Launching an online store: 5 symptoms of unavailability

Technically, 10 minutes is enough to launch an online store. Many entrepreneurs do this, 9 out of 10 online stores, as well as businesses, close in the first year.

So what’s the trouble?

We do TK in general terms, is it possible to do

For example, we often hear this: “Well, you know what needs to be connected there so that it is easier for us to receive and process orders, so connect everything to us.” Well, we know, now there are so many different modules for different platforms that you can connect for a six-figure sum of $. Do you need it? Maybe you’d better write out the tasks of the store more clearly, we’ll connect only what is necessary, and the rest of the budgets will go to advertising?

When the client expects that the developer will sign the TOR himself, then the output will not be a store ordered by the client, but a store theoretically needed by the client, and it is not a fact that he will close the client’s tasks. Often the remaining errors of online stores appear as a consequence of the TOR curve.

“What do I want from an online store, what functions should it perform, what opportunities should there be, what will I use right now, what in the near future, and what will I leave for later?” – the more understanding the client has of such and similar issues, the more detailed the TOR will be and the more profitable the store will be.

A rich design filled with a large number of elements, a lot of functions on the product page — you need to focus on this!

This logic is the opposite of the correct one. It is better not to build an online store launch on this. In fact, the first thing you need to think about is how, exactly how the store will sell. And you will adjust the functionality to this process, and then the design.

We will promote as it goes, maybe we won’t need it at all…

And you can also go, study to be a programmer, defend your diploma and that’s it, the code will be written after that, everyone will call for work, even if you do not give any announcements and the knowledge gained will not be forgotten without practice (and the potatoes will cook themselves).

No? Then the online store will not start selling instantly and without promotion.

The most correct option is to think about promotion at the time of writing the TOR and think comprehensively: what to do in social. networks, what’s in search engines, what’s with SEO…

Now we need to do it faster, and then we’ll finish it ourselves. A layout designer, programmer, web designer, these guys can be trusted to make any edits to the Internet resource

It is better not to give others and not to climb yourself. A similar point is to think like this: “A bad online store works better today than a good one, but in a month.” Perhaps it is, but then it is better not to order development, then it is better to go to a ready-made platform … Although it is difficult for us to put the word “better” before such a proposal.

We will acquire sales knowledge and experience along the way

In fact, it’s better to delve into the topic first. An online store whose sales system does not rely on business experience can hardly expect to make a profit.

As we can see, launching an online store is a very time-consuming process. It is even difficult to single out one of the most important points here, because the five above are the most important. Do not underestimate online sales, thinking that by making your own website on the constructor and launching the context, you will immediately begin to receive orders. Following all of the above criteria will help you effectively open your online store.

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