How to promote business on Instagram using free methods

How to promote a business account on Instagram* and is it suitable for all businesses?

There is a smartphone and there is no Insta* — today it will seem strange to many. A large audience, a lot of ways of paid and free promotion, a low price of advertising in comparison with contextual and even with advertising in social networks. networks. Logically, any enterprising mind is wondering how to promote business on Instagram?

Alas, not every business niche is suitable for effective work with it in Insta. It is more correct to say that Instagram* is not suitable for every niche, and even more correct — the Instagram audience is not interested in every product.

Schoolgirls and hipsters are sitting on Instagram — this is the other extreme and it’s not worth taking it for the truth either.

This means that if you sell pizza, you have a good offer, then yes, you can try to advance in Insta. If you sell yachts, apartments or nails, then you should hardly ask yourself: “How to promote a business account on Instagram

The “lighter” your product is, the better it is for promotion on Instagram. Let’s move on to the tips.

Free promotion of a business account on Instagram*

In your Insta* and nowhere else

You’re not an entertainment channel, are you? What’s the point of watching your commercial posts? Give subscribers this meaning by launching promotions, bonuses, discounts, sweepstakes only for those who follow your account.

Don’t let the trend take you hostage

Sometimes you drive in a trending hashtag, and in the output you see all kinds of advertising for a variety of services. Do you think it works?

The right option is not to be lazy to prescribe a couple of tags, the more of them, the more coverage, but do not mold everything that is bad to the post. An account with a large number of irrelevant tags can hardly be called trustworthy. He rather fits the description “I will do everything to sell”. If they don’t believe you, how to promote your business on Instagram*? We understand that this approach is commendable, but the consumer may not appreciate it.

Contact other networks

Most of the Instagram audience has accounts in other social networks. networks. And all these networks are your communication channels. Inst* allows you to link an account with all popular networks and it’s worth doing.

We took a photo of the product and published it in all our public sites at once. Fast and convenient for you and for customers.

Take the right photos

It’s no secret that the promotion of a business account in Instagram *, like any other account, is due to photos.

You can take a photo of fashionable sneakers on your expensive smartphone with a good camera and it will be beautiful. If these sneakers are photographed by a professional, then the photo will be so beautiful that you will want to buy sneakers. Make an attachment to the right photos, let your account become a storefront!

“Hang out” with the audience

This is the basic rule of how to promote a business on Instagram* and on any other social network. After all, no one knows what your client wants from you, except the client himself. The audience itself will develop a development plan for you, and an action plan, and answer the question of what other products to add to the store… Your task will remain implementation.

Photos of your account will collect comments. Don’t ignore them. On the contrary, motivate the audience to comment. Communicate, because that’s what social networks are created for.

*Instagram – banned in the Russian Federation

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