8 ways to increase sales on social networks

How sales and advertising work in social networks

If you use social networks for sales, then you will be interested in how to make your business more efficient. How to sell on Facebook, how to organize sales on Instagram – these are the questions that the owner of an online business is very concerned about. In this article, you will learn what sales tools exist and how to use them. This will help you refresh your business and win new potential customers in the shortest possible time.

Lead forms

First of all, I would like to pay attention to the lead form. It will not be difficult to create it, but the benefits will be hard to underestimate. Let’s consider a number of the main advantages of this tool:

  • Easy to use.
  • The client leaves a purchase request inside the social network, while he does not even need to enter his data, everything happens automatically.
  • You don’t need to adapt the page for a mobile device, the social network has already done it for you.

Of course, there were some negative aspects. This applies to goods and services that require an extensive description, lead forms are not suitable for them. It is also necessary that the page meets the requirements of promotion, and this is not always possible if the product is highly specialized.

The main thing to remember is that a product or service should have a short and informative description, set up to interest a potential customer and push them to buy from you. Do not create unnecessary fields in the form, leave only the most important ones. In general, the method is interesting and working, try, experiment and test as much as possible.

Mass mailing

Don’t let your subscribers forget about you. If we turn to statistics, the openability of messages in social networks reaches almost 90%. It would be foolish not to take advantage of this opportunity. Let’s look at a few more advantages that I would like to highlight:

  • The convenient format of messages gives us the opportunity to provide information to the subscriber in a unique and interesting way.
  • In newsletters, you can be creative – add a photo or video to the text, thereby enlivening the message.
  • It is easy to gain a subscriber base with the help of advertising.

Read about how to make a beautiful email for mailing by email in our other material. And as for mass mailing, there are several points that are important to consider before using this tool:

  • It is necessary to understand well the mechanism of setting up mailings, schemes for sending messages.
  • Good knowledge of the interests of your audience is required, so as not to bore them with monotonous, annoying messages.
  • Remember about smm marketing, do not rely only on mailing lists, test other ways of promotion.

Set up the newsletter in such a way that it interests your potential buyer, so that he wants to visit your site. It will be very good if you address your potential client by name in the newsletter. Well, remember that no one will read large and long texts. Be concise.

Selling content

If you decide to use this type of advertising on social networks, then you will need to be systematic. Do not frequent with such content, alternate it with educational and entertaining. Good content is the one after reading or viewing which the buyer, even if he does not want to immediately purchase this product or service, will certainly be interested in an article or video clip, subscribe to your channel. Perhaps, over time, he will decide to buy. You can see how this sales tool works with popular bloggers of the network.

Examples of selling content:

  • Cases, success stories, customer reviews in which they tell how your product helped them get the desired result.
  • Records about what makes your product unique.
  • Records of promotional sales of your product. One piece of advice – make a time limit on the purchase of goods at a promotional price, so you can push a potential buyer to action.

What can prevent this type of advertising from working:

  • If you have few subscribers who are really interested in buying what is called “here and now”, then your efforts may not be crowned with success, that is, you will not receive sales.
  • It will take time for your potential buyer to decide to buy. Here it is necessary to wait and predict the result is sometimes difficult.

As a continuation of the topic of selling content, we advise you to pay attention to the following type of advertising on social networks.

Expert articles, comments

Publishing useful material about your product on behalf of an expert company or one expert inside social networks is also an effective form of advertising on social networks. Positive aspects:

  • If you have a really high-quality product or service, and the expert has weight with your target audience, then you will receive repostings not only inside the social network, but also outside it.
  • An article from an expert will add importance to your product, which in turn will contribute to the “insulation” of a potential buyer.
  • An expert article will be posted on third-party sites with pleasure, the main thing is that the authorship or the site / page should be indicated in the social network. This way you will add to your popularity.

There are also disadvantages of such advertising:

  • It takes time to “turn on” articles and posts. Don’t expect a momentary benefit.
  • The audience may stop noticing your product or service if it is not interesting, bright, unique.

An expert article should be natural, easy to read and not force to buy, but easy to push, to suggest the need for the product. After reading it, users should not have a sense of deception. You can get the opposite effect if the desire to sell is through in the article.

“Launching” products

Another type of sale in social networks is launch. It is often used to promote services in the infobusiness. Launching is similar to selling through selling content, but there are a few points:

  • The page or website publishes content with the theme of the future launch. The day and time of sale is called.
  • For some time, “warming up” records are published.
  • At the appointed time, sales are opened for a limited period.
  • The deadline must be specified.
  • At the end of the sale, participants’ reviews of the product are published.

Everything is simple, everything is according to smm marketing – to attract a buyer with a product and limit the possibility of buying in time. But such advertising should be approached carefully:

  • To understand the subtleties of psychology and not to overdo it with an offer to buy.
  • You should have a really interesting product that the audience is following closely.
  • Well, you can’t do without creativity in the presentation.

The audience is often spoiled and picky, so you can’t do without knowing how to sell on Facebook or Instagram. Think, experiment!

Classic sale via webinars, broadcasts

This type of sales is traditionally suitable for the infobusiness, but it can also work successfully in other niches. A relatively new type of sale on Instagram and Facebook is live broadcasts, which take place often, but you do not offer to buy your service on every one. In this case, you have a chance to get an excellent result. Where to start:

  • Launch an advertisement for your information product – usually a webinar or a live broadcast.
  • Your product should be really high—quality, useful, and the audience is already familiar with you, that is, it should be targeted.
  • After you give some valuable knowledge, motivate to purchase your services, voice the price.

What do you need to be prepared for?

Users are well aware that nothing is free, that there will definitely be a commercial offer at the end. Therefore, do not frequent with selling webinars, conduct a high-quality live broadcast before that without selling. Give your audience valuable information for free. So there is a chance that later she will come for a paid one.

Free or inexpensive mini-products

Nothing contributes to sales like the opportunity to try a product for free. To evaluate its quality for nothing. This is one of the oldest ways of marketing. If you have a product, then give it a probe, if a service – give a trial version. It can be:

  • part of the lesson;
  • mini-consultation, after which you need to point out the problem;
  • detailed instructions for solving part of the issue.

But, there may be several pitfalls:

  • A potential buyer will remain a potential buyer, and you will spend your time and effort.
  • Weigh well your costs and benefits from them. Not every product is possible in a mini version, use other promotion opportunities.

Partner programs

If you don’t have a lot of money to launch advertising on social networks, and the product is really good, you can use this type of sales. To do this, you need:

  • Find those loyal subscribers who would like to advertise your product.
  • Your partner talks about the product – you get new customers.
  • In turn, you pay a percentage of the sale to the partner. You specify all the conditions in advance.

Thus, you can sell on Facebook or any other social network, as well as combine No. 4 and No. 8 options. Several points should also be taken into account:

  • Your product or service must be of high quality, which is not a shame to advertise even to family and friends.
  • Find exactly such customers-partners who would be interested in selling your product and, of course, in their profits.
  • Be prepared to reduce your earnings.

Also read more about how to launch a referral program.


Remember that in the world of sales it is necessary to constantly try new ways of promotion. Some of them require investments, experience, knowledge, while others are easy to set up and put into practice. Try all the options, do not lose confidence and perseverance, look for the way that will allow you to successfully promote your business. Good luck!

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