Advertising on YouTube. Which format should I choose? What is the best way to place it? How to search for bloggers?

Advertising from bloggers, or through Google Ads? Features placement of ads in Rutube or YouTube*

As one of the most well-known ways to promote a brand, advertising is gaining popularity among bloggers leading YouTube channels*. The effectiveness of such advertising can improve the knowledge of some of its features outlined in this topic.

Business and YouTube*

The popularity of YouTube*, growing every year, speaks eloquently for itself – it is the next second in the ranking of all search engines resource on the Internet! According to hosting statistics, an active, interested audience views 800 hours of video in just one minute.

Of course, it is important to find a channel where your potential customers are concentrated, and that the blogger you have chosen competently and in a good style presents advertising material.

To date, there are more than 25,000 active channels in Runet. And how to choose the right one, we will tell you a little later.

The resource covers a huge number of topics for all categories of users, and therefore the promotion of YouTube * gives an amazing opportunity to interest your potential customers.

The possibilities of video advertising allow a blogger to present your product or service to the audience very vividly, directly and convincingly. And here a lot will depend on the presenter himself, his charisma and professionalism. With a well-formed presentation of the material, the cost of a video promotion can be about 25 cents for each click, that is, a potential buyer who went to your page. But you can finally answer the question of how much advertising on YouTube * costs only after choosing a strategy. It is worth considering that the amount may vary depending on the specifics of the product, the nature of the target audience.

How ads are placed on YouTube*

There are two types of advertising a product or service on YouTube*: directly through bloggers or through GoogleAdWords. In the first option, you use the chosen blogger, before the next video of which your advertisement “pops up”. In the other, you specify the targeting settings, and the payment is for clicks and for viewing more than half a minute. The difference between this video ad is the scroll bar, a visual demonstration of the time before returning to the main video and the ability to skip the ad by pressing a button.

Bloggers’ advertising is, as it were, “sealed” into the area of the video itself, and in this case you pay the advertiser only once — for placement. With the help of an affiliate link, you will be able to calculate the cost of any transition to your page from a specific video channel. It turns out that it is not the accuracy of the settings that is important here, but the blogger you have chosen.

Ways to insert ads

Bloggers’ advertising is limited more by their imagination than by the possibilities that are constantly expanding with the development of technology. And yet, most of them are supporters of traditional formats.

Preroll, midroll, pastroll

This is a 15-20 second video about the advertised business product, which is mounted before, in the middle or at the end of the plot. Bloggers use definitions of the nature of such placement as pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll. As we have already noted, this is an insertion into the current video sequence. In this case, we do not see the scroll bar, the skip button, that is, the advertisement is part of the video itself.

Video review

There are possible options here: the blogger pays you the whole video or only part of it, focusing in his release on your advertised products. This works much better than an advertising insert, but it also costs more than other formats. An important plus here is the great trust of the viewer.

A video review of the product is used by many bloggers. The advantage of this format is the opportunity to see the product in action, and how to “touch” it.

Video advice

There is another type of effective advertising, the essence of which is that the blogger in his video naturally and naturally, as if casually, offers this or that product. Accidentally draws attention to certain qualities that personally impress him. After giving advice, with the most ordinary look, he continues the briefly interrupted video sequence.

An important point is that the description of the video should contain a link to your resource. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to check the effect of advertising.

It is almost very difficult to say that any of the types of advertising is the most effective. It is necessary to take into account such moments as:

  • your budget,
  • the type of product or service,
  • the skill of the blogger,
  • the nature of the selected channel, etc.

We would advise you to consider in detail the possibilities of advertising and study the market for each product individually.

Video blogger search options

Using your own strength

There are two main ways to search independently. In the first option, we are looking for a blogger on resources that display their rating. In the second – using key queries.

When entering search queries that characterize your product, it is worth considering that bloggers can be identified not only by the main topics, but also similar to those that may interest your potential audience. Otherwise, you risk narrowing it down a lot.

You should have a good idea of the potential buyer you are going to contact. What and how it can be carried away, interested in.

The advantage of independent search is that you do business without intermediaries, which reduces the price. But with such cooperation, as a rule, small channels do not formalize a contract. Legal support of the transaction is provided by promoted and medium-sized channels. But even making a deal with a leading blogger, you will not have a guarantee of a rate cut, since the majority of popular channels work through an agency, and not directly, and this is also worth considering.

On the other hand, it will not be easy to decide on your own with a blogger how much advertising costs on YouTube *, without having an understanding of the specifics of the work. And here the advantage of low prices in the absence of intermediaries is leveled.

Through an agency

There are much more guarantees of a high-quality solution to the issue of advertising placement here. Successful bloggers cooperate with the agency, for whom it will not be difficult to advertise any product.

The intermediary will take over the analysis of the market and the definition of the target audience, will determine the best format for advertising.

A significant disadvantage is often an inflated price. As a rule, agencies conclude contracts from 1.5 thousand dollars.

Bloggers Exchange

Bloggers with different ratings offer services on such resources, as a rule, they are small and medium-sized, but the exchange assumes part of the obligations to fulfill the contract for a certain commission. It is much easier to find a blogger here than with an independent search, and for a reasonable fee, the type of advertising that you deem necessary will be available to you.

In fact, this is an opportunity to optimally correlate the desired result and costs.

Channel selection

To increase the effectiveness of advertising, it is worth carefully approaching the issue of choosing a YouTube channel. Some parameters will help to analyze its success.

General information:

  • The number of subscribers is at least five hundred, views are at least twice as many.
  • There are more than 250 views per week.
  • Reaction (like marks, number of comments, etc.).
  • The format of information submission should be diverse.
  • Themes – Your product themes should be close.


  • There should be at least five hundred views.
  • There are more likes than dislikes.
  • Natural comments, taking into account the audience.


  • Frequency, variety of videos.
  • Reaction to advertising, if it is on the channel.
  • Price.

Creating video ads

Effective advertising on YouTube * should be organic, naturally superimposed on the main video sequence. Therefore, for a successful campaign, it is not enough to simply insert a video about the product into a new release. Together with the blogger, you should think carefully about how to present the product in order to find a positive response from the viewers of the channel. It is important that it is not boring and not banal.

To begin with, you need to decide on the script, words, choose the background, music, additional participants may be required. The finished video, before being opened for viewing after being uploaded to YouTube *, should be reviewed more than once in closed access. After making sure that the video is really ready and everyone is satisfied, you can start showing.

Channel format selection

A popular online store conducted an experiment, which resulted in an unexpected conclusion: both large and small bloggers are equally able to attract potential customers.

Several small channels managed to give a total of almost as many clicks on the company’s page as the high-quality traffic of one major blogger. Accordingly, the costs were equally justified.


The promotion of YouTube * will certainly bear fruit. You will always find your audience among millions of subscribers on different channels. Moreover, advertising does not have to be expensive. As practice shows, even small channels are able to work out the invested money, attract a buyer and increase the rating of your page. The main thing is to think well about the content of the video, and a talented blogger will add attractiveness to the product.

*YouTube (YouTube) is a banned channel in Russia.

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