A unique trade offer for the site

What is a unique trade offer?

Imagine yourself in a resort town. The sea, hot, but not too hot, palm trees, beauty.

The last days of your vacation, you are thinking about buying souvenirs. Just nearby there is a quarter where there is a souvenir shop or stall at every step.

They open at 10 am, close at 10 pm. And everything is the same: very rarely do you see different souvenirs, prices differ by 20-30 cents, even the sellers are somewhat similar in appearance.

Giza? Question: Why do these entrepreneurs always have a profit? Because of you. You don’t think that you are the only one who has been resting and remembered about souvenirs in recent days, do you? Therefore, there is always a queue of hurrying, rested tourists near such souvenir shops. And “souvenir makers” do not need to think, implement, analyze marketing tools in order to stand out from competitors.

Change or die (c). Figure out how to bring happiness to the client, be an innovator, but practice shows that in reality everything works a little differently. You can survive, work without thinking about business processes, have a profitable enterprise and do without a unique trade offer (USP).

One day, the owner of such a gift shop will think about it and decide to distribute leaflets. What should I do with the USP for the text on these leaflets? You don’t have to think about it, because you will inevitably conclude: nothing.

There is no need to give a copywriter a task with a requirement to create a furore in the text. Or to attract the “real PRO team” by the nostrils. “Nanotechnology sales in the text” — no. The business does not have a USP — even if it is absent in the text, no one will die from this.

What an unusually sad beginning, but it will be more fun later!


  • How to develop a USP for business when there is something to develop?
  • Will the same offer work for online/offline sales?
  • Does your USP meet the relevant criteria?
  • Writing, defining, drafting a USP and how can a copywriter help you with this?

We will deal with this in a more positive way.

Why can’t a freelance copywriter come up with a unique sales offer?

A master with a black belt in writing a selling text is good in wording, in creativity, in the ability to structure sets of phrases. The USP is not any of the above.

But it is a set of clear and understandable factors that are enough for the client to make a choice in favor of your product.

Unique trade offer: examples

  • Shoe repair within 60 minutes
  • Replacing the case on a smartphone: we go to the house, to the office, to the cafe nearest to you
  • While we are fixing your piano, you can rent our

If the copywriter agrees to the development of the USP, you will receive at least:

  • Point your finger at the sky. Well, let’s say a coffee shop with home delivery, so what?
  • Wet text. Tobish water. “I am an experienced consultant, I have been on the market for 10 years, I am deeply immersed in your business, which allows me to quickly …” — this is no difference from hundreds of competitors. But this is often said to a copywriter who has nowhere else to find information about the company.
  • Retelling someone else’s UTP. From which the whole point is lost, because the USP should greatly distinguish one company from the rest.
  • Problems. It turns out there is no home delivery of coffee. And there is no long-term experience either. And in general, the text of the UTP came out not catchy. Here the neighbors have a catchy text, there’s both about the experience and about the delivery … The result: either the client is dissatisfied, or more series of edits will be needed than in the series “Supernatural”.

The necessary foundation for a USP is truthful, understandable, clear facts

A potential customer needs clear benefits from this purchase to make a purchase. When we, KRAB Marketing Agency, try to find out more facts about the client company, we often hear: “We don’t just work, we love our work. We have an experienced team. Our company was founded in pre-Soviet times!”

A potential client is not interested in this. He asks himself one question: “What does this give me?”

It is clear that when choosing souvenirs, he does not ask such a question. But, for example, when choosing a lawyer to resolve a family dispute, what does a potential client learn when he sees on the website: “An experienced team”?

He won’t know anything. A modern user on the Internet will not build a logical chain: an experienced one — a lot of closed cases — more chances to win my case — he will win my case. No, the user will go to another site where it will be written: “Whether we win your case or not, there is no third option.”

A potential buyer thinks about his own benefits. This is what you need to formulate as clearly and clearly as possible in the text on the site.

USP for the site

How to check the offer for its suitability for use in the selling text? An easy way: write it down yourself in the technical task for the copywriter.

Our clients often promise us that they will tell us their USP in all details at a personal meeting. “It’s easier for me to tell and feel what you felt.”

We do not dispute the existence of products with which it is necessary to have personal experience in order to properly understand their essence. It is about personal experience, not about dialogue with the manufacturer. Such goods … well, very few.

And meetings and discussions about high, about UTP, end with a peaceful realization that the client has a business “for people”. Or that he has a Porsche, bought it on the profit from the business, so the business is normal, the product is bought, so the product is good.

The point is that if the UTP needs to be felt, then it is not a UTP at all and it will not work for the text on the site. This may be the mission of a company that not every client is interested in.

When the customer’s benefits from the purchase can be easily conveyed by text, words, graphics, then you can brag about the correct USP.

Creating a unique USP

We already know two basic truths:

  • The copywriter who, instead of a business owner, is able to come up with a cool UTP has not yet been born
  • But businesses that live happily without UTP are born regularly

What can an intelligent, caring copywriter do for his customer who does not have a unique sales offer? He can help identify this sentence.

There is a great chance that the existing, working in plus business is still somewhat different from colleagues on the shop floor.

