Selling offer – what it should be

How to create a selling headline that will shoot

SMM marketing specialists can tell you about many subtleties of their work. It also happens that two absolutely identical companies with the same advertising strategies get diametrically opposite results. One company is profitable, the other is in the red – what is the reason? The reasons may be different. But most likely one of the possible options was a vague, uninteresting page title. Why is the selling offer so important?

It would seem that you have provided all the important things: security, optimization, high-quality content. And despite the good traffic, too many potential customers do not make a purchase.

Many underestimate or do not realize the impact that good headlines have on the course of an advertising campaign, traffic, ranking, sales and final profit.

How to create an offer

Pay attention to your offer. Here are some tips, following which can dramatically improve the situation.

Catchy spectacular selling headline

Statistics say that 2/3 of users leave the page if its loading lasts more than three seconds and almost the same number of visitors leave if they do not find clear and clearly stated useful information about the goods or services they are interested in on it.

Please remember how many times you, flipping through a magazine, newspaper, watching a video, were forced to strain your attention, read and think about a title that suddenly interested you, a slogan, and so on. As a rule, this is a well-thought-out offer. It should be the same on your site — a visitor in a matter of seconds, even glancing at your page, should catch a glimpse of a well-thought-out, bright informative title.

Target audience and product

To make a high-quality selling offer, you need to study the target audience and the product well. Analyzing the needs of customers and the characteristics of the product, note which requests and how much you satisfy, and which do not. The most reliable way is to ask directly from users, identifying needs, defining the main and secondary criteria for making a purchase.

Based on a survey of your audience, it is worth highlighting 5-10 of the most common requests that are the main components for your customers to make decisions when choosing a product.

You clearly clarify the question – what criteria does the product you offer meet and what does not. Then, after analyzing the competitors’ market, comparing it with your offer, you will be able to determine in which aspects and characteristics you are ahead of them, and in which you are not. The moments that stand out for the better will become your main focus.

Commercial proposal

The basis of any landing page is a selling title – this is your commercial offer. The components of a good offer can be defined as:

concrete benefit + good bonuses + guarantee + restriction + incentive to action.

For example, you sell furniture:

  1. Benefit.
    How to interest the buyer to make a purchase from you, which can contribute to the decision to buy your products: free shipping, free assembly, 20% discount on the second product.
  2. Bonuses.
    Experience shows that a bonus is more attractive to the customer than a discount. Because a bonus is a specific thing or service with the ability to use it immediately. For example, a case as a gift. The discount may remain unused.
  3. Guarantee.
    When making a purchase, most people may have doubts. It is important to reassure them by promising that there is a guarantee of the return of products of a marketable type, for example, up to two weeks.
  4. Limitation.
    You indicate that there are only 5 cabinets left at a special price.
  5. The urge to action.
    It is important that a dialogue and cooperation begin between you and the client. For example, offer to fill out an order form. Judge for yourself, will you refuse a furniture set with a discount, free delivery and assembly as a bonus, if you just fill out a buyer’s questionnaire? Judging by practice, such offers arouse genuine interest of customers and contribute to a tangible increase in sales.

Components of an effective header

How to create an offer of the highest quality? To be bright and informative at the same time?

To simplify the task, an effective formula is suitable: the main request + a competitive distinguishing product (service). We introduce the need of the target audience into the selling title, plus an important catchy characteristic of the product. For example, you are engaged in support in the preparation of documents for visas. The offer can be as follows: “Obtaining a work visa to Germany” + a factor for making a decision — “quickly” + benefits – “without intermediaries”, “in 48 hours”.

How to create an offer yourself

If you make selling headlines yourself and do not want to contact specialists, pay attention more often to how professionals do it, taking note of creative ideas and successful solutions.

There are several reliable benefits that can be applied in business by creating an offer on your own. These include the use of the following information:

  • What the customer additionally receives by purchasing your product/ service.
  • What is the best price offer among your assortment.
  • In which cases it is possible to save time (production time, delivery).
  • To whom bonuses and special offers are available.
  • Awareness of the limitation of the quantity of goods, the use of time counters of current discounts and promotions.
  • For what exactly and for what period the warranty is given.

As a rule, key benefits are placed in the title, and additional benefits are placed in the subtitle or in a bulleted list. Moreover, it can be a combination of several advantageous offers, for example, — price / bonus / guarantee.

In any case, whatever combination you choose, the basis should be a model for writing trade offers, which includes factors for attracting buyers:

  • Attention.
  • Interest.
  • Desire.
  • Action.
  • Satisfaction.

A similar principle has been used by Western marketers for many years. It shows all the steps of the client from the first acquaintance with the brand, attracting attention, becoming interested in the product or service, the desire to receive it, and before making a purchase.

The last point means customer satisfaction with the quality of the product, service, your service. It is important not only to sell the product, but also to make every effort so that the buyer is satisfied and advises your company to his acquaintances and friends, would make new purchases.

What not to do when making an offer

Taking into account the basic rules, it is important not to overdo it, to find a balance between flashiness and importunity, informative and easy to understand content. There are many such moments, and recommendations on what to avoid will help to find the middle:

  • Place the offer not on the main page. A visitor visiting the site in the first seconds should see your favorable offers.
  • Blurry and unclear text without specifics, does not contain useful information for the client.
  • Use untruthful information. The text should contain only verified facts and accurate data.
  • The text is too loaded with information. Concentrate on the main offers that set you apart from competitors and clear, clear information about the product.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that a strong offer is like a magnet for the buyer, should attract from the first moments, be the key to his main goal – to get the desired product.

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