Social Media Marketing: 3 main errors

Social Media Marketing

To do something for work, to learn about politics, to write to a friend, to read the news; today three out of 4 people go to social networks for this (according to Pew Research). Social media marketing. The internet, which is now being built by many brands, has become a popular request among entrepreneurs.

Often, using the trial and error method that we all love, businessmen, after reading a couple of books about marketing on social networks, watching several motivational videos, stuff bumps in promoting their brand on social networks. I’ll figure it out myself first, if anything, I’ll contact a specialist — we personally respect this approach.

If you also prefer to try first, then finish, then we have good news. The game “Social Media Marketing”, oddly enough, has its own rules, open to players. Several critical mistakes, unavoidable for a beginner, can be prevented. We will consider them.

Marketing and promotion in social networks without a strategy

Business brings results! Therefore, we ran to do something soon, then we will discuss the plan. These are social networks, what can be difficult there?

But there are enough difficulties for the brand. To build a successful social media marketing. networks, we need a strategy. For the near future and for a year, two, three. We need to think over some points:

  • Content marketing in social networks (what will be published and when)
  • How, what, when and how much content to advertise
  • How to provide prompt feedback to the audience
  • How to measure and track all this

Simply put, you need a separate specialist or a team of people who will provide your successful social media marketing with everything you need. Rome was built more than one day. Quality takes time.

“As a rule, entrepreneurs expect more from social networks than they can really give them. Constant work on increasing the audience is the right way. But it takes time and businesses chronically do not notice it.” Mark Schaefer, speaker, author, consultant at Schaefer Marketing Solutions.

Social media marketing. networks from advertising brand products

You need to understand that most of the content on any social network is entertainment. People are flipping through the tape to have fun, to distract themselves from their affairs for a while, perhaps to learn something new and interesting.

And here you are with your advertising …

Yes, you are building social media marketing to sell your products, but this does not mean that you can afford the luxury of publishing only advertising posts.

Create content based on the needs and interests of the target audience. Make really valuable content for the audience. Otherwise, you will simply be uninteresting to the audience of social networks.
Participate in the battle in the world. Communicate with your subscribers. Build relationships by responding to user requests, provide customer support.

Using tools that worked yesterday, with no guarantee that they work today

A selfie stick, a spinner and a way to earn $ 300 an hour via the Internet comes into the bar, and the bartender tells them: “Anu get out of here quickly!!!”

That’s how the audience responds to a marketer who read a 10-year-old success story and thought, “Let me do the same thing now and see what happens?”

Social web resources are changing, more and more new functions are appearing, robots are getting smarter every day. But the interests and needs of your audience remain the same. Therefore, it is not necessary to develop strategies based on the level of tools that the platform offers you, it is better to focus on meeting the needs of your audience.

Let your advertising method be neither fashionable nor new, if you are focused on developing a cool UTP, if your offer is interesting to potential customers, you will have sales. And if you also have further steps for advertising this UTP written in your strategy, then you are generally handsome!

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