SMM marketing: the basics of successful promotion

How effective SMM Marketing Works

Promotion in social networks is one of those areas of the modern world in which SMM trends, competing with each other, constantly replace each other with increasing speed. Fashionable and popular now – tomorrow is already outdated and not relevant. But there are rather static and unchanging trends that are important to monitor in order to remain successful.


The ranking methods used by leading search engines are also largely due to the fact that the more massively the selling content is involved, the more users will see it. It would seem that even such trifles as the time of day when the user views the news feed on the network, and much more are taken into account. In turn, this feature leads to the need to create more and more high-quality, interesting content.

The most important factors affecting the relevance of content are its uniqueness and quality. The number of thematic links leading to the resource also makes the site more valuable for users. The technical component is also important: these are the parameters by which the search engine evaluates the site, both as a whole and individual pages, for the presence of meta tags, the quality of html markup.

Still, of course, the quality of the content itself plays an important role, largely determining how fast and successful SMM marketing will be. Important here:

  • stylistics, freshness of the published material;
  • filling features;
  • a picture, a video, a design that can really captivate and interest the audience.

These indicators directly affect the number of previews that have visited the page, the width of the audience coverage and other criteria for user engagement.

In turn, strict requirements lead to an even more increasing rivalry between content developers and page administrators, forcing them to constantly improve the quality of content, which affects the number of repostings, likes, comments, indicating high audience engagement.

A few words about the quality and value of the content. One day, the writer W.F. Buckley was asked what book he would like to have with him if he suddenly had to find himself on a desert island. “A manual for designing boats,” he said without hesitation.

Useful, practical material that helps in solving complex problems, in ordinary cases, giving the right experience, allowing you to save or multiply money, time will be in demand always and everywhere. Such publications will be shared by the audience, which will favorably affect your image and the emergence of new social connections.

User Feedback

Effective SMM is impossible without well-established feedback and the ability to listen to the audience:

  1. Respond clearly and in a timely manner, especially to criticism directed at you. All opinions are useful and important, but negative ones, indicating mistakes made, are most important. They clearly show your shortcomings, helping to find and correct them. A competent response to criticism, in addition to optimizing services or improving the quality of goods, contributes to the growth of the trust attitude of the public, which realizes that it is listened to carefully and tries to help in solving emerging difficulties.
  2. It is important to regularly review what the audience of your page writes. Join the discussion, conduct surveys, find out what is important to her. Competent social marketing will help you better know the desires of your users and their attitude towards you. The relationship with your audience is similar to the relationship between friends. The emergence of trust between the company and subscribers is a matter of 1-2 days. But significant investments of effort, time, and patience are needed here. Trying to speed up this process or manipulating it is likely to lead to unpleasant results.
  3. An important aspect of building relationships is a polite and attentive attitude to the audience. Try to be sincere, always show that you value your customers, that they are important to you. Often you just need to pay attention, considering proposals in a timely manner, answering questions, or when you just need to “like” a comment that does not require an answer.
  4. If you have managed to achieve a trusting relationship with your audience, you should start attracting them to mutually beneficial cooperation, encouraging them to create content that advertises users.

Encourage them to talk about themselves and their successful achievements. This helps to increase the level of openness and interest of your audience, who will be grateful for the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas.

For example, announce a competition for the most creative and interesting project, let the client tell about the project where he uses your advice that allowed him to succeed.


The rivalry between companies forces social marketing to resort to new formats, interesting topics of publications and other creative innovations. Being in the market of marketing services, you need to take into account that your target audience is literally besieged by hundreds of messages from competitors. And if you don’t react flexibly and in a timely manner, you may just lose some of them.

Gone are the days when a standard content plan worked, which could simply be downloaded online, and most publications had to comply with some established forms and rules. An effective SMM requires acting differently. Currently, this clearly demonstrates cooperation with many enterprises trying to keep up with the times and using the latest creative trends and SMM technologies. We will try to tell you about some of them.

To push the public to contact in the form of a comment, review, repost or a simple like, numerous interactive formats are increasingly being used, which can be divided into two types: multi-step and one-time.

One-time interactivity

They are published only once. It looks something like this: there is some question or task plus an incentive to solve it. There are many options, especially if you want to reach the largest audience — evaluating videos, ideas, puzzles and puzzles, suggestions to come up with a title, a title for a product, photos, asking specially selected, and sometimes deliberately provocative topics.

Multi-step interactivity

They involve long-term communication with the audience, the use of various contests, quizzes, games with raffles of bonuses and prizes, where each subsequent participation increases the chances of winning. For example, it can be an activity contest in which the users who have left the largest number of likes and comments win, various Olympiads with drawings of gifts and prizes.

An important feature of the interactive is its relationship with the subject of the company and its products. Two goals are fulfilled simultaneously: entertainment of the client, advertising and sale of goods.


One of the most common and promising types of mailings is mailings with interesting and useful content, and mailings with an invitation to participate in various exciting promotions, contests with prizes.

This option helps to establish communication with the audience, being another opportunity to distribute high-quality content. Now the format of mailing with information and an invitation to participate in various events is being used more and more. An audience interested in interactivity is gathered, included in one mailing list database, and then each time it is informed about new interactivity. This contributes to increasing engagement, which is one of the most important criteria for the success of SMM.


Another way to diversify SMM marketing and improve work is to use a mascot – a fictional mascot character reflecting the main ideas of the company, the community, giving a “living face”, facilitating communication with users.

The use of a mascot helps to create a trusting friendly atmosphere, it is advantageous to distinguish the company from others, which ultimately allows you to remember the brand well. Sometimes the company, introducing a new mascot, turns this event into a real show, attracting the audience to choose the appearance and name of a new character. Such actions unite the audience and the company, and their interaction has a good effect on the growing popularity among users.

The use of a mascot fits well into almost any SMM strategy, favorably distinguishing the company from competitors.

Interactive covers

Interactive covers have long been commonplace, but their role in increasing user engagement, as well as the role of mailing lists, is often underestimated. They are effectively used for various multi-step interactivity, games, contests. Many SMM technologies increasingly involve the use of well-designed role-playing gamification, the participants of which involve even more people to join the community.

New SMM trends dictate a broader view of promotion in social networks. It is recommended to refuse to post material that, in your opinion, will not receive a positive response from the audience. Try not to publish:

  • boring announcements, uninteresting events;
  • selling content without any possibility of communication with users;
  • simple congratulations on something in the form of pictures with eyeliners.

On the contrary, try to make each of your publications as interesting and memorable as possible, preferably using broadcasts and video content.

At least once a week, conduct an engagement analysis on all published posts and highlight the selling content that has proven itself well. Focus on content with high engagement rates, eliminating weak posts as much as possible.

In conclusion, once again it is worth paying attention to the main points:

  • The content must be created as relevant as possible, otherwise it simply will not reach the desired audience coverage.
  • The content of the site should remain interesting, original, attracting attention.
  • Timely and effective communication with users is important.
  • The use of sweepstakes, auctions, and Olympiads has proven itself well. The conditions for participation in them should be made simple and convenient.
  • Mailing lists, a mascot, a dynamic cover will add originality, arouse interest, helping to attract the attention of users.

All of the above methods are used in modern SMM strategies, but let us remind ourselves that the key point of all of them is the publication of only useful content that can involve the largest number of users.

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