their possible mistakes and shortcomings and, taking into account these nuances, create a better offer of a product or service.

Communication with users

It is better to build communication with customers in such a way that they do not have a feeling of communication with a marketer who is trying to sell his product at all costs. Communicate like a blogger or a journalist. It is important to think through the various query options, focusing on precise and clear questions: who, where, which, and so on.

It is better to place such information on a separate page – for example, the most common questions, then optimization for voice search of your content will be more effective.

Mobile version of the site

Most of the requests using smartphones are carried out by young people under 25 years of age. It is very imprudent to lose so many potential customers, taking into account the speed with which the number of mobile Internet users is increasing.

When creating a mobile version of the site, make sure that its loading speed is no more than three seconds, otherwise half of the users will leave the page immediately. Don’t forget about the micro markup that allows search engines to recognize the content and affect its place in the ranking.

Using maps

Among the queries, the search for the closest cafe, pharmacy, restaurant, store of a certain brand and much more often appears. The use of maps will allow using the client’s geolocation to determine the object closest to him, where, for example, your product is sold.

The issuance of information relevant to a particular region is already a fairly common phenomenon. Users appreciate this because such a filter makes it easier to satisfy their interests.

In general, we can state the fact that voice search for the site will not only not lose its relevance, but will also be even more in demand. The main reasons are the desire for comfort and the urgent need to save time. This option will help attract an active audience, increase the rating of the site as a resource that takes into account the latest trends and cares about user convenience.

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