The main trends of website design

If you look at the statistics and analysis of most search queries, you can trace the directions of emerging new and improving old trends. One can notice the formation of a new global aesthetic, which is largely determined by social networks. The latest design trends are to create more and more personalized content, and designers are looking for more and more interesting visualization options.


The coverage of the worldwide mobile Internet network may increase by a third this year alone, which means tens of millions of users. More and more sales in the world are made using the Internet. And if we turn to the numbers, the capitalization of such monsters as Amazon, Alibaba, not to mention tens of thousands of smaller companies, makes it necessary to use personalization in a tough competition.

Companies are carefully studying a huge amount of personal data of users in order to provide them with more personalized content, focusing on personal communication. First of all, finding exactly those models of visual communication that will be interesting to their target audience.

Creative provocations

A huge number of companies advertising themselves on the web often use the method of extraordinary creative visual communication. Trying to attract the attention of the audience, designers apply fresh approaches to the presentation of images and art in general, making the design of the site unique and not difficult to perceive at the same time.


Many good old brands, for example, Adidas, use models and aesthetics of the 90s in their visual communication. And this trend will only intensify. More and more companies this year will be inspired by the aesthetics of the past decades.


Many designers and contemporary artists are inspired by the aesthetics of the world art of the past years: the last century, the Renaissance, and classicism, taking into account the entire history of human art.

This allows us to give a modern interpretation to forgotten works and masterpieces of different masters, putting a new meaning into it.

So, the famous American photographer Christy Lee, using the tactics of filming underwater, achieved an amazing similarity with works in the Baroque style.

Global Aesthetics

Social networks are increasingly influencing and shaping the style, interior, website design and a lot of all kinds of things. This can be easily seen by the example of coffee shops in most countries. There are a lot of similarities in them – the tastes of visitors motivate the owners of coffee shops to create an interior that would attract even more customers who leave recognizable posts on social networks.

The visual language of social networks has a strong influence, forming new fashion and design trends. Thanks to the Internet, any photo information can become available to millions of people in a matter of minutes.


Last year, special attention was paid to interactive content. The trend will only intensify, forcing the creation of new interactive elements that stimulate the audience to interact with visual content. Engaging users in a dialogue and establishing trusting relationships has been and remains one of the most important conditions for success. Visual content plays an increasingly significant role in this.


Even a very high-quality image seems incomplete, flat, but the use of 3D technologies allows you to achieve new heights. Gradually, this will displace the usual two-dimensional images. With a high degree of probability, we can say that the use of 3D will be more widespread and will have an increasing impact on working with photographic materials and communication in social networks.


The trend of minimalism has been and continues to be relevant. Last year, the best website designs were due to this trend. The demand for minimalism in the creation of applications, websites, product design and many other things will not disappear this year, but rather will grow steadily.


The number of different companies that attract public attention to environmental and social problems is constantly growing. Thanks to this, an increasing number of people in the world have a better understanding of the real state of things and possible future problems if we do not address them.

Statistics show an increase in such visual images used in news feeds, and we can say that this trend will only increase in the near future.

Not only concise and meaningful content, but also high–quality visualization is a product of competition between companies that value consumer demand on the Internet, including in social networks. The best website designs based on innovative visualization solutions can not only attract a buyer, but also form a new style, allow you to feel the real aesthetics, taste for the beautiful.

The material was prepared according to the research data Depositphotos

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