We return to the sea, to the resort town, to the quarter with souvenir shops. One of them is adjacent to a cafe where donuts are prepared and always smells delicious food. And this shop works until 00:00. Competitors go to bed, and the point makes 70% of the turnover on tourists who have been sitting on the beach. Admire the sunset, enjoy swimming in the night sea, do not worry, you will have time to buy gifts for your loved ones — this is their UTP.

In the second stall there is a machine in the back room, on which some souvenirs are made of wood. You can even order something to your taste. If this is something simple, then it will be done in a matter of hours – also a USP.

In the third shop, the owner likes to collect unique shells, paint them with paints and write pleasant wishes on them. The whole town knows her and comes to look at this beauty. Even divers give her interesting “blanks” for drawing from the depths of the sea!

How to make a USP “we are just normal”

“I have a profitable souvenir shop, one refund per thousand sales and there are no USPS.” Such a person is one of the few who checks the goods during purchase, is pleasant in communication with the client, monitors the cleanliness and order in the shop. The good news is that he already has a USP.

The reality is that it will not be easy to find at least one shop on this street of “souvenir makers”, where all goods are of consistently good quality, not worn, not crumpled, not broken in luggage. If there is such a shop, it already has differences from its neighbors.

In this case, the easiest way is to show what speaks for itself:

  • We sell 300 souvenirs a day
  • Word of mouth works, despite the fact that our clients are visitors
  • Our seller is the winner of the Handmade championship in Georgia in 2018

These facts are not UTP, but they inform visitors about your coolness. It’s better than, “I have a Porsche, I’m cool.”

UTP with a long wooden nose

What could be more pleasant than calling ten companies that promise free diagnostics of a broken washing machine, and understanding that only one does it really for free?

A possible client chooses a product from a dozen similar ones exactly according to what he was promised in the USP. A person will leave to look for a similar product immediately when he finds out that the promises will not be fulfilled.

An entrepreneur invests budgets in the promotion of his products not in order to be called, but in order to be called and ordered. You just don’t have to make up promises if they won’t be fulfilled.

Show the benefits to the client without showing your advantages

The client does not care that the lawyer works through the “electronic court” system. He is interested in how many days you will solve his problem. Over 23, as a competitor, or earlier?

The electronic court means that the lawyer does not run anywhere, submits all requests electronically, keeps records in the crm system, due to which he works faster, and clients are happy. This is a competitive advantage, it’s great, but it won’t work in the USP. A valuable promise with a specific deadline should go there.

How to create a unique commercial offer for online and offline sales

A USP that works wonderfully in a real store can (and probably will) be summed up in the text on the site. And this is due to the fact that the same offer does not work well for two different target audiences at once.

The USP of the souvenir shop, which is open until 00:00 — late opening hours. And this offer can be working if someone Googles: “Where to buy souvenirs in Batumi at midnight?” But can you imagine who you have to be to Google this?

You just need to do analytics of the audience that is looking for souvenirs via the Internet. And by collecting keywords, you will see what people are looking for:

  • Souvenirs for children
  • Souvenirs-shells
  • Souvenirs to order

This way, you will be able to evaluate your target audience’s requests on the Internet.

True facts about the product = modern “selling chips”

Over the 5 years of KRAB Marketing Agency’s work, we have studied a serious number of books, articles, publications on the topic of sales, deal making, copywriting, digital marketing. Our employees have completed about a hundred trainings and master classes conducted by opinion leaders in the digital promotion niche.

We are extremely interested in stories about copywriting magic, when a couple of phrases change in an ordinary text and bam, he sells for tons of money! We are creative people, we are interested in reading this.

At the same time, we have our own experience and data from colleagues who talk about the formation of a certain immunity to all sorts of “selling phrases” from a simple online client. Seriously, there’s already so much of it that no one is paying attention. Magnet words, calling headlines, special phrases, motivating words on buttons today are identified by the user with a timer on the counter, which is already used by absolutely everyone.

And the same experience says that today it is best to sell a text based on real facts about the company. And the most correct way to the coolest selling text goes through giving the performer the maximum of facts about you.

What did we learn today about the USP:

  • You’re a professional, so come up with a USP for me! This is wrong, the pros will refuse such a thing.
  • It is not necessary to suck the UTP out of your finger. The offer can either be defined or something can be introduced into the business that will become its USP.
  • Issue the TOR in writing. Describe the task clearly, convey the essence. To feel, “it needs to be said” — leave it for another opera.
  • The “I’m just normal” strategy. You just produce eternal shoes, brew delicious tea, repair air conditioners in a specified period — you already have something to brag about along with competitors. Express this in facts confirming the quality of the product, and leave dynamic developments, in-depth analyses to colleagues who Google less than you.
  • Don’t just promise. The promise must be valuable. Do it — write, do not do it — keep silent.
  • Remember about the benefits for the client. It is she who has the greatest weight here. The client does not care about the novelty of your equipment, if the terms are the same as your colleague, whose equipment is older.
  • Offline and online are 2 different audiences. One UTP may be suitable for both (but hardly), or it may not be suitable.
